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Our Fall Home Tour

rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com

Fall decorating snuck up on me more than usual this year! It seemed a bit odd to be buying and putting out seasonal decor when we still have a bunch of stuff in boxes that we need to unpack. But I’m a big believer in enjoying and celebrating life as it comes, so I went for it anyways! 🙂

My two favorite areas to decorate are our living room and dining room. Normally I would add in kitchen, but that’s the room we are working on now, so that’ll have to wait a bit. 🙂

I don’t really enjoy the typical fall colors. Orange is one of my least favorite colors and red isn’t far behind it to be honest. I went with a rustic, creamy color pallet this year and really love how it turned out! I’ll link to the sources for everything on the bottom in case you are wondering where to get some of the items I used! 🙂

To start with, here’s my easy DIY fall wreath hanging on the front door.

This easy DIY Fall wreath from www.runtoradiance.com is so cute and can be put together in under an hour. Love it!_0012

Ever since we got our 8 foot custom dining table, I’ve been imagining hosting parties and dinners, especially around the holidays. I’d be proud to have any of my friends sit at this table!

rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0005 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0006 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0007 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0008 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0009 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0010 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0011 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0012 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0013 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0014
rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0016 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0017

From the dining room you can see The Library, which is what we are pretentiously calling the room we are keeping the piano we painted mint in. One day it will have bookshelves and pretty lounge seats and feel like a library or lounge, but for now it proudly houses the very FIRST piece of artwork we’ve hung in this house. 🙂

rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0002

rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0015 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0003 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0004

It felt strange to undo our living room decor after literally just putting it together, but I LOVE how it turned out! 🙂 Isn’t it fun what you can do with some neutral couches and a bunch of new pillows? 🙂

rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0018 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0019 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0020 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0021 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0022 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0023 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0024 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0025 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0026 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0027 rustic fall home tour from www.runtoradiance.com_0028

If you want to check out my fall home tour from last year, it’s right here.

In other news, I’ll be sharing a super-personal story and prayer request tomorrow. I am putting it out here publicly so I don’t chicken out! 🙂 Eeeek.

Sources (contains some affiliate links):

Dining Room:

-Chairs: thrifted
-Clear glass votives: Michaels (similar here)
-Gold ombre votives: Target (last year, no longer available, boo!)
-Pumpkins: Central Market 🙂
-White ceramic pumpkin: Home Goods (similar here)
-Copper mugs: Amazon
-Clear drinking glasses: World Market
-Wicker plate chargers: World Market (sold out, similar here)
-White plates: World Market

Living Room:

-Pillows: Home Goods
-Throw: Home Goods
-Cowhide: One King Lane
-Candle: Anthropologie



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  1. I.Love.Everything. about this! Simply fantastic! You’ve really added some major class to fall decor and that palette is sooo dreamy!
    Brava, once again! You never fail to surprise/impress me! <3

  2. Oh my goodness, I just want to come live in your house. I hadn’t seen that view that includes the fireplace of the room with the two couches and now I love it even more….. Everything looks fantastic. I like orange and red and the traditional fall colors, but I really like that you did lighter tones and I’m impressed with how much it still looks like autumn! Great eye. 🙂

    Thinking of you and will check back tomorrow on the prayer request.

  3. Your table display is just perfection!!!! And I love how well your living room has come together. The two different couches grows on me more and more every time I see pictures of them!!!

  4. Loving all of this! Good point about doing neutrals for fall decor! I love the cotton blossoms. Did you mention where you got those? I’m stealing all of these ideas! ?

  5. It all looks great! I absolutely LOVE the Anthro wallpaper and your mint piano. I’ve had an upright for a few years that I’ve gone back and forth on about painting. I guess I won’t now, because my husband just bought me a baby grand (used), so the upright will have to find a new home. I really want to paint the baby grand! 🙂

  6. Love your natural fall decor! I am the same; not a fan of the traditional orange and yellow fall decor. I LOVE your dining room chairs:)

  7. I love your house!!! Especially your dining room and your mint piano! I have a
    “library in the making” as well, but that piano really just kicks it up a notch!

  8. OMG! Your home is so lovely! You mint piano and woven pendant lights are amazing! I love all of your fall touches that match perfectly with your rustic style.

    Lace and Grace

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