Trendspotting: the Planner Craze

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Cute day planners are everywhere. Have you all noticed? While the past decade or so has been a push to go from paper to digital, the rise of the paper planner is a welcome trend to old-school paper lovers like me. These aren’t your typical planners though! These planners are chic and full of personality.

No longer do you have to be content with just writing in your planner. Some of the newest planner trends involve adding stickers, stamps, glitter, art—whatever you want, there’s a planner decoration for you.


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My verdict? I like it. I purchased an Erin Condren planner last year and had a few decorating sessions that were fun. During the rush to sell and move and buy houses, I fell off the wagon. While I was using it though, it helped me keep track of my social calendar, work due dates, blog planning, Scott’s client schedule, meal planning, etc all in one place. Being a visual person too, I love that these planners are so cute to look at! Mine isn’t quite as decorated as the ones above, but I appreciate the artistry. I just have to write so much stuff in mine that there’s little room for stickers after!

What about you all? Will you keep with a digital schedule or jump on the planner train? Or do you have a super memory and never need to remember any dates? 🙂

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  1. When I was in school I HAD to have a planner to write everything in. Now I have less to do and just use post it notes. My purse is full of them. I use my phone for really important things. Basically I’m a mess. I can’t seem to stick to a planner now that I’m not in school anymore. I do miss the excitement of planners though. I remember one year before I went back to college I made my poor dad drive me all over town searching for the perfect planner.

  2. I love all the pretty planners and all the stickers and tapes and stuff that people use but I am afraid if I invest in one, I wont get my monies worth because I tend to slack on the planner after a few months. I have a $8 Target one right now and I made a promise with myself that if I use it properly the rest of the year….I may think about getting a nicer one next year lol. I guess I dont understand how people use all the tape and stickers…

  3. I have forever and probably will forever be a paper planner girl. But mine are boring…I’m just not artistically minded and I’m afraid too much color and pizazz would stress me out or distract me. #boring

  4. I love my planner! I am not very good with actually decorating them though. a friend gifted me some stickers and some sort of tape (?) but i don’t actually know what to do with them lol

  5. I absolutely love my Erin Condren planner that I bought this year. I use it for everything. I have tried a few different planners, but this was the only one that had everything I wanted in it. I just won a gift certificate to her site and can’t wait to order my planner for next year. I love adding artistic details with stickers, stamps, and extra papers and pockets. It makes it more like a journal.

  6. OMG…why did I never know or think about doing this to my planners! This is so fun and I have an art journal..I kinda feel silly that I never thought about doing something like this to my boring planner! Thanks for sharing this at Totally Terrific Tuesday, you just sparked some ideas 😉 Make sure you stop back monday night because I was not the only one who found inspiration..wink wink!

  7. If my kids were still little I’d probably jump all over the planner trend, but I like using my phone to keep track of the few events I have to keep track of.

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