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21 Unique Father’s Day Gifts From Adults

Kids make great Father’s Day gifts, but adults can give Father’s Day gifts too! Check out these awesome grown-up craft ideas that adults can make as unique Father’s Day gifts.

Do you think that all Father’s Day crafts are fingerprints and footprints from kids? Think again! Of course, dads love those cute Father’s Day gifts from their kiddos. But they can only display so many handprint crafts.

Of course, you could always organize them into a storage bin for him! 😂 But, the dad in your life will also appreciate a few adult-centered gifts that he can actually use in addition to the cute kid-centered things he can look at.

I’ve rounded up some of the best Father’s Day gifts that adults can make and give, in addition to the cute items from the kids. So go ahead and spoil the coolest dad in the whole world. He deserves it!

Unique Father’s Day Gifts From Adults

The most unique Father’s Day gifts are ones that you make yourself since no two DIY crafts ever turn out the exact same.

Celebrate the dads in your life by giving them other gift ideas that are completely unique to them – how special is that?

If you love making crafts, here are some amazing and creative ideas that any dad will love.

1. Sriracha Salt

This idea from Braised Anatomy is for the dad who loves to grill and cook (like my father)! It’s a breeze to mix all the ingredients together. Then, simply package it in a mason jar with some twine or ribbon tied around the lid.

This is one gift that the whole family can benefit from (assuming they like a little heat!).

Sriracha salt in a mason jar as a father's day gift

2. DIY Tie Rack

I love this super easy DIY tie rack from Craftaholics Anonymous. I think it’s one of the best Father’s Day gifts for a handy dad who also has to wear ties occasionally.

You can even personalize it by painting the whole thing or even just his initials.

Hmmm, as I think about that, I think Scott would love this.

DIY tie rack makes a unique father's day gift

3. Homemade Hot Sauce

If Chef Dad prefers life on the spicy side, here’s a great Father’s Day gift idea! I had no idea that hot sauce was so easy to make – you don’t need to be a chef to whip this up.

And, of course, anything homemade always tastes better than the comparable store-bought version. I love this idea from Kitchen Stewardship.

jars of homemade hot sauce

4. Beer Bouquet

All dads that enjoy a beer (not lukewarm beer!) will love this Beer Bouquet idea from Unoriginal Mom. Surprise him with his favorite craft beer from your local liquor store!

If he doesn’t drink alcohol, you can substitute his favorite sodas. The best part is the paper flower bouquet on top.

beer bouquet

5. Leather Tie Clip

When you are looking for unique Father’s day gifts he’ll love, you can’t get more unique than this DIY Stamped Leather Tie Clip from Lovely Indeed. Leather is a popular fabric choice for men everywhere.

It’s perfect for new dads and seasoned dads, too. Plus, it’s a cinch to go the extra mile and personalize it.

leather tie clip father's day gift idea

6. Mason Jar Sleeve

If dad loves drinking out of mason jars, here’s an idea he’ll love. Turn dad’s mason jar into his own coffee cup with a Leather Mason Jar Sleeve from A Beautiful Mess.

This unique idea is one he’ll love because every father needs a great coffee mug for his office. Trust me – there’s no cooler mug out there. It keeps dad’s hot drinks hot and his cold ones cold.

mason jar inside a leather sleeve unique father's day gift idea

7. Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Is the father in your life an adventurous dad who loves to spend the day fishing? Or maybe that’s how he spends a day of rest and relaxation. 😉 Turn real-life bottle caps into these Bottle Cap Fishing Lures from 2 Little Hooligans.

Plus, they’ll look amazing on display in dad’s office when he isn’t able to be out on the water.

bottle cap fishing lures father's day gifts

8. DIY Lottery Ticket Bouquet

Here’s one of the most unique Father’s Day gifts on this list (and that’s saying something!). If the family wants to do something fun and gamble on a little luck, try this fun Lottery Ticket Bouquet from Lindsay’s Sweet World.

lottery ticket bouquet unique Father's Day gift

9. Pop Jar Gift

Does dad have a sense of humor? If so, he’ll want this World’s Greatest Pop Gift In A Jar! This craft from The Gunnysack is a cute play on words and brings out the kid at heart.

pop jar father's day gift idea

10. Etched Glass for Unique Father’s Day Gifts

This Dual-Sided ‘Dad & Grandpa Established’ Etched Glass from Where The Smiles Have Been is fantastic for anyone that is both a grandpa and a dad! It shows both “established” dates too.

Fun and unique Father’s Day gifts like this are a great way for the entire family to celebrate dad this year.

Etched glass unique father's day gift idea

11. DIY Golf Headcover

Whether golf is a new hobby or a seasoned pastime, this free DIY Golf Headcover Pattern from Positively Splendid will make any dad the envy of the golf course. It’s the perfect gift for guys that love to golf.

Note: You will need to have a sewing machine and know how to use it to make this gift.

DIY golf club head cover unique father's day gifts

12. Magnetic Bottle Opener

This gift doesn’t require any special craft knowledge (or dad training for tech-challenged dads). Anyone can make this DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener from Practically Functional.

A dad who appreciates making bottle cap removal an easy task will thank his family for this gift!

magnetic bottle opener unique father's day gifts

13. Leather Keychain

Here is another unique Father’s day gift that anyone can make. This simple leather keychain from Pretty Providence is fantastic for beginners. If you are stuck and don’t know what to get dad, this gift won’t disappoint.

DIY leather keychain

14. DIY Grill Organizer

Does dad love to grill? Then he’ll need this grill set holder from Lil Luna. It’s really easy, water-resistant, and gives him a flat surface to help him keep his grilling tools organized (and out of the way).

DIY grill organizer unique father's day gift idea

15. Rustic Popcorn Sampler

Chef dads and dads who love food will appreciate this next gift idea. This rustic popcorn sampler from DIY Projects is a really fun idea! I love the cute labels on stainless steel canisters.

You can either pop the popcorn or give him unpopped kernels and let him make his own popcorn whenever he wants.

Since Scott loves popcorn, this would probably be one of his favorite unique Father’s Day gifts!

popcorn spice sampler canisters

16. DIY Apron

This DIY Manly Man Apron from Lovely Indeed is another gift for any dad that loves grilling, cooking, or baking! While the tutorial shows you how to make the design above, you can add his initials to it – that would make it extra special.

DIY apron father's day gift idea

17. Dad Memories In A Jar

Here is another gift that will make dad smile this Father’s Day from Amy Latta Creations! Create a cute little jar and fill it with some fun activity ideas for you to do together throughout the year.

Or, you can write down all of your favorite memories you shared with your dad (remember that time you watched Star Wars?). He’ll have a fun time going through and reliving these times as he reads them.

memories in a jar father's day gift idea

18. DIY Beard Balm

If dad has a beard, he’ll appreciate some Rosemary Pine Beard Balm from Grow Forage Cook Ferment. Not only does it smell amazingly like the woods and outdoors (which he will love), but it will soften his beard and protect his skin too.

And the cute little stainless steel container and printable label are a great touch.

DIY beard balm fathers day gift idea

19. DIY Shaving Oil

If dad doesn’t have a beard, then he’ll love this DIY pre-shave oil from The Merry Thought. This mixture works in place of shaving cream, and it’s made with essential oils that will protect his skin. And finally, it smells amazing.

He might love this gift idea so much that he won’t want to go back to that shaving cream ever again!

DIY shaving oil as unique Father's Day gifts

20. You Rock Picture Frame

I think this is one of the best gift ideas for a new dad! This DIY Rocky Picture Frame from Morena’s Corner is a “punny” way to remind dad how amazing he is. Put a hilarious picture in the frame and watch him smile!

Just like in the photo below, you decorate a candle holder too. Cover a pencil-holder and other things for his desk too. Whatever you think he’d love, give it to him.

photo frame made with small rocks and the phrase "you rock"

21. Citronella Candle

Making your own DIY Citronella Paint Can Candle like this one from Hello Glow is easier than you might think. It’s a wonderful gift to give any dad that spends time outside but hates the bugs. If he loves fishing, the paint can handle will help him carry it with him.

citronella candle makes unique Father's Day gifts

The Best Father’s Day Gifts Are Handmade

If you are trying to think of funny, thoughtful, or unique Father’s Day gifts, I hope this list gave you some inspiration.

I also have some free printable Father’s Day cards too that will go well with any of these gifts.

Finally, remember that an awesome Father’s Day gift doesn’t need to be expensive or take a long time to make. Sometimes, the most practical or unique ideas make Dad feel loved and appreciated.

And that’s all we want for a special dad who loves his family, right?

More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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