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Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour—Thanksgiving Edition


Hey everyone—happy Monday! If you’re joining me today from Burlap & Lace, I want to welcome you to my little piece of the blogosphere.  Thanks so much for stopping by. In case you’re unfamiliar with my blog, my husband and I live in Dallas, Texas and have been remodeling our house over two years now while documenting all of our fun adventures along the way. You can check out our before and after photos here! A few of my favorite posts are our concrete countertops, our fireplace mantle, and of course my amazing studio/library room.

I was super excited when Lindsay invited me to be part of her Thanksgiving Blogger Stylin’ tour. Scott and I usually host Thanksgiving for our families since we’re all local, but this year will be a little different since he and I are heading to London and Paris over Thanksgiving week. Poor us right? 🙂 I didn’t want to miss the chance to share what I would do for a tablescape, as well as my favorite Thanksgiving recipe with you guys though.

When people think of Thanksgiving they usually imagine a color palette made with yellows and browns and oranges. While that works for a lot of people it’s not necessarily my favorite style. So I decided to change it up and do a more romantic Thanksgiving theme with lots of fresh florals and vintage glasses I’ve collected.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0001 thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0002

thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0003 thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0004 thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0005
thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0007

We’re planning on building our own table soon but for now we have this smaller one so whenever we have people over we usually ask them to serve themselves in our kitchen and bring their plate to the table.
How awesome are these golden candles? I got them from Hobby lobby and I love them.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0008

The table runner is also from Hobby Lobby. It’s this awesome burlap with lace attached. All I did was unroll two pieces and lay them side by side.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas_0006

Every year I make cranberry salsa for an appetizer. When I first heard about it I thought it sounded really weird, but I decided to give it a try and everyone (including me) ended up loving it and raving about it. Even people who didn’t like cranberries or salsa loved the combination of them together.

cranberry salsa_0001 cranberry salsa_0002 cranberry salsa_0003

You can find the recipe for the salsa here. I modified it by using less sugar and a little bit more jalapeño than they suggested because I prefer a bit more kick.

cranberry salsa_0004

It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. I serve it with tortilla chips as well as sweet potato chips.

cranberry salsa_0005 cranberry salsa_0006 cranberry salsa_0007

thanksgiving decoration ideas_0001 thanksgiving decoration ideas_0003 thanksgiving decoration ideas_0004thanksgiving decoration ideas_0005 thanksgiving decoration ideas_0006

thanksgiving decoration ideas_0002
What about you guys? What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe? Any suggestions for London/Paris for us? Would love to hear them. Make sure to head over to Eclectically Vintage to continue the blog tour!


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Tania Griffis is an accomplished writer, blogger, and interior designer with a Journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma. She started her popular blog, Run to Radiance, in 2011, demonstrating her design expertise through the personal remodeling of six houses to millions of readers across the globe.

Tania also owns The Creative Wheelhouse, a respected ghostwriting agency for bloggers, further showcasing her talent for creating engaging and informative content.

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  1. I love that three tiered dish holding the flowers, such a great idea, and the gold candles! And that pic of your whole dining room looks so cozy! Love!

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