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Easy Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

Are you wondering how to decorate the outside of your home for the holiday season? Make a great first impression for guests with these easy and beautiful outdoor Christmas decor ideas.

Driving around at night and looking at the Christmas lights always fills my heart with joy. Decorating for the holidays (and appreciating others’ decorations) is so fun for me, but I know that may not be the case for everyone.

I know that some people may find outdoor holiday decor overwhelming or just don’t even know where to begin, or maybe they’d like to add some holiday cheer without having to use a ladder or walk on the roof. 🙋‍♀️

So, I want to help make the process easier by providing some quick and easy outdoor Christmas decor ideas that will make your home look festive without taking all day to decorate it (or necessitate climbing on the house to string lights).

I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible fear of heights and prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground. 😂

Even if you don’t want to be Clark Grizwald and string thousands of strands of lights on your house, you can deck your home out in holiday decor that welcomes your guests with holiday spirit.

When I decorate our house, I usually start with the indoor Christmas decor. In fact, decorating our mantel is my favorite part!

Once I’ve done that, I’ll move to the outside. I always add our Christmas doormat first, and then I build out our outside Christmas decor from there.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite outdoor Christmas decor ideas that will help you light up your home without stress, breaking your holiday budget, or fear of falling off ladders.

Easy Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

Although I frequently change out my indoor decor for the holidays, I don’t tend to do the same thing with my outdoor decor as frequently. So I like to choose items that are timeless and will last for a few years.

These ideas will look great for any type of home and will add that special sparkle you’re searching for.

1. Front Porch Greenery

Nothing says holiday decor like greenery that lights up. This greenery 4 piece set comes with 2 topiaries, a wreath, and a garland, which might be all you need (along with your doormat!) to deck out your front porch.

light up greenery for front porch

2. Oversized Outdoor Christmas Decor

There is something so whimsical about oversized decorations like these giant Christmas bulbs. They make a statement and bring a bit of joy to anyone passing by!

Strategically place a few of these festive outdoor ornaments in your front yard for some (near) instant Christmas cheer!

3. Hit The Easy Button

Outdoor decorations can be super fast. When you want a “quick win,” yard stakes add a special holiday pop of color to your outdoor Christmas decor.

With a simple press of the foot, add Gingerbread boy & girl yard stakes to your front yard. Two minutes and you’re done!

4. Add A Playful Touch To Outdoor Christmas Decor

Everything about these cone-shaped trees makes me smile! Aren’t they super cute? They’re not recommended for exposed outdoor spaces, but they’ll add vibrant holiday cheer to your covered front porch.

cone-shaped trees outdoor Christmas decor

5. Classic And Effortless

Adding a couple of frosted trees to your front porch is as easy as placing the trees and plugging them in. It doesn’t get any easier (or more beautiful) than that!

prelit trees

6. Glittery Twinkle Outdoor Christmas Decor

If you want to add lights to your home without dealing with the hassle of light strands, I highly recommend adding a couple of light-up figurines to your yard like this glittery snowman.

It’ll add that twinkle you crave!

light up snowman stand outdoor Christmas decor

7. Make Use Of Outdoor Lighting

This reindeer and sleigh outdoor stake won’t light up, but it’ll look stunning lit up by a spotlight! Outdoor Christmas decor really doesn’t get any easier than yard stakes, but they can look so classic and beautiful. 

Sleigh and reindeer outdoor stake

8. Light Up Your Already Exisiting Porch Decor

If you have evergreen or topiaries already on your front porch, you don’t need to buy new ones for the holiday season! Instead, take what you have and add color story garden lights so they light up against the dark night. So easy!

twinkle garden lights

9. Cold Weather Nostalgia

Maybe it’s because I live in Texas, and we don’t get a lot of snow or ice, but I just love the look of icicle lights! They add that illusion of cold, snowy winter nostalgia. Plus, they look great anywhere!

icicle lights outdoor Christmas decor

10. Light-Up Snowflakes

If you want to skip the icicles and go for the “real thing,” or you want to take your icicle lights to another level, check out these gold snowflakes!

I love how they look like a beacon of light on the side of the dark house.  

light up snowflake outdoor Christmas decor

11. Light Up The Walkway With Outdoor Christmas Decor

One of the challenges we face is that we don’t have good outdoor lighting. That presents a problem for evening visitors and package deliverers.

Keep everyone safe and add a festive touch by lining your walkway with these cute light-up candy canes!

12. Let The Projector Do The Work

How about a “one and done” solution? Get a holiday projector and let it broadcast whatever design you want on your home. It doesn’t get easier than that!

I love this Christmas snowfall projector – the snowflakes are so fun as they “fall” down the front of the house!

13. Large Shiny Baubles

Do you have a tree in your front yard? Decorate it with giant ornaments in whatever color you choose for a fun addition to your outside Christmas decor.

14. Festive Porch Leaner

If you have some greenery on your porch, adding a simple porch leaner can complete your outdoor porch decor!

festive porch leaner outdoor Christmas decor

15. Multiples Of The Same Item

There’s no need to come up with several different outdoor Christmas decor ideas when you can simply use more of what you love.

If you have multiple doors or windows, matching wreaths like these may be all you need!

multiple holiday wreaths

16. Stacked Blocks As Outdoor Christmas Decor

How cute are these stacked blocks? They’ll do the job of spreading a little J-O-Y!

JOY stacked blocks

17. The Season Of Giving

Giving is better than receiving, right? Add these lighted presents to your yard as a nod to the giving spirit of Christmas.

These wrapped gifts are cute even when they’re not lit up, making for a versatile option for outdoor holiday decor – day or night!

light up gift boxes outdoor Christmas decor

18. Light-Up Stars Outdoor Christmas Decor

I’ve always loved looking up at the stars at night. Now, we can enjoy the “stars” much closer to home with these Nordic stars!

light up nordic stars

19. Dress Up The Mailbox

Don’t leave the mailbox out from all the outdoor Christmas decor fun! Dressing it up is quick and easy with this classic greenery mailbox swag.

Plus, you’ll bring a little cheer to your postman this Christmas season.

holiday mailbox swag outdoor Christmas decor

20. Deck The Patio In Outdoor Christmas Decor

If you live in an area that stays warm enough to enjoy time outside during the holidays, make sure you add a few patio throw pillows to your outdoor furniture for festive cheer. 

outdoor Christmas decor throw pillows

21. Evergreen Hanging Basket

Calling all hanging basket lovers! News flash: they aren’t only for warm summer months. Enjoy a lovely holiday hanging basket (or two) on your porch this year.

22. Light-Up Penguins

Invite the march of the penguins on your lawn with this adorable penguin lawn decor. It’ll add a playful touch to your outdoor Christmas decor!

23. A Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

A nutcracker will fit right in with any outside Christmas decor you already have – or work for all your holiday yard decorations!

Nutcracker outdoor Christmas decor

24. Festive Holiday Doormat

I mentioned my doormat earlier, and I believe that no outdoor Christmas decor is complete without a fun holiday doormat to greet your friends and family.

doormat outdoor Christmas decor

25. Christmas Tree Outdoor Christmas Decor

I’ve showcased several items that have white lights, but if you want to add a little color to your life, a Christmas tree like this one is perfect (and so easy to use).

Christmas tree outdoor Christmas decor

I hope you found the inspiration you were seeking with these outdoor Christmas decor ideas! Decking the outside of your home in holiday cheer can be super easy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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