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Easy DIY Wreath + Our Green Front Door

When we first moved in to Gray Gables I felt slightly overwhelmed about all the work there was going to be to do.  One of the first things I wanted to do (which I still haven’t!) is to give the entire front of the house a makeover- to replace the shutters and the yucky ivy pole and the front door….it was all very blahhhh.  Like this-

But I had limited time and limited money — the kitchen was sucking away all my resources!

So….I decided to paint the front door. But, as you all know, I have issues with picking colors.

I just knew no house of mine was going to have a plain white door 😉

At our last house the door was a bright cheery red.  I knew it would need to be different for this house because the brick itself is red and because I like to be crazy and change it up.  So, about 4 months ago, right before Halloween…

I decided to paint the front door green.

Like a bright crazy green.

It’s so green, in fact that my neighbor asked me if I had seen that “thing on Pinterest where people paint their door green and turn it into Frankenstine for Halloween” and was that what I was doing? That was an awkward conversation. 🙂

I liked it for a season. I felt super trendy that I had already totally called Emerald as “Color of the Year” way before Pantone. 

I think that season has ended and I will be changing it up soon…but at least it’s colorful! It just doesn’t go with the “vibe” of the rest of our house.  Now I’m imagining something rustic and soothing- maybe even wooden instead of color…we’ll see.  🙂

Regardless- I made a wreath the other day to help tone down the green-ness of the door. It was the easiest wreath I have ever made. You should make one too! 🙂


This wreath cost me $9 to make.  I picked up this foam wreath at Hobby Lobby- originally priced at $4.99 but I used a 40% off coupon (seriously- never buy anything full price at Hobby Lobby! They always have a great sale or coupon!)

Last year, I had made a similar wreath before using yarn and a foam pipe noodle (thanks to a Pinterest tip).  The foam noodle- while great in theory- never held it’s shape quite right and I regretted using it until I finally had to throw the whole thing away (after HOURS of wrapping yarn around it).  So do yourself a favor and splurge the extra $3 for a real foam wreath 😉

I didn’t have patience to do yarn again, and I wanted a more rustic look…so I thought of rope.  It’s totally affordable at around $5 from our Second Home (Home Depot).

Super simple…it took me about 40 minutes to wrap the rope around the wreath.  I put hot glue under every 3rd time it wrapped around just to hold it in place.

Sadly, I was short a few yards and had no more wreath on hand.  So I found this flower that had come with a safety pin on it (it went to a shirt) and clipped it into the foam.  Easy -peasy, done. I may go back and add more rope…I may not. For now I like the flower.

I love the neutral-ess of it. I decorated it for Valentine’s Day like so:

And I am thinking of all kinds of other fun ideas like green 4 leaf clovers for St Pattys, stars and streamers for 4th of July, etc.

Anyone have any super simple DIY projects they are into these days?


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