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15 Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

If you are looking for something fun and creative to do with your kiddos, you should take a peek at some of these Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids. Not only are these ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts entertaining, but they are also a fantastic way to help your kids learn about crafting too. 

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Valentine’s Day is a special time that is all about showing people you care about how much you love them. Naturally, you should show them how much you care throughout the year, but it’s so fun that there is a special holiday just for this occasion.

I think there is nothing better than spending time with my daughter and working on crafts together. Watching her eyes light up is something I hope I never forget! 

With Lily being so into crafting lately, I figured it’s an ideal time to start teaching her how to use scissors, glue, and other items that she doesn’t get to use all the time.

Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to begin understanding how things work. For example, the glue helps hold items together when it dries, or scissors can be used to cut all sorts of shapes. Granted, older kids will probably know all this, but for those that are just starting to put 2 and 2 together, it’s a world of wonder that they are happy to see. 

Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

I want to show my daughter that Valentine’s Day is so much more than pink hearts and lovey-dovey words. It’s a feeling, and there is no better way to feel closer to your people than spending time together. They will always remember that one special craft you made them when you were two years old. 

Crafting is even more fun when you make some tasty treats and put on some entertaining music. It just gives you the ambiance of a great time, and it’s almost impossible not to be happy when all this is going on. 

Give your children the freedom to express themselves through their art and crafts. It’s a great stress reliever, and if they don’t manage to make everything perfect, that’s okay. Let them add their own flair of personality and charm to their work.

Valentine’s Day Crafts For Toddlers

Toddlers love to show off their artwork and crafts! They are at the age when learning how to work with various crafting supplies is new and fun. You will get to make some amazing memories with your toddler with any of these amazing crafts.

Sun Catchers

These adorable heart-shaped suncatchers by This Old Mom are perfect for toddlers. They are easy to make, and it’s so much fun playing with the pony beads too. You just need a few basic supplies, and the kids will enjoy making a few of these. They are great for all occasions too!

Textured Yarn Heart

I love how creative Hands On As We Grow was with this simple craft for preschoolers.

Using yarn is an inexpensive way to make some art. Gather some glue, yarn, and paper and let the kids go wild, creating their masterpiece. There will be lots of giggles along the way with this one.

Symmetry Heart Valentines

Kids love to learn when they don’t realize they are learning! This craft idea from Housing A Forest is brilliant because the kids learn about symmetry and don’t even know. Plus, they will have a blast getting their hands a little dirty too.

These valentines make lovely gifts for friends too.

Melted Crayon Dot Heart

Kids go wild for any kind of craft that involves melted crayons. Meaningful Mama explains how to replicate this craft idea with your toddlers. One thing is for sure; there will be lots of fun had by all. And, you will get some adorable artwork out of it too.

Heart Person

East Coast Mommy has the cutest idea to make some adorable heart people! They turned out so sweet and charming. This craft idea is a wonderful way to help your kids focus on following directions and listening skills too. Each child can make their people as unique as they wish.

Valentine’s Day Crafts For Preschoolers

Once kids hit preschool, they have a little more experience working with craft supplies. This makes them even more excited to work on crafts and projects. Using scissors and glue still needs some fine-tuning, but they are more than happy to try out new things.

Heart Button Craft

Playing with buttons is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Kids usually can’t stop playing with them once they start. Hands On As We Grow knew that the kids would enjoy this idea. Each heart will be uniquely different and beautiful.

Textured Heart

Best Toys 4 Toddlers shows you how to take items you have around the house and create a lovely craft idea. Preschoolers are interested in learning about textures and the way things look and feel.

This is a fantastic idea to teach them about dimensions in their artwork too. The kids will love these textured hearts!

Valentine’s Heart Fingerprint Tree

Using your fingerprints for art can help you create some lovely crafts. Easy Peasy And Fun show you exactly how to make these adorable fingerprint trees. The kids will love them!

You just need some paper, ink pads, markers, and scissors to create them.

Candy Heart Frames

Happiness Is Homemade gives you the details needed on how to make these adorable candy heart frames. The best part is that you can have a snack and a craft project all at the same time. Preschoolers will love learning and trying to put all their hearts on the frame perfectly.

The end result is absolutely adorable!

Paper Plate Love Birds

Arty Crafty Kids shows us how to make the most adorable love birds for Valentine’s Day. Paper plate crafts are always a hit with preschoolers! These love birds are super fun and creative. 

Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Not only do toddlers and preschoolers love to be creative but kids of all ages love to craft!

These ideas are geared more towards elementary-aged kids as well as children that are a little older. You can never go wrong with breaking out the crafting supplies with older kids because they have such vivid imaginations.

Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Box

If your kiddos need to make a Valentine’s Day card box, this one is fantastic, specifically for lovers of paleotonlogy.

It’s simple to make and looks like a baby dinosaur. So, if you know some adorable dinosaur lovers, this may be just what you’ve been looking for. Savvy Mama Lifestyle did such a great job coming up with this idea!

Hanging Hearts

These adorable hanging hearts made by Family Focus Blog are amazing. They look beautiful and can easily be customized. Each child can use their imagination and make their hearts extra special.

DIY Rainbow Heart Wreath

These adorable heart wreaths are perfect for older kids! The rainbow theme is always popular with kids and it helps them practice their colors. You can easily replicate what Hello Wonderful did by following their tutorial.

Tissue Paper Wreath

Happiness Is Homemade created this delightful wreath that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can easily use a piece of cardboard as the base and add the tissue paper in the design that you like. The kids will enjoy this idea with the tissue paper and it will keep them entertained for a while.

Popsicle Stick Valentine’s Puzzle

Crafty Morning blew this idea out of the park! Older kids will have a great time creating their own Valentine’s Day puzzles. They are easy, adorable, and will keep the kids happy.

Isn’t it so much fun spending time with the kids and doing all sorts of things?

I love spending my afternoons doing this, and we make so many fun memories too. One thing is for sure; once you and your kiddos work on all of these ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts, everyone will be excited to do more. You can stop at just one idea because they are all so entertaining and keep the kids captivated.

I can’t wait to hear what you thought of this list of Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids! 

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Be sure to share some of your projects and tag me in your pics on Instagram and Facebook. I want to see what you made and how everything turned out! I hope you have a great time crafting with your kids and making all of these adorable Valentine’s Day crafts. 

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