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Our Primary Bedroom Makeover

Happy Tuesday friends! 🙂 So, Scott and I were brainstorming titles for this bedroom makeover post and came up with all kinds of interesting ones like “Positioning in the Bedroom,” “The Master Bedroom Mojo,” “Maxing the Flow in the Bedroom…”

Provocative, right?

But in the end, we wanted to be clear that we were talking about rearranging furniture and hanging art. Furniture and art, people. 😉 It’s a long post… I meant to make it two, but I was too excited to share!

If you’ve been reading for a while you know that we put the primary (master) bedroom on the back burner for our first year in the house. Well, actually all the bedrooms. We wanted to focus on the complete gut and renovation of our kitchen, living, and dining rooms.

Now we are finally in a spot where we can focus on our primary bedroom makeover. I won’t make you wait… here are all the details!

Must see before and after of a master bedroom eloquently done. Timeless,, personal and romantic

Master Bedroom Makeover

We spent a weekend working on our room, and we’re so thrilled with how it turned out! It’s really, truly a relaxing retreat rather than an embarrassment. Here’s how we tackled our bedroom makeover.

Begin With The Furniture

Since bedroom furniture is the most prominent feature, bedroom makeovers begin there.

First, we started by rearranging the furniture in the room. I was hoping to find something that filled the space on either side of our bed a little more. At the same time, I wanted something that would give us more storage.

I was kind of tired of the two little white matching bedside tables we have used for the last three years that you can see below. It was time to give new life to other pieces to create our dream bedroom.

Must see before and after of a master bedroom eloquently done. Timeless,, personal and romantic

Then, I found a little gray desk… in front of my neighbor’s house. (Shhh!) Ironically, I had been looking for a vanity to use in lieu of a nightstand. This one happened to be the perfect size… plus it was free!

We took it home and scrubbed it down with disinfectant to transform it to what it is now: so fresh and clean! To balance it out, we placed a wicker chest I got from Hobby Lobby about 6 years ago on Scott’s side. I think it adds a perfect touch of personality.

Must see before and after of a master bedroom eloquently done. Timeless,, personal and romantic

Create An Accent Wall

Every bedroom makeover (whether it’s a small room or a large one) needs to incorporate a focal piece. That could be interesting furniture (such as a headboard), an accent wall, or intriguing accessories.

You can see the big empty wall right next to my bedside vanity that used to be where our dresser was. We moved it to the wall where Scott’s closet used to be before we drywalled it up, as you can see below.

rearranging furniture 2

Please disregard those two doors that totally don’t match our room.

The one on the left is our door from the hallway, and the one on the right is the door that leads to all horrors – A.K.A., our master suite. Don’t look in there. Just don’t. It’s one of the few places in our house that has been totally untouched since we’ve moved in (except for unpacking). I just can’t.

Now, the wall where the dresser used to be is nice and open. So, we decided to create a focal point in our small bedroom by hanging some art, of course!

Hanging art in master 10
Hanging art in master 1
Hanging art in master 3

Aren’t these frames awesome? I made them! They add cool textures to the room. I used the instructions from the Handmade Home’s book, Handmade Walls. It’s such a great book with super easy-to-understand instructions.

I even filled the frames with art from their art series books. They’re literally books filled with pages and pages of gorgeous art with perforated edges, so you can easily take them out and hang them on your walls.

Hanging art in master 11

Of course, we hung a lot of other art to make our room feel more personalized. Here’s Scott hanging one of my favorite pieces in our house- it’s our wedding vows!

When we got married, we did both traditional and vows that we said to one another, and I hired my friend Lindsey to make these for us. My vows I said to him are on his side, and the vows he said to me are on my side.

Hanging art in master 6
Hanging art in master 7
Vanity details 24
Vanity details 25

As you can see in the photos below, we ditched the traditional bedside standing lamp pair in favor of space-saving hanging pendants. We got these super cool pendant light kits at Target on clearance. They basically clip onto any lampshade, and you can hang them. The two shades are from Home Goods, where I got them a few years ago.

Vanity details 21

I also made the art that’s leaning up against Scott’s bedside table. It used to be on our living room mantle and has been featured on the front pages of CNN. Well, maybe they weren’t featuring it for the art – but I’m sure it helped.

Scott says it’s his favorite piece I’ve made, so I’m more than happy to let him look at it every day.

I also made the small art in the gold frame. I basically played around with watercolors I liked on paper and cut it, and stuck it in a thrifted frame.

Vanity details 22
Vanity details 23

Now, lets look at more of our primary bedroom makeover and head to my side of the room… the cool side!

Vanity details 26

See what I mean about the vanity fitting in the space perfectly? It’s truly spot on. I have the same hanging pendant that Scott does and because our nightstand tables are totally different, that was a good way to tie it all together.

Must see before and after of a master bedroom eloquently done. Timeless,, personal and romantic

The sunburst mirror is one of my favorite finds. I’ve been wanting one forever, and I finally found this one on sale at Target for $20. They don’t have it online anymore, but it’s Threshold brand, of course.

Vanity details 20

I wanted a good mix of practical and pretty on my vanity. Why should I have to pick one or the other? I’m a firm believer in never having to compromise in design. Go for the gold!

Add Fun Accessories

I have a thing for vintage china. So, when I found this lovely vintage teacup, saucer, and gold mirrored tray at a local thrift shop, I knew I wanted to have them on my vanity table.

I also try to keep fresh flowers around as much as possible. These are the leftovers of a bouquet I styled for another room. I think they look lovely right here.

Vanity details 9

In the teacup/tray, I put jewelry that I tend to wear more often. I have 3-4 pieces here, and the rest is stored elsewhere.


I also decided to display the makeup I use the most. It makes getting ready really easy in the mornings. These are the products I use 90% of the time to get ready unless it’s a special occasion. Yep, you called it… they are in another teacup.

I told you, I have a thing for them, and they make nice decor pieces. This particular one was from Anthropologie, and they have similar styles here.

Vanity details 18
Vanity details 17

I keep everything makeup-wise on a blue cake stand that I’ve owned for a few years. I believe it was from Home Goods when I originally got it. It really corrals all the pieces together and adds some height variance to the vanity.

Vanity details 16
Vanity details 15
Vanity details 14
Vanity details 13

See that golden cactus? I ordered it from Mod Cloth, and I just thought it was too cute and the perfect nod to Texas… and it’s gold. So win/win.

Beware because it actually has spikes that will stab you, though – they are super sharp. It can also bonus as a weapon in case a killer comes in the middle of the night. Death by golden spikey cactus!

I found an equally cute gold cactus that doubles as a piggy bank here.

Vanity details 8

This glass jar was just lying around, and I had a lot of nail polish, so I put the two together. I totally picked out the colors that I thought would work with our current setup the best. Then, I can switch them out if I need a change. It’s fun to be a girl! 🙂

Vanity details 7

And here’s my vows from Scott. Didn’t Lindsey just do an amazing job? She’s so talented. 🙂

Vanity details 6
Vanity details 5

The basket underneath holds my laundry… it’s really a great setup. I throw my clothes there, and when it’s full, I take it to the laundry room to wash. Or hand it to Scott to do it. Whatever.

vanity details 3

A lady never tells what’s in her drawers… But, okay, I’ll tell you… Really not a lot! My journal, whatever books I’m currently reading, chapstick, and my essential oils. I plan on getting cute drawer pulls for it soon.

So here’s everything from our bedroom makeover all together:

Hanging art in master 0
rearranging furniture 7
rearranging furniture 5

And yes, this is where the other chalkboard I made ended up. And yes, Chrissy, you were totally right… it IS a Mr. Darcy quote from Pride and Prejudice! So romantic for Valentine’s Day (and for always).

Must see before and after of a master bedroom eloquently done. Timeless,, personal and romantic
rearranging furniture 3

Let’s take a look at how things used to be when we moved in. (Think PINK.) Memories, sweet memories – WOW.

master bedroom
rearranging furniture 4

Winning. This bedroom makeover made it SO MUCH BETTER. It literally doesn’t look like the same room, does it?


What is a master retreat?

In short, it’s your primary bedroom turned into a relaxing retreat where you want to spend your time.

How much does it cost to remodel a master suite?

Depending on what you do to it, it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Ours was extremely affordable.

How do I make a master bedroom retreat?

Make your primary bedroom into whatever you love most. Add accent pillows, white bedding, removable wallpaper, or even a console table. Whatever it takes to create a serene space.

What can you do with master retreat?

Add new bedding, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, update the lighting… whatever you want!

Dream Bedroom Makeover Now (Mostly) Complete

So that’s where we are at. Like the dining room, this room is mostly done remodeling-wise! We’ll change the doors out soon, and maybe the ceiling fan (that’s still a bit of a debate here) and possibly decorate slightly more. But otherwise, this makeover of our bedroom is really, really lovely.

What do you all think? Is this the only time in the world where pink was wrong? I think so.

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    1. Thanks so much Char! When we first saw it we couldn’t stop laughing. But we bought the house anyways. 😀

  1. I honestly love that ceiling trim you had before! It reminds me of an old time-y cute room haha! And what does the chalk board say? I absolutely LOVE P&P!!

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