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Black Accent Wall: Dramatic Ideas For Your Living Space

If you are really wanting to make a statement in your personal living space, I suggest painting a black accent wall! Still not sure? Here are some design ideas and tips for painting and decorating with a black accent wall.

Black accent walls are a super-hot trend. When you want your decor to be bold and proud, nothing says it louder than black paint!

Don’t be afraid to try this out.

I know it might be scary to just have a glaring black wall staring at you in your beautiful home but it doesn’t have to be!

There are lots of creative ways you can style a black accent wall and all of them are so striking.

Black still not your thing? Want other paint ideas for your accent wall? Check out my list of stunning accent walls for some eye candy!

Black Accent Wall Ideas

You can literally create a black accent wall in any room in your house. The only difference is how you decorate around it.

A dark wall can create a moody aesthetic or a bold artistic theme. All that changes when you style the entire room.

Black Accent Wall In The Bedroom

First, let’s look at some amazing bedrooms. Not all of them are moody or dark but some are bathed in natural light.

Add Some Pieces Of Art Work

This bedroom from Lauren Nelson Design is even more perfect with the artwork. I just love how much light is pouring in from the window on the side.

The artwork has a splash of black but is mostly bright white. This gives some much-needed lightness to the dark walls.

Use Light Colored Linens

Using white linens on the bed creates a dramatic look, like the one from Design Shop Interiors.

I also love how they not only used green plants on the nightstand, but brought those green colors out in the artwork and books too.

The black walls are complimented by the dark floors too!

DIY Your Own Headboard

Create a rustic look with a DIY headboard on your black accent wall. This rustic headboard perfectly matches the artwork on the wall and the wood crates under the bed.

Add Small Artistic Touches

Make a kids’ bedroom with a space-theme by adding some stars to the black accent wall. This looks perfect with the metal bed frame and the space art on the other wall!

Make The Black Accent Wall A Chalk Wall

Another great idea is to make the black accent wall a chalkboard! The photo above is from a kid’s bedroom. I can totally see this idea working in an office or music room too.

Use Textures

Use textures on your black paint! This will make it stand out even more. I love how in the photo above they mimicked the shape of the clock.

Black Accent Walls In the Living Room

Does a black accent wall belong in a living room? Yes, it sure does! Here are a variety of different living rooms showing you ways to decorate around them.

Add A Gallery Wall

Murphy & Co. Design made the largest wall in the living room the accent wall. They took it a step further and made this the gallery wall too. I love how it looks with all the colors of the paintings hanging up.

Use A Textured Stone

Instead of paint, use black natural stone in your living room. This living room is so full of light. I love the white couch and the vibrant rug too.

Incorporate Some Bright Colors

Add splashes of color on the furniture and accessories. Decided ahead of time what other colors you want to use and then use them in the key areas – pillows, blankets, and tables.

Use Bright And Fun Rugs

Another thing that keeps the darkest wall from swallowing up the room is bringing out colors in the rugs. In the photo above, the furniture is perfectly neutral while the rugs are both so different.

Other Accent Wall Ideas

This design trend also works in other rooms in your home too. Here are a few ideas from the other rooms. Try it out!

Use Wallpaper On The Other Walls

Create a dramatic look in the dining room. From the patterned wallpaper to the fabric dining room chars and the wood-paneled walls, this dining room is stunning.

Use Different Shades Of Black

The bathroom is the perfect place to use black natural stone. Every surface in the photo above is polished and shiny. Accentuate the black walls with the same color on the bathtub or cabinet doors.

Add Some Greenery To Your Space

The art might not be in English, but I am loving this stunning modern kitchen. Every line is clean and smooth and they brought greenery in from the outdoors. Bright white cabinets keep the dark wall from being too harsh.

Tips for Decorating With Black Accent Walls

Are you still afraid to try and add one of these in your house? Don’t be!

With just a little bit of planning, you can have a breathtaking room. Here are some tips that will help you create the room of your dreams.

Decide On A Theme First

Before you even decide on a shade of paint or new furniture colors, pick out a theme. The right theme will help you make all your other design decisions.

For example, if you want to stick with a modern theme, you might choose a monochromatic look with mainly black and white decor.

On the other hand, if you want a boho theme, then you’ll add a bunch of colors to the rugs and art.

Use Bright Colors

No matter what design theme you want, try to add some color to the room, even in small amounts.

Interior designers enjoy starting with a large piece of wall art and then choosing colors from the art around the room.

Pick out the colors carefully. Use the same shades in every area of the room and pick out complimentary colors around them.

Bright colors will give your room a softer feeling. This is best for bedrooms and playrooms.

Give The Room Plenty of Light

Black is a shade that swallows up other colors. If you aren’t careful, it can create a very dark room. Don’t get me wrong – if you want a dark room, then go for it!

If you don’t want the room to be really dark, then use light-colored drapes, blankets, and floor colors. Some people add larger windows or curtains that let in more light.

Add Natural Elements

This color reminds me of the shade of the sky at midnight. Pull in other colors from nature. It pairs really well with navy blue, green, white, and even earthy browns.

A really easy way to bring in the natural elements is by using potted plants around your house.

Final Thoughts

Give this design trend a try! It’s really fun to do something this daring. Make a plan, and then go for it. You’ll love the feeling after it’s all finished and decorated.

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