Free Printable Christmas Cards To Send To Everyone You Know

Sending holiday cards to friends and family is often forgotten about but they’re so much fun! These printable Christmas cards are a fun and festive way to show you care and wish everyone a happy holiday. Plus, guess what? They’re free and so many to choose from. Happy Holidays! 

To be honest, I honestly didn’t think much about holiday Christmas cards until I had my daughter, Lily. Having a December baby gave me so many creative ideas like what I wanted her to wear and all of the themes for the next 10 Christmas cards… it was going to be awesome! 

Then, the holidays rolled around, I have no card. I was going to design a super cute Christmas themed card but life just simply got in the way and I was way behind. So, I went out there on the internet and prayed I could find something close to what I imagined and SURPRISE! 

I was so shocked at how many amazing free printable Christmas cards were available out there. You had everything! From a traditional Merry Christmas to Winter Wonderland and everything in between, you can choose from a variety of cards. 

This was a lifesaver and I was able to get all of my holiday cards out on time. You guys can too! 

printable christmas cards

What To Write In A Christmas Card

Writing a special message in your Christmas card is almost as important as sending out the card itself. It’s a time for you to let the person know how special they are to and you’ve been thinking of them. It always feels good to open the mailbox and have something sweet instead of more bills around this time of year! 

If you are facing some major writer’s block, don’t worry, I’m here to help! Here are a few things to think about when you are thinking of what to write: 

  • What are the reasons why you are sending this person a card? Is it personal, professional, or some other reason?
  • Has the individual been dealing with difficult times, and you want to lift them up?
  • Is this person a long-time friend or family member you want to make smile?
  • Has it been a while since you’ve seen each other?
  • How much do you miss this person?

I would usually think about these and just write down what I was feeling. Even if you’re miles away, people can feel what you are feeling through your writing. 

Christmas Card Sayings

Are you looking for a little more than a “Merry Christmas”? 

You can easily put a few sayings on the cards and pick the best ones for the people you are sending the cards to. This way, you don’t have to put as much thought into it, and you can easily repeat the same message on several cards.

Take a look at these Christmas sayings and save yourself a headache!

  •  Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours.
  • To each of you, we wish you nothing but happiness and blessings for this holiday season.
  • Sending you lots of Christmas cheer this year.
  • May your Christmas be filled with love, cherished memories, happy thoughts, and warm blessings.
  • We are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  • Wishing you the gift of love, peace, and happiness this Christmas.
  • There is no greater gift than the love of family and friends. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  • Thinking of you and sending you lots of Christmas love and cheer.
  • We are so grateful you are in our lives! We hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas.

printable christmas cards

Last-Minute Gifts To Give With A Christmas Card

Sometimes, when I send out my holiday cards, I like to send a little thoughtful gift along with it if I can. I’ve found that giving a small keepsake like these cute DIY Noel emboridery hoop ornaments that I made with my Cricut is a wonderful away to show them your appreciation for their friendship and everything they do! 

If you don’t have time to DIY something, take a look at these ideas to add to your printable Christmas cards: 

  • Gift Cards to their favorite store.
  • Gift Services such as family photos, massage, house cleaning, or anything else they may like.
  • Movie theater tickets.

If you are looking for something a little more personalized, check out this ultimate guide I put together for buying last-minute Christmas gifts

Free Printable Christmas Cards For This Holiday Season

My search on the internet was filled with all sorts of Free Printable Christmas Cards! You just need to look in the right spot to find the best ones. I’ve saved you the trouble of searching, by adding all the best right here.

Think of it as my little Christmas gift to you all 😊

These printable cards are all lovely, and I’m confident you’ll find the perfect fit for the people you are sending cards to!

1. Santa and Reindeer Card

This adorable Christmas card can easily be printed out and dropped in the mail. Print it here.

2. Cute Bunny Christmas Card

These playful bunnies are in a snow globe on this lovely card. Easily print it out and send it to your favorite people.

3. Merry Christmas Wreath Card

I love the classic style and look of this free printable Christmas card from I Should Be Mopping The Floor. Check it out and print your own!

4. Watercolor Christmas Cards

Smitha Katti has a lovely variety of three different printable holiday cards you should really take a look at. They are so cute!

5. Rustic Black and White Cards

These rustic farmhouse style Christmas cards are classy and stylish. They are perfect for celebrating the holidays and the people you care about.

Free Printable Funny Christmas Cards

As much as I love a cute Christmas card, the funny ones are always the ones who stick out and I tend to remember the most. Want some cards that will make everyone laugh? Take a look  – You’ll definitely get a good chuckle out of these! 

1. Cute Kitten in Mugs Cards

If you have some cat lovers in your life, these free printable Christmas cards are just what you’ve been looking for.

2. Funny Elf Shoes Card

What’s funnier than a couple of elf feet in some hilarious elf shoes? This card is sure to make everyone laugh when they open it!

3. Joke Card

I think these speak for themselves! These hilarious jokes are the perfect addition to any of the printable Christmas cards you are sending. Happy Home Fairy did a lovely job creating them!

4. Silly Dachsund Christmas Card

What could be more playful and fun than these hilarious dachshund Christmas cards? Print your own for all your friends, and they will get a kick out of them.

5. Latte Card

If you’re giving a gift card to Starbucks, this would be the perfect card to go with it. It’s thoughtful and shows how much you appreciate the person.

Personalized Christmas Cards

This is my favorite kind of holiday card! One of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer is by handing out cards that are personalized and special for each person. 

I know it’s a lot of work and itis time consuming, but trust me. It’s totally worth it! It will definitely stick out in a sea of holiday cards. 

1. Photo Card

Personalize a card to your friends and family members. They will love how pretty it is and that you took the time to customize it.

2. Monogram Card

These Santa Claus printable cards are perfect for the holidays. They can be personalized with a monogram and look fabulous.

3. Rustic Monogram Cards

You can add your own last name to these rustic style greeting cards. Plus, they can be easily printed off in time for the holidays.

4. Christmas Family Photo Cards

Add a family photo or something else that’s meaningful to these gorgeous cards. They are lovely for Christmas.

Free Animated Christmas Cards

So, I know I said I was sharing a bunch of cards that were printable but we live in a time where a lot of things get sent via email! So, these next cards are not printable and you have to email them. But, I do have to say they are so fun because they dance and sing right on your friends’ s computer screens!

1. Carollers Card

This classic Christmas card is a delightful animated e-card to send to everyone when you are tight on time.  You can easily send it out in an email at the last minute, and no one will be offended.


2. Playful Animated Santa Card

Santa’s Spot The Difference is an adorable animated card that is a blast! You can add a personalized message and then play a game afterward. Great for kids and adults.

3. Lovely Winter Wonderland Card

Merry Christmas Card is beautiful. You’ll find an e-card with a deer looking through the window. There is snow falling, and it just makes you feel cozy and festive.

4. Playful Dogs Card

Singing Pets Card is perfect if you have a pet lover in your midst, this card of singing dogs and cats is just what you’ve been looking for. It’s adorable and playful too.

5. Warm Fireplace Animated Card

Send this comfy fireplace card to send warmth and comfort for the holidays and coming year. It’s a thoughtful card that will be appreciated.

Where to Print Free Christmas Cards

When you find the cards you want to send, download them to your computer and print them at home for free!

If you don’t have a printer or you want to save on ink, you can use a service like Office Max or Staples. Always try to support local print shops if you can!

These free printable Christmas cards are so unique that they will surely stand out. I hope this list gave you some ideas and inspiration for your holiday card this season!

More Holiday Ideas 

As you prepare for the upcoming holiday season, here are some more few more fun ideas to explore: 

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