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35+ Most Thoughtful DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Make dad something extra special and unique this Father’s Day. These DIY Father’s day gifts will mean the most because you made them!

Sometimes, the most thoughtful gifts are the ones you sit and make at home. You can’t buy them in the store! They came from you (and your kiddos).

That’s why I put this list together.

If you are at home on Father’s day together, then take some time and make some of these DIY Father’s Day gifts.

The things on this list range from the oh-so-super-easy to the parental-guidance-required. Check them all out and find your faves!

35+ Thoughtful DIY Father’s Day Gifts

From golf-lovers to snackers, this list has everything for (almost) every single dad out there. This is the only list of DIY Father’s Day gifts you need!

1. DIY Beard Oil

Is dad sporting a beard? Then help him take care of it with this DIY beard oil from Beauty Crafter. He’ll love how it smells.

DIY Beard Oil

2. Painted Coffee Cup and Super Hero Chocolate

Painting coffee cups are the ultimate ways to give dad something that he can’t buy in the stores. This mug-painting tutorial and chocolate bar wrapper from Trendy Mami is the cutest thing you can give dad from the kids.

A painted coffee cup and chocolate bar wrapper that looks like a super hero - DIY Father's Day Gifts

3. Make Dad A T-Shirt

Do you have a vinyl cutting machine like a Cricut? Then make him a Father’s Day t-shirt from Maple Planners. It’s easy to customize too.

A t-shirt that says "Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever"

4. DIY Daddy & Me Mug

Another way to paint a mug is to capture both the thumbprints of daddy and kids like this tutorial by Crafts By Amanda. He will treasure this for years to come.

a white coffee cup that says "Daddy and me"

5. Manly Salt Scrub

DIY bath products aren’t just for girls. Men need to destress and exfoliate too. Dad will love how this salt scrub from Country Hill Cottage smells and feels.

Blue sea salt scrub in a jar

6. Father’s Day Poem Card

Another way to capture the memory of what your children think of daddy is to fill out this printable Father’s Day poem from Coffee and Carpool. Fill in the blanks and keep it forever.

A child filling out the my daddy is poem card

7. Father’s Day Keychain

Dad always keeps his keys on him. Give him something meaningful to put on his keychain. This DIY keychain from Projects With Kids celebrates how amazing dad is. It’s really easy to customize too.

DIY Father's Day gifts - personalized key chains

8. Nuts About Dad

Does dad love snacking on mixed nuts? This gift in a jar idea even has a funny printable label from Honey I’m Home DIY. Fill it up with all of dad’s favorite nuts!

A jar of nuts with a tag that says "We are nuts about you"

9. DIY Bottle Opener

Whether dad drinks beer or cream soda, he will appreciate this DIY bottle opener from Making Manzanita. It doubles as rustic decor in his man cave or kitchen too.

DIY Bottle opener boards as DIY Father's Day Gifts

10. You Rock Father’s Day Card

Your kids will love looking for the perfect rocks to put on this fun card for dad. This DIY dad rocks card from Where’d My Sanity Go will stand out from any cards he ever received before.

You Rock Father's Day Card

11. Funny Cupcake Toppers

Bake up a storm and give dad the best way Father’s Day cupcakes! This cupcake idea from Hip Homeschool Moms is a fun way to give dad a new bowtie.

Happy Father's Day Cupcake toppers with a bow tie

12. DIY Cornhole Scoreboard

After you make this DIY cornhole scoreboard from The Handyman’s Daughter you can go outside and enjoy a fun family game. If you don’t know how to do woodworking, don’t worry! This is a super easy craft.

A game of Cornhole

13. Hooked On Daddy Card

I had to included this DIY card from Feeling Nifty in the mix! It uses cupcake liners to make a cute little fish. Kids of all ages will really have fun making this easy card.

Hooked on Daddy DIY Father's Day Card

14. We Love Dad Picture Frames

Use painted picture frames to spell out “We love dad” in them. I love this idea from Simply Be Wild And Free. It’s a really unique way to celebrate how much he is loved.

3 picture frames - yellow, pink, and green

15. DIY Chord Organizer

Dads tend to be techy right? Well, this is a really fun way to help him tame the chord mess that comes with the territory. These organizers from Sustain My Craft Habit are so useful, he will love them!

DIY Leather chord organizers

16. Dad Photo Frame Idea

Use your kids (and pets!) to spell out Dad and then frame it. I love this idea from To Simply Inspire so much. You can even blow it up and make it a large canvas print.

Spelling DAD with kids and a dog

17. Explosion Box

If dad is a Star Wars fan, then you have to make him this personalized card from Party With Unicorns. You fold it up like origami. Then, when he opens the box, it opens up by itself and shows your messages and pictures.

Happy Father's Day DIY Star Wars Card

18. DIY Painted Shirt

Don’t just buy dad a shirt, paint him one! There are some really good ideas and this tutorial from Fluxing Well shows you how to make them.

A painted Fish Shirt

19. Golfing Bookends

Score big when you give dad these DIY bookends from Ann’s Entitled Life. They have a playful golf-club shape and will look perfect on his bookshelf.

DIY Golf Bookends

20. DIY Dartboard Cabinet

This DIY dartboard cabinet from The Inspired Workshop takes a little more planning and effort, but it’s totally worth it. He will be stunned that you made this for him. Plus, you’ll have a fun game to play together!

A white darts cabinet

21. DIY Rock Trivet

Give dad a place to keep his rings, change, and other loose items. This fun trivet from Bitz N Giggles is a play on words and will make him smile.

DIY Rock Trivet

22. Funny Toilet Paper

Does dad have the best sense of humor ever? Then he will really enjoy this funny toilet paper gift from The Best Vinyl Cutters. The kids will probably double over laughing as they give it to him too.

Dad I love the poop out of you  - funny toilet paper gift

23. DIY Spice Rubs

Give the grilling master his own collection of spice rubs from Making Manzanita. When he opens this gift, he’ll be ready to go fire up the grill!

Spices for Father's Day gift

24. Mr. Fantashtic Mug

If dad is proud of his mustache – or if he loves mustache jokes – then make him this mug from Feeling Nifty. It’s both unique and funny.

Mr. Fantashstic white cup

25. Dad’s Toolbox – Drink Holder

This is a really creative and fun way to give dad his favorite brews! The kiddos will have a blast decorating it too. I love how creative this idea from Moms and Munchkins is.

Dad's Toolbox - gift full of soda and snack for dad

26. Photo Keychains

These DIY photo keychains from Sustain My Craft Habit are beautiful enough to belong in the stores. You can use any picture that you want, it’s a very versatile craft.

DIY map keychains

27. DIY Father’s Day Gifts Hammer

This DIY idea from The Flying Couponer uses a woodburning tool, so do it for your kids. It’s a really fantastic way to give dad a new hammer or even upgrade his current one.

DIY Father's Day Gifts Hammer

28. Decorated Walking Stick

Celebrate how much you enjoy going on hikes with dad and decorate a walking stick from Imaginative Homeschool. No two sticks come out the same way, so let each child decorate their own.

How to make yarn wrapped walking sticks

29. Comic Book Coasters

If dad is a nerd that loves comic books, then he will love these DIY comic book coasters from Drugstore Divas. Use his favorite super heroes on them and he will love it.

Comic book coasters

30. Pillow For Grandpa

Don’t forget about grandpa! This pillow craft from Sustain My Craft Habit is a funny way to reserve his chair just for him, always.

Hands off Djeda's Pillow

31. #1 Dad Award

Make Father’s day extra fun and do an entire award ceremony. Let the kids give him this #1 dad ribbon from One Crazy Mom as a grand prize!

#1 Dad homemade award

32. Hand Warmers

It might be summertime right now, but dad will appreciate these hand warmers from Happiest Camper in the winter. Plus, he can use them as small heating pads in the mean time.

DIY handwarmers

33. Canvas Art Craft

All you need for this canvas art craft from Cendu Param is some canvas, paint, and markers. It’s so beautiful that he’ll display it immediately.

Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad - canvas art

34. BBQ Rub

Does dad love BBQ and grilling? Make him some of his own BBQ rub from The Country Chic Cottage. This tutorial even comes with a free printable label!

BBQ Rub with printable label

35. Coffee In A Jar

If dad loves coffee, then make him this DIY coffee in a jar gift from Venture1105. You can fill it up with his favorite creamers, sugars, and different types of coffee too.

Have a cup of cheer coffee in a jar gift

36. DIY Photo Tin

Another way to celebrate and display your favorite picture of dad with his kids is to make a DIY photo tin from Ideas for the Home By Kenarry. It uses all upcycled materials and is so easy!

DIY Photo Tin for Father's Day

DIY Father’s Day Gifts: Don’t Forget the Cards

Need a card to go with your gift? Here are a bunch of options for free printable father’s day cards! We’ll even give you phrases to write in them. 😉 

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