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Pretty DIY Fall Wreath Ideas – 3 Ways To Make Your Own

This easy rustic DIY fall wreath can be made in 3 different ways. Learn how to style it completely different with just a few supplies!

Learn how to decorate and design your own rustic grapevine wreath. These always turn out looking like professional wreaths, but you can customize them and craft them yourself!

Don’t be overwhelmed. This is so much easier than you might think. I’ll show you three different ways to make them.

Start Decorating With Wreaths

When I start decorating for each season, one of my favorite places to begin is with a wreath. It’s a simple, inexpensive easy way to add seasonal cheer right at your front door!

This DIY fall wreath is the perfect way to greet your guests this season. I had so much fun making these that I ended up with three! Check it out.

How To Make A DIY Fall Wreath – 3 Ideas

This is how easy it is to make a DIY fall wreath 3 different ways. First, I’ll show you how to make a basic grapevine wreath. Then, I’ll share two other ways you can decorate them.

I hope this gives you some ideas that you can take with you to the craft store so you can create your own wreath too!

Wreath Supplies

The first step to making this wreath is to grab your supplies. I picked up everything here from Michaels. I decided I wanted to make a large wreath for our front door and two smaller ones for our french doors in the back of the house.

Grapevine wreaths are perfect for a fall look, so I grabbed three of those. I spent quite a while in the floral section picking my favorite pieces.

Here are the supplies I used for my wreaths:

  • Grapevine Wreaths
  • Fall floral accents
  • Glue Gun
  • Floral Scissors
  • Wire Cutters
  • Ribbon or Bow
A bouquet of fall flowers and greenery

Best Flower Colors For Fall Bouquets

I’m not a fan of the traditional fall colors and elements, so my decor tends to be more of a rustic interpretation of fall rather than orange leaves and mini pumpkins or something. I ended up with cotton, a lot of greenery, and a few flower pieces.

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional fall wreath will pumpkins and red leaves if that’s what you love.

Use the colors that bring you joy!

Types of flowers to use in a fall wreath

Browse the floral section of your local craft store and put together the items that make you smile.

The best wreath will have a variety of colors and textures. I like how the cotton stems add that earthy texture to the wreath.

3 grapevine wreaths with flowers

How To Make DIY A Pretty Fall Wreath

Just follow these easy instructions and you will be able to make your own beautiful fall decor.

I even included lots of step-by-step pictures, because I know how much pics help me with crafts!

1. Trim The Wreath and Florals

This type of wreath is so easy to make! To start, use floral scissors to trim the parts of the wreath that are sticking out.

Using floral scissors to trim a grapevine wreath

2. Trim The Floral Pieces

Next, move on and trim the floral pieces with wire cutters. You’ll want to keep a few longer pieces, but mostly shorter ones with stems that are about 1-2″ long.

Trimmed white florals
Using wire cutters to trim fake purple flowers
A bunch of flowers, greenery, and cotton, trimmed for a fall craft

3. Layer The Florals On the Wreath

Once you have all your pieces trimmed and ready, the real fun begins.

Start layering them into your wreath. The great thing about the grapevine wreath is you can simply tuck the pieces in between the branches—no glue or tape required!

Sticking florals into a grapevine wreath

Keep layering in pieces, but make sure you hold your wreath up every once in a while to make sure the pieces won’t fall out once it’s vertical.

I like to keep mine more simple, so I keep my floral pieces to part of the wreath and let the beauty of the grapevine shine too.

An easy DIY fall wreath
A close-up of cotton on a DIYI grapevine wreath

4. Add A Bow

Once I was happy with the positioning, I finished it with a pretty gold bow at the bottom and hung it using a wreath hanger on the front door!

A DIY fall wreath hanging on the front door

I took the color of my door into consideration when choosing the colors of my wreath. I love how the greens, purples and browns all look when it hangs from my green door.

This easy DIY Fall wreath from www.runtoradiance.com is so cute and can be put together in under an hour. Love it!_0013
This easy DIY Fall wreath from www.runtoradiance.com is so cute and can be put together in under an hour. Love it!_0014
This easy DIY Fall wreath from www.runtoradiance.com is so cute and can be put together in under an hour. Love it!_0015

Two More Ways To Make Fall Wreaths

There you have it! My finished fall wreath hangs proudly on our front door.

For the other two wreaths, I followed the same steps but invited Scott to make a wreath with me. We used the same elements for cohesiveness since they were going to be hanging side by side on the french doors, but we each made our own design.

Didn’t he do great? You can’t even tell which is mine and which is his!

Arts and crafts time with him is such a treat—my two favorite things together. Keep an eye out for the wreaths in our upcoming fall home tour, yay!

Use Different Florals

One way to change it up while keeping it cohesive is to use different florals but in the same locations on the grapevine wreaths.

This easy DIY Fall wreath from www.runtoradiance.com is so cute and can be put together in under an hour. Love it!_0016

Change The Location of the Flowers

You can also change it up by changing where you put the flowers on the wreath. Some people cover the majority of their wreath with flowers and ribbons. Others (like me) only want to put it in a small section.

The choice is up to you!

This easy DIY Fall wreath from www.runtoradiance.com is so cute and can be put together in under an hour. Love it!_0017

More Fall Wreath Ideas

I used a grapevine wreath, but here are some more ways to make wreaths for your door. Combine some of these ideas and make your own.

  • Burlap Ribbon – Weaving burlap ribbon on a wireframe is a very popular rustic idea.
  • Monogram – Attach the letter for your last name on the wreath.
  • Embroidery Hoop – Instead of a grapevine wreath, decorate an embroidery hoop as your base.
  • Old Picture Frame – Decorate an old wooden picture frame with fall decor and hang it on your front door.
  • Felt Flowers – Attach felt flowers to your wreath.
  • Styrofoam Wreath – Wrap fabric or ribbon around a styrofoam wreath form.

Make Your Own Fall Wreath!

There you go! Just follow these pictures and you’ll have a rustic and simple fall wreath for your front door.

Change it up each ear – add new flowers and decor pieces. Do these crafts with your family and friends. These also make amazing gifts!

More Fall Decor Ideas

Here are even more fun fall decor ideas – I hope they inspire you as much as I enjoyed making them.

This easy DIY Fall wreath from Run To Radiance is so cute and can be put together in under an hour. Love it!
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  1. Oh I really like these! I have seen cotton wreaths a couple other times and have been drawn to them, but I think yours is my favorite! I just may actually get one made for myself after seeing yours. I live in upstate New York so I feel cotton is a bit out of place up here but I’ve decided that if I like it, its ok decor to have in my home :)!

  2. Joining you from the Pin Junkie Link Party! LOVE LOVE LOVE this wreath! I love that it’s subtle and classic so when I forget to take it down in a few months it would still look like it belonged! 😉 Where did you get those flowers?

  3. Hi! I love the wreaths – beautiful job! I also love the wallpaper in the photos – can you tell me about it?

  4. Oh my! This looks so incredible! Pinned and tweeted. We love partying with you and we appreciate you stopping by! Please take a minute to stop by next week, so we can pin and tweet your new creation. The party starts on Monday at 7 pm! Have a great Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. I absolutely love your style. The oranges and reds of fall don’t do anything for me so I just skip decorating all together. This is gorgeous though and you have inspired me! 🙂
    And how sweet that you made the two wreaths together! I find that so romantic <3

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