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Outdoor String Lights: Patio Inspiration

String lights are one of my favorite parts of the outdoor patio season! These outdoor string lights are perfect for outdoors, your bedroom, or even a wedding.

The weather is finally heating up a bit and we are creeping up on that short window of time where it’s finally patio season here in Dallas. 

IMHO, string lights are the best part of any patio!

While regular-looking string lights are totally fine, I’ve been thinking about adding a few cool string lights that are a bit more fun to my patio!

Here are some of my favorite ones I’ve seen on the internet.

Outdoor String Lights: Inspiration For Your Patio

Browse this list of stunning outdoor lights and pick out your favorites.

Maybe the best part is all of these are on Amazon! Can’t go wrong with free 2-day shipping and shopping while drinking rosé, right? Each image has the link to purchase underneath it. And what better way to start string lights than with PIZZA, cause it’s the best!

 Pizza-Themed Outdoor Lights

The first lights on the list are great for foodies and kids at heart. Hang these Pizza string lights up at your next pizza party or cookout.

Since they are made out of plastic, they will last a really long time.

Tropical-Themed Outdoor Lights

These can work both as outdoor and indoor string lights. I can just see these Pineapple string lights at a luau or birthday party.

The little pineapples are small enough to fit delicately among any party decor that you pick out!

Star Wars Decor

If you or someone you know loves Star Wars, then these are a must! R2D2 is a fan-favorite from all of the movies, These R2D2 string lights are perfect any time of year for any party.

You can also use them indoors in the bedroom too. The best thing about Star Wars is that it is perfectly gender neutral. Everyone loves Star Wars!

Flamingo And Palm Trees

These lights are also ideal for outdoor parties. Both the flamingos and palm tress light up delightfully with the perfect amount of light for a fun ambiance.

Flamingo and palm tree string lights are plastic, durable, and so very cute!


Create a playful atmosphere with these pink, blue, white, and purple Dragonfly string lights.

Where would you use them? Maybe at a night-time pool party or to celebrate a summer cookout.

Poofy Chuzzle Balls

These Chuzzle ball string lights are multi-colored and tons of fun. They add new textures and shapes to your outdoor decor.

I don’t know if the various colors is my favorite thing about these lights or if it’s how the poof balls make the lights softer. They are a wonderful way to decorate your patio!

Droplet String Lights

These lights are actually better at either pool parties or even spring or fall parties. The droplet string lights have the perfect amount of movement and color.

Put them somewhere they can shine in all their glory. They are stunning!

Moon Lights

These little beauties cast a dreamy golden glow around your patio. They are fancy little moon string lights that you can use in a variety of party themes. I can just see them in an “I love you to the moon and back” theme or even “over the moon” celebration.

Stars String Lights

If the moons are a bit too much for you, maybe you’ll love some star string lights instead.

Star lights are often associated with Christmas (thanks to the Christmas star). You can also use them in an outer-space them or just to add some playful decor around your patio.

Crystal Balls

For a classic look that you can hang up all year long, try out these crystal ball string lights!

They are waterproof globes that cast a soft white light. They work best outside because they are actually solar-powered. The bulbs are tiny – 2.3 cm or about the size of a quarter.

Glass Jars String Lights

Do you love farmhouse chic decor? So do I! That’s why I knew I had to include some jar string lights on this list. Lots of people love to make their own, but if you don’t have the time you can always just buy some.

I personally love using LED lights in them because they last so long! They are glass, so you have to be careful with how breakable they are.

glass jar string lights

Vintage Edison-Style Bulbs

These vintage-style string lights are so classic and timeless! The exposed Edison-style bulbs add the perfect touch of antique-meets-modern.

I can just see these hanging above a hot tub or in the trees near a hammock. They are solar-powered so you never have to worry about batteries or electrical outlets.

Solar-powered outdoor string lights

Metal Cage String Lights

These metal cage string lights are delightfully gender-neutral. They fit into almost any decor theme effortlessly.

They only come in a set of 10, so make sure you buy enough for your space. The best thing is that they are approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lights With Photo Clips

Any celebration where you are marking a huge milestone is the perfect chance to use photo clips with lights. I love how the colorful LED lights cast a fun glow on each picture!

Photo Clip Lights

Illuminated Lotus Flours

Do you love flowers? Then you will really enjoy these Lotus flowers! They symbolize purity and rebirth. These are perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, and first birthday parties.

These work both indoors and outdoors. You’ll love how they add the perfect emotions to the area around them.

There are 8 fantastic light modes. They aren’t completely waterproof, so be careful when you use them outside.

Moroccan Globes

Just look at the festive flair these Moroccan globes this outdoor party! They are large enough to actually be part of the decorations instead of fading into the background.

The other fantastic thing about the beautiful globes is that they give off the perfect amount of light without being overpowering.

They require batteries and you can set them to give a steady light or twinkle.

Delicate White Roses

If you want to add some delicacy to space, then hang up these white roses. I love their soft white color. They fit into any party theme!

You can use them easily at bridal or baby showers, graduation parties, or just for a little extra design outside.

They are battery-powered and even have timers so you don’t have to remember to turn them off at the end of the night.

Outdoor String Lights For Everyone’s Patio

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! When you are putting lights up on your patio, pay attention to whether they are battery operated, solar-powered, or they need to be plugged in. You also want to pay attention to whether they are waterproof.

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