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DIY Wooden Serving Tray

This DIY wooden serving tray takes just minutes to make and has such a high impact. It’s food-safe and a totally easy beginner’s project!

You guys know I’m a sucker for easy DIY projects that takes minimum time to do and a small budget.

This one is my current favorite—for less than $25 and just a few minutes I made a large DIY wooden serving tray that I’ll be using for years to come.

Want to make one too? You got it!

How To Make A DIY Wooden Serving Tray

Scott and I have a running joke in our family. If we are at the store, and I’m eyeing a tray, he says, “Tania, what are you going to do with that tray?” and I lovingly and innocently look up at him and say, “Scott, what wouldn’t I do with this tray?”

You see, I truly believe trays are a home owner’s BFF. They corral your things so they look neat and tidy, they are pretty and they allow you to eat dinner on the couch without making a mess.

Just being honest, you guys!

So when the opportunity came up, I got really excited about the idea of making a massive tray. Spoiler alert—it turned out better than expected!

You guys can do it too, promise!

Supplies Needed

Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!
Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!

Wood Ottoman Tray Tutorial

Here’s how to make a wood tray, step by step. It’s so easy!

Time needed: 15 minutes

Follow these easy steps and you’ll have a beautiful wood tray that you created all by yourself!

  1. Paint the Wood Round

    You can choose whatever color you like, but I went with a chalky finish paint that I picked up at a craft store. You can even stain the round if you prefer!

    I wanted to give mine a bit of a distressed finish, so I purposely made the brush strokes less smooth than normal and allowed there to be a bit of texture with the paint.

    Let it dry.
    Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!

  2. Seal With A Top Coat

    Seal it with a non-toxic topcoat. This is only necessary if you plan on having food on the tray, but I would advise doing it anyways.

    Let it dry.
    Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!

  3. Attach the Hardware

    Screw the spears into the wood round. They come with the screws you need in the set!

    Make sure the two spears line up straight—I used a straight edge from the poster board to keep them on the same line.
    Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!

  4. Decorate it!

    This is your opportunity to use or decorate this tray however you like. If you are needing some ideas, keep on reading!
    Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!

How to Use And Decorate A Wooden Serving Tray

This is such a beautiful tray! You can paint it any color you wish to match your home’s theme.

How do you like to use trays? I can imagine so many ideas. My favorite one of all is to set some cheese and snacks out.

Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!

It looks perfectly beautiful for parties or even date nights at home. I love using it as a charcuterie board with meats, cheese, and nuts.

The white paint allows the food to be the star of the show!

A few other tray ideas could include:

  • Display books on your ottoman
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Hold toiletries in the bathroom
  • Display baskets for keys and your remotes

See, isn’t this DIY awesome? It’s simple, beautiful and totally customizable.

How To Keep Projects Simple

DIY projects can be as difficult or as simple as you keep them. I don’t know about you, but my life is way too crazy for projects with too many steps. If I can keep it simple, I will.

This is why I love this DIY wooden tray project. It was so simple!

Here are some more of my favorite KISS (keep it simple stupid) tips to use when making DIY projects. I’m sure you’ll agree with them.

Reuse Items From Around Your House

Don’t build things completely from scratch if you can help it! It’s easier to turn an old window pane into a picture frame than it is to build a picture frame from raw materials.

For my serving tray, I found an unfinished wood round at my local home improvement store. You can also turn cutting boards into serving trays by adding a few handles and repainting them.

Keep Decorations Simple

Instead of trying to add too many stencils to your projects, just give it a nice coat of paint. You’ll finish your project in less time and have quicker gratification too.

Plus, simple DIY projects are timeless. They last the longest and fit in more decor themes too.

Make a Multi-Purposed Item

Finally, make something that you can use in a variety of ways. This will save you time so you don’t have to make 3 different things. Make one thing that can be used in 3 different ways.

So, tell me. What wouldn’t you do with a massive tray like the one above? I can’t think of a reason!

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As you decorate and spruce up your home, here are some more ideas to help you build and decorate your dream home:

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  1. You know, it is quite possible I do not own any trays at all! But after seeing this, I am 100% convinced I need one and one that I can put together myself. Love how yours turned out! Thanks for sharing this great tip!!

  2. How big is the piece of wood round you bought, and what store carries them please? I can hardly wait! I am going to make two! Ok maybe 3 lol!
    Great job, love this!

  3. I luv this tray and looks super easy to make too! I’d luv for you to share it with us at Wall to Wall DIY Wednesday Link Up!

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