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Fantastic Curb Appeal Ideas To Make Your Home’s Exterior Shine

Many homeowners want to improve curb appeal so their home looks terrific for guests. If you want to add character and make a huge impact on the exterior of your home, these curb appeal ideas will help!

I’m so excited to announce that Spring has officially sprung—at least here in Texas! The weather is perfect, the sun is shining, and I (very, very happily) have put away all my winter clothing.

There’s something about this season that brings a fresh feeling of renewal and new beginnings to me, even more than the New Year.

Each Spring, we not only tackle spring cleaning, but we also get really serious about taking care of our yard.

It’s been a few years since we last added curb appeal to our home simply for our own enjoyment rather than for the purpose of trying to sell a home.

Scott (a real estate agent) and I have done our fair share of home improvement projects and know a thing or two about which curb appeal ideas make a big difference to potential buyers (and visitors) and which ones don’t.

I know many people out there want to add curb appeal themselves (for selling or staying!), and I thought it would be fun for us to share our top curb appeal ideas and tips for making the front of your home look extra snazzy.

Our Top Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do

What is “curb appeal?” Well, basically, it just refers to how your home looks to people who see it from the curb! Making simple changes to your home’s exterior can make your entire home more appealing and inviting to guests.

When you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, you might replace the garage doors, paint the front door, add window boxes, fill garden beds, or grow beautiful grass.

Although there are many things you CAN do, there are certain projects that any homeowner can pull off AND make the most bang for their buck. Consider these our top tips to boost curb appeal!

Get The Yard In Good Shape

Great curb appeal always starts with great grass. After all, a lawn full of dead grass will deter people, whereas a lush, beautiful green yard will have the opposite effect.

We’ve always been fans of Scotts® lawn products to keep our yard looking gorgeous, but this is the first year we’ve had to deal with any weeds (boo!).

scotts at walmart

We opted to use Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed & Feed to help kill weeds. We picked it up at Walmart in the gardening section—it comes in a fun yellow bag that’s hard to miss! NOTE: you can also find this fabulous product at your local home improvement store.

This product will cover up to 5,000 square feet and helps you rid your lawn of the weeds you see and thicken your grass to crowd out the ones you don’t.

scotts at walmart

If you have a corner lot as we do, make sure you take care of your side yard as well. Manicured bushes, fresh mulch, and green grass will make your yard look gorgeous from all sides! 

It’s also a great opportunity to add some fresh flowers for a fun pop of color. Given how much of an impact the yard makes, is it any wonder why it’s one of our top curb appeal ideas?

getting the yard in top shape is one of our top curb appeal ideas

Add Modern House Numbers

How will new guests or delivery people find your home if you don’t have house numbers visible?

I love this idea from Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams because adding (or updating your home with) simple house numbers will show off your personal style. It’s a quick and easy way to boost curb appeal.

Install Pathway Lighting

Daytime curb appeal is important, but the house exterior should look great at night too! That’s why this idea from With A Dash Of Color is one of our top curb appeal ideas.

Lighting along the edge of the driveway and concrete walkways (or even flower beds) looks lovely in the dark. Plus, it’s practical because it lights the way for people to see where they are stepping at night.

Give Your Mailbox A Makeover

What do you think when you see a house with a dilapidated mailbox? Doesn’t it just scream, “someone, please care for me?” 😂

DIY Playbook hit the nail on the head with this terrific mailbox makeover. Their mailbox transformed from sad to eye-catching. All it probably needs is a fresh coat of paint to match your home’s style (and maybe some new numbers).

Best of all: it’s an easy job that anyone can do with a little bit of time, which is why it’s one of my favorite curb appeal ideas!

Install Flower Boxes Under The Windows

Y’all, I’m a sucker for window boxes, and I know I’m not the only one! Adding simple flower boxes filled with your favorite flowers adds character and lends a quaint cottage feel to your home.

Isn’t this Texas fixer-upper from HGTV cute? Flower-filled window boxes will instantly improve any home’s curb appeal.

cute window boxes add lovey curb appeal
via HGTV

Frame Your Windows With Window Shutters

Window shutters offer an eye-catching focal point for your front yard and can highlight your home’s unique architectural details.

You can always install new ones, but if you already have some, a new coat of fresh paint may be all you need to improve curb appeal.

Aren’t these shaker-style window shutters from Migonis Home cute? One idea is to paint black shutters and your front door to match – it’s a bold, neutral palette that can enhance almost any house.

Freshen Up Outdoor Lighting

Living Rich On Less shows us how simple it can be to update fixtures you already have to give them new life. All they really need is a coat of paint to update them and make them look brand new again.

This is one of our secret weapons for easy curb appeal ideas that make a big impact.

Top Curb Appeal Ideas: A Few Honorable Mentions

These curb appeal ideas may start with the lawn, but they certainly don’t stop at the lawn itself.

Freshly painted shutters and a fun front door color can make your home stand out and look inviting. At our last two houses, we went with a mint-colored door, but this one has a pretty teal one (for now!).

And don’t forget to update the front door hardware while you’re at it!

Front door painted teal with a lovely wreath hanging on it

While you’re at it, go ahead and add some potted plants around the door to welcome guests (or potential buyers!).

Also, you guys know I’m a huge wreath fan, so I highly recommend having a pretty wreath on your door. You can DIY this one in under 10 minutes or even pick up one that’s pre-made at a craft store.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a front porch (even a tiny one like ours!), make the most of it with a seating area by adding rocking chairs, a bench, or a porch swing.

We love sitting on our front porch, having a drink and people watching. I like to swap out the pillows on the bench to keep it interesting.

front porch with bench, decorative pillows, and a table with a drink
glass filled with a cool drink

Curb Appeal Ideas – Final Thoughts

Real estate agents agree: a few simple changes can make a dramatic improvement in your home’s curb appeal.

Whether you simply want to enjoy your home on a whole new level or you want to help it sell faster, I hope these top curb appeal ideas help you accomplish your goals!

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  1. I love the color of your front door!!! Painting the front door is such an easy and fun way to add curb appeal to a house. I don’t have a house but my mom has always changed up the curb appeal to her house by changing a big flag out to match the seasons.

  2. favorite tip is cleaning all the flower pots and containers so they are clean; spray painting if needed, and filling with some bright blooms!!!

  3. I’m planning on using Scotts on our yard this year. We have lots of weeds that need to go! I visit a special nursery every year In February and pick out two large ferns for our front porch. They keep them and care for them until I go back and get them in May. Great addition to our front porch!

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