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DIY Wooden Pumpkins

Decorate your home for the fall with fun and budget-friendly decor! These DIY wooden pumpkins make a great touch to any fall decor and you get to make it your own! No more overpaying for wooden pumpkin decor, let’s create our own!

Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means? Fall decor! I always love seeing fall home decor on Pinterest or Instagram. It really puts you in the mood for a cozy season.

Needless to say, another big favorite of mine is when I can decorate on a budget and DIY my decor. Do you agree? 

These DIY wooden pumpkins are so easy you will be wondering why you haven’t been using simple wood pallets or cutouts to create your own fall decor. All you need are just a few materials that you can find lying around your house or for cheap at your local craft store.

Once you gather your materials, it takes under 30 minutes to finish the project depending on design, detail, and drying time. 

Wood pumpkins made from pallet wood.
via She Builder

This DIY project is a fun activity to do with family as well and give away as gifts. Once you start making them you won’t want to stop, so why not give some to your neighbors and family.

Get the whole family in on it and let your little ones create their own pumpkin decor to put up in their room. 

If you pick up a large wood pallet, I can assume you will get at least 4 pumpkins out of it. If you don’t have a large wood pallet I’ll fill you in on where to find these cutouts. 

Pretty easy, right? Who knew that instead of buying those $30 pumpkins at your local craft store, you could make it yourself for under $10.

So let’s dive into crafting your very own DIY wooden pumpkin decor!

Tips for Making Wooden Pumpkin Decor 

This fall I am decorating my home with these adorably cute DIY Wooden Pumpkins. They are the perfect addition to any home decor in autumn.

I’m thinking of sprucing up my fireplace mantle with a few of them and adding a touch of pumpkin decor on my dining room table. 

There are a few different types of DIY pumpkin decor. You can choose from the 2×4 wood block pumpkins or the flat wooden pumpkins. It’s as easy as 1,2,3, and here are my steps to getting started.

  1. Have in mind the theme of your decor this year. This will play a role in how you design or paint the pumpkins.
  2. Gather your supplies. Whether you are using cutout pieces, 2×4 blocks, or both, gather those materials. 
  3. Next, you will want to find your paint colors. You can choose any wood or craft paint, and a package of paintbrushes. 
  4. Gather any stencils you want to use and extra items to add to your pumpkins. 
  5. Sand down any rough edges on the wood with a piece of sandpaper or handy sander. (If you don’t have you, you can find one at any home improvement store or Walmart.) 
  6. Once the wood is smoothed out, it’s time to paint and design your pumpkins! 
Mantel with two rustic wood pumpkins, candles and some greenery and other small pumpkins.
via Addicted 2 DIY

Wooden Pumpkin Decor Inspiration

There are many different ways you can decorate with wooden pumpkins for the fall season. Whether your style is rustic, modern, white dominant, or colorful, you’ll want to match your DIY pumpkins with the rest of your home decor. 

If decorating indoors, focus on mantles, centerpieces, and shelving. For outdoor, think patios, doorways, and porches. 

Mantel Pumpkin Decor

This layered mantel decor from Lil Luna featuring a classic orange wooden pumpkin is so thoughtful and well executed.

Mantel with fall decor including a orange wood pumpkin.

Pumpkin Shelf Decor

These stacked books and wooden pumpkin combo from The Wooden Owl are perfect fall shelf decor.

Wood pumpkin and wood book stack.

Pumpkin Porch Decor

This front porch by Pretty DIY Home is a perfect example of white pumpkin decor.

White wood pumpkins porch decor.

Wooden Pumpkin Door Decor

This wooden pumpkin door hanger from Simple Made Pretty is a simple yet super cute fall decoration for the home!

Wood pumpkin door hanger with welcome sign.

Where To Buy Wooden Pumpkin Cutouts

Your local craft store never disappoints, right? This also holds true when looking for pumpkin cutouts to decorate and display this autumn.

You can go into any local craft almost any time of the year and find pumpkin cutouts. You will find an abundance of sizes and choices more towards the end of summer beginning of fall.

Another great element is that they are usually budget-friendly as well! 

You can also purchase cutouts at online stores.

Amazon has large pumpkin cutouts, assorted craft pumpkins, and bulk options as well.

Etsy carries all kinds of cutouts including shelf sitter pumpkins as well as tall wooden blocks.

If you still can’t find any available or you don’t have access to either of these places, you can find them at Walmart, Target, and Dollar Tree

DIY Wooden Pumpkin Tutorials

There are an endless amount of do-it-yourself projects for creating your own wooden pumpkin decor. Check out some of these ideas below for some autumn inspiration.

1. Painted Pumpkin Decor

Painting your pumpkin decor allows you to really fit your seasonal items with the style of your home. This tutorial for painted pumpkins from Kippia at Home shows examples of a classic white look, and bold colored wooden pumpkins as well.

Three wood blocks different sized pained white and made to look like pumpkins.

2. Patterned Wooden Pumpkins

In case you’re in the painting mood, don’t be afraid to go bold. From stripes to polka dots to non-traditional colors, your pumpkin DIY can be totally uniquely yours. This tutorial for patterned pumpkins from Megan Plus Five is a fun one!

Patterned wood pumpkins.

3. Pallet Pumpkins

A disassembled wood pallet is the perfect starting point for fall decor. Whether you just make square or rectangle pumpkin-esque decorations or are able to cut out a perfect pumpkin shape, pallet wood is a great option.

This tutorial from The Created Home creates the cutest white-washed pumpkin from a wooden pallet! 

Wood pallet pumpkin cutouts.

4. DIY Stacked Pumpkin

A lot like pallet wood, fence pickets are a great material to upcycle to make fall home decor. This stacked wooden pumpkin by Do Dodson Designs is so great!

Stacked wood in the shape of a pumpkin.

5. Pumpkin Door Hanger

Craft pumpkin cut outs are a super versatile way to decorate your home for fall. To demonstrate, this wooden pumpkin door hanger DIY by The County Chic Cottage is a simple yet striking way to decorate your front door for the season.

Orange wood cut out in the shape of a pumpkin that has the word welcome painted on it.

6. 2×4 DIY Pumpkins

Even if you don’t have extra wood laying around your garage or workshop no worries, you can easily run to a home improvement store a pick up a few pieces of 2×4 wood.

For a fun tutorial and instructions, check out Ashley McCollums’s DIY for 2×4 Painted Pumpkins here.

Three different sized wood blocks painted orange as pumpkins with polka dots, and stripes.

7. Simple Wood Pumpkin DIY

Another cut of wood absolutely perfect for pumpkin decor are 4x4s! For example, check out Made To Be A Momma’s tutorial for these simple ribbon-topped wooden pumpkins.

Three wood blocks painted as pumpkins, orange, white and green.

8. Halloween Pumpkin Decor

This DIY wooden stacked jack-o-lantern decor from Anika’s DIY Life is perfect for the spooky season.

wood blocks painted as pumpkins

FAQs About Wooden Pumpkins

How do you paint a wooden pumpkin?

Painting a pumpkin is the easy part! You can use any craft paint at your local craft store or wood paint. No need to buy a gallon of paint, a small ounce bottle will do just fine.

When you paint a flat pumpkin you will want to paint in strokes going up and down, not side to side. This will give the pumpkin that round shape and look. When you paint the strokes up and down you can angle the brush with a bit of a curve to it in the direction of the wood curves. 

How to make a pumpkin out of pallets?

You’ll want to disassemble the wood pallet first to get each individual piece of wood on its own. After this, you will want to cut the wood boards into sections. Choose the length you want each piece to be and cut each board into the same length. 

You can choose to create a box or rectangle with the cut pieces and glue them together or you can create individual pumpkins out of each cut piece. 

For more ideas and instructions check out this tutorial from The Handyman’s Daughter on creating a DIY pumpkin from a wooden pallet! 

How do you make 2×4 pumpkins?

As I mentioned above you can probably find extra wood laying around your garage or workshop, or you can easily run to a home improvement store a pick up a few pieces of 2×4 wood.

Odds are, these pieces of wood are in prime shape and ready to be made into a project!

You’ll probably want to also grab a sheet of sandpaper to smooth out the corners and faces of the woodblock.

This helps the paint go on smoother and your pumpkins look neater. Use any craft paint or wood paint and get to decorating! 

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