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2014 Summary & 2015 Goals

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While my last post showcased all of MY favorite projects from 2014, I want this post to be all about you guys! I thought it’d be fun to share the posts from this past year that were the most popular. The results might surprise you—they sure surprised me!

2014 was such an interesting year. Personally it was a tough year for me with a lot of challenges but it was also such a great year for my little corner of the internet. 2014 blew 2013 (and 2012!) out of the water in terms of growth with blog traffic increasing almost TENFOLD! Woah! You can’t even see the numbers from 2012 on this chart but I promise I did have some readers the first year! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.37.38 PM

That kind of traffic sort of blew me away and, in reflection, I think I handled the rapid growth fairly well but there is still plenty of room for improvement. That’s why I’m so excited about this post! So to start with, here are the top ten most popular (in terms of views and shares!) posts of 2014!

10. Spiralized sweet potato noodles.

gluten free paleo spiralized sweet potato noodles from www.runtoradiance.com

9. How to make a thrifted frame into a chalkboard.

turn a thrifted frame into a chalkboard from www.runtoradiance.com

8. Adding oils to my beauty routine.

how to use oils in beauty routine

7. Ikea Billy bookcase in the pantry.

ikea-billy-bookcase-as-pantry_from www.runtoradiance.com

6. DIY Ikea-hacked greenhouse.

ikea greenhouse hack and project ideas

5. 5 ways to get (and keep!) a clean house forever.


4. Upcycling old books into custom journals.


3. Free desktop wallpaper.


2. DIY Ikea built-in bookcases.


1. Quick & Easy Meals featuring…Burritos! What? Do you all just really like burritos? I mean, who doesn’t? Obviously I do! But it was really weird to see that this was—by far—my most popular post of the year. I actually almost didn’t post this one because I didn’t think you all would be into it! Funny. 🙂


Now let’s get to 2015 goals! I’ve got an entire notebook crammed full of scribbled ideas for a very full and fun 2015. After taking some time to think about what I wanted this next year to look like, here are some of my goals for this year:

-More DIY! I took a bit of a break over the last few months for several reasons- traveling, personal situations and just feeling a bit burnt out (to be honest), but I am feeling ready and excited for a whole bunch of DIY projects I’ve been dreaming up! This is the year we are going to finish our house! We’ve got the laundry room and the master suite up next as major projects and then a bunch of smaller projects as well.

-More partners. 2014 was the first year I started partnering with some amazing companies to bring fresh and fun content. 2015 will bring more of the same plus some other awesome partners I already have lined up. You guys are going to love what we create together! Just like 2014 I will only be working with companies I know/trust/use/believe in and I will be writing 100% of the content on those posts by myself. 🙂 I don’t just mean more companies, but working with other creatives! There are so many fantastic, talented bloggers, artists, designers and photographers that have a ton to offer, and I want to be a part of giving them screen time in what little way I can.

-More about Dallas. I’ve been asked by a lot of readers to share a bit more about Dallas as a city and what it’s like to live and work here. With the city growing rapidly, I truly believe there’s never been a better time to live here! In fact—I have a fun post lined up for you guys tomorrow about one of our new favorite Dallas hot-spots, yay!

-More renter-friendly/temporary solutions. I know not everyone owns a house or has the inclination if they do to make huge changes. And that’s okay! There are plenty of fun, high-impact projects you (yes, YOU!) can do to make your place of dwelling feel more like home!

-Easier navigation. I’m also working on some new solutions that will help my site to be easier to navigate and find the content you’re looking for. I’m also working on a newsletter that’ll have insider tips and give some special content that you won’t always get on the blog itself. Kinda like a secret club or something fun.

-More personality. This year I want to take some risks design-wise. Last year my projects were fun and very “me” but I want to make even bolder design decisions and projects that are unique and all my own.

-The Shop. Yes! This year, the Run to Radiance shop is happening. I’ve got inventory, I’ve got ideas…and I’m almost done debating a platform to launch it all on. 🙂 It’s happening!

-More of YOU. Last, but certainly not least, I want more of you guys this year. As chatty as I can be a one-sided conversation is never very fun. I have loved and appreciated every single interaction I’ve been able to have with my readers, and I want to continue the conversations! Starting now…I’d love to hear from you! What changes would YOU like to see? What did you love and want more of? What are you excited about? Please share in the comments! 🙂 Let’s get this party going!

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Tania Griffis is an accomplished writer, blogger, and interior designer with a Journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma. She started her popular blog, Run to Radiance, in 2011, demonstrating her design expertise through the personal remodeling of six houses to millions of readers across the globe.

Tania also owns The Creative Wheelhouse, a respected ghostwriting agency for bloggers, further showcasing her talent for creating engaging and informative content.

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  1. Tania, these goals are great! They are inspiring me to fly high for 2015 too 😉 I can’t wait to see the progress you make on your house (those are my favorite posts!), and the fun and bold new decisions! Cheers to 2015 🙂

  2. Not sure how I missed this post?!
    Love your goals for 2015! I am super excited at what’s to come from your blog!
    Can’t wait for the shop! that’s going to be amazing!

    Manos a la obra, friend! you got this!

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