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20 Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas Kids Can Make

All of these easy Father’s day craft ideas are unique, thoughtful, and simple enough that your kiddos can make them all by themselves! These Father’s Day gift ideas are homemade treasures that any dad will love. Pick out your favorites and start crafting with your kids!

Father’s Day is coming!

It’s no secret that moms love homemade Mother’s Day gifts, but I think many people believe that dads don’t feel the same way.

Well…I’m here to break that falsehood apart from the inside out!

My husband loves all of his homemade Father’s Day gifts and has kept every single one he has received. So if your husband likes handmade gifts too, here are 20 Father’s Day craft ideas your kids can make all by themselves.

Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas From Kids

There are crafts, and then there are CRAFTS. All the fathers day craft ideas on this list are more than simple doodads children make with glue or string. They are thoughtful gifts from your kids to their dad.

And any of them will make the perfect Father’s Day gift. I love these ideas because the kids can get involved and make dad their own gifts from their hearts!

As a bonus, all of them can be modified and personalized, so have fun making some DIY Fathers day crafts together.

Remember – this day is all about celebrating everything he does for you and your children.

Are you ready to have a ton of fun?

1. Coupons For Dad

Okay, these coupons probably won’t have dad hearing ka-ching sounds, but they’re even better! Spoil Dad with his Father’s Day gift this year by giving him these coupons from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

printable coupons for dad

2. Building Memories Lego Jar

I love this ‘Building Memories With Dad’ gift, and it’s definitely one of the best ideas for spending quality time together!

The Seasoned Mom‘s kids brainstormed different activities to do with their dad and wrote down each idea on a building block. If your children are too young to write, you can write out the ideas for them. Then, place all of the blocks in a jar.

Whenever there’s free time, kids and dad can grab a block and do the activity written on it to “build memories” together.

😉 Fun craft ideas don’t necessarily involve pulling out scissors or craft paint!

legos with activity ideas written on them in a jar

3. Special Dish From The Fur Babies

This Fathers Day craft from a fur baby is adorable! Every dad needs a catchall dish to hold things like keys and loose coins.

This idea from Miss Molly Says is the perfect Father’s Day craft for dads of fur babies and a great way to keep pets close to the heart forever.

paw print dish father's day craft

4. Personalized Golf Balls

If Dad plays golf, give him the most unique balls on the course! These custom golf balls from Laughing Kids Learn are made special only in the way that kids can.

Now Dad will never wonder which ball is his!

custom golf balls Father's day craft idea

5. Special Custom Grill Platter Father’s Day Craft

Gluestick Blog came up with one of my favorite Father’s Day crafts because I KNOW Scott will love this one!

For dads who love to grill, let the kids decorate a grill platter to create a homemade gift that’s truly one of a kind.

DIY grill platter father's day craft idea

6. DIY Keychain

Shrinky dinks are so much fun! Make some for dad with this easy tutorial from Messy Little Monster. Shrinky Dinks keyrings are completely unique and the perfect way to capture your child’s personality.

shrinky dinks key chain

7. Painted Rock Photo Holder

Painting rocks is a fun way to pass the time, and there are endless patterns and designs you can use. Give dad a painted rock photo holder as a homemade Father’s Day gift so he can proudly display pictures of his kids.

This creative father’s day gift idea is from Buggy and Buddy!

photo holders made with painted rocks and wire

8. Handprint Wall Art Father’s Day Craft

Another way to capture handprints on Father’s Day is with this lovely and rustic wall art. It even comes with a free printable that reads, “We have a hero. We call him daddy.” Isn’t that sweet?

I love that the whole family gets to be a part of it. Thanks, Shanty 2 Chic!

wooden wall art handprint craft for father's day

9. Box Of Fun

Here’s a great gift idea for sentimental dads where kids write sweet, personal things to make father’s day even more special.

Make a french fry box where each fry is a special message from the kids telling dad all their favorite things about him. Get the full tutorial over at Handmade Charlotte.

fun fry box father's day craft idea

10. Father’s Day Coasters

Gather up all your favorite pictures of dad and his kids and make some Father’s Day DIY coasters. Your kids will enjoy finding their favorite pictures too.

You can easily print pics right from your phone if you don’t have any lying around. Here are the coasters they made over at Arrow And Heart.

DIY photo coasters for dad

11. Foam Koozie Father’s Day Craft

Surprise Dad with a gift that will help him relax in style. DIY gifts like this foam koozie from Merriment Design are guaranteed to put a smile on dad’s face!

The kids will have fun making these as Father’s Day gifts, and Dad can take turns picking which one he wants to use on a particular day.

DIY koozie father's day craft

12. Personalized Hammers

Another easy Father’s Day craft that the kids can make all by themselves is a personalized hammer, like these from My Crazy Happy Life.

Then, the kids can enjoy doing all sorts of projects with dad and be able to use their very own hammer.

5 hammers laid on a table with painted handles

13. Painted Candle Holder

Isn’t this personalized candle holder from Rhythm’s Of Play beautiful? Father’s Day crafts like this one are easy to personalize by writing each child’s name in a separate heart.

You can turn this into a jar to hold Dad’s favorite candy, store his keys or spare change, or use it as a vase for a small bouquet of flowers.

handpainted craft for fathers day

14. Nuts About You Photo Frame

If dad is a DIY man who loves his tools and workshop, you should make him a “We’re Nuts About You” photo frame like this one from Happiness Is Homemade.

This one-of-a-kind DIY picture frame is sure to give dad a chuckle!

DIY photo frame craft for father's day

15. Homemade Clay Plate

The best thing about this plate for daddy is that it can be completely made by your kids. Every single indentation and marking was put there by the sweetest fingers and hands.

We love this craft idea from What Katy Said!

small handmade clay dish with coins inside

16. Painted Handprinted Mugs

Handprints and footprints are popular themes for Father’s Day! These Father’s Day handprint/footprint mugs from Busy Bugs are cute crafts that will give dad something to smile about every time he pours himself a cup of coffee.

Surprise Dad with a special gift that lets him keep his little ones close to his heart – even when they get big!

father's day craft handprint and footprint mug

17. Handprint Father’s Day Craft

You can turn your kids’ handprints into a sweet homemade card too. SO cute!

This Father’s Day handprint art idea from Easy Peasy and Fun can be used on wall art or as a homemade card – the choice is yours.

handprint crafts for dad

18. Father’s Day Tie Craft

Ties are another very common theme for Father’s Day! If dad loves to read, you should get your kids to help make him a tie-shaped bookmark.

You won’t find this bookmark for sale in the stores! Buggy and Buddy shows you how to do it with free printables!

a tie shaped bookmark laid on some books

19. My Dad Rocks Craft

This is another way to give dad some really fun painted rocks. Since it uses a free printable template, this ‘Dad Rocks’ gift from Non-Toy Gifts is extremely budget-friendly.

The only thing you need is some paint and paintbrushes to make this special DIY Father’s Day gift for a special dad!

My Dad Rocks craft

20. Salt Dough Picture Frame

This is another cute and creative way to display pictures for Father’s Day. Make him a “Dad” salt dough picture frame to let him know he’s the best dad!

This Father’s Day gift from Soccer Mom Blog is so easy to make that all of your kids can each make him one and personalize it any way they want to.

DAD salt dough father's day craft

Fun Father’s Day Craft Ideas To Do At Home

When you are trying to find some easy Father’s Day crafts that you can also give dad as a gift, keep in mind any inside jokes or things that he and the kids love doing together.

Creating a homemade Father’s Day gift around these favorite memories that are unique to him makes it that much more meaningful.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or go somewhere fancy to make Father’s Day incredible and special for him.

Make it a celebration and let dad know how important he is to all of you and how much you appreciate what he does for the whole family.

And that will be the most perfect gift of all.

Don’t forget about the card! I have some free Printable Father’s Day cards that are completely unique, funny, and thoughtful.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

More Father’s Day Craft Ideas And Inspiration

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