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51 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts To DIY This Mother’s Day

These DIY gift ideas are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts and are just what you need to show mom you care. If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas (we won’t tell), check out these ideas. (Psst- there’s 51 of them!)

Are you looking for something to give mom or grandma for Mother’s Day? Perhaps you would prefer to make your mom her very own Mother’s Day gift.

When I was growing up, my mom always loved it when I would make her a gift and my own little flair to it. Not that she didn’t love anything I bought for her but she just knew how much love and time I had put into her DIY gift.

I didn’t really understand the difference until I had my own baby but there is just something to be said about taking the time to create a gift that mom can cherish for many years to come!

This list of the best Mother’s Day gifts to DIY is just what you need to make this upcoming holiday perfect!

51 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will LOVE

Whether you are looking for a last-minute mother’s day gift or you need a mother’s day gift for your wife, this list has you covered. There are things on here that you can make in as little as an hour!

No-Sew Felt Flowers

These No-Sew Felt Flowers are so much fun to make. They make one of the most awesome last minute Mother’s day gift ideas. I want to use them as a centerpiece for the table when all is said and done.

DIY Rustic Frame

This Paper Rose Mother’s Day Rustic Frame is just what mom is hoping for in the homemade mothers day gifts department.

Her jaw is going to drop when she sees these up close!

Lavender Bath Salts

I am simply loving these Lavender Salt Baths lately! Now, tell me which mother wouldn’t be excited to see this gift on Mother’s Day?

DIY Photo Candles

Are you looking for more personal Mothers Day ideas? You’re going to love these DIY Photo Candles. Any mom would love what these candles represent!

Decorated Wicket Baskets

How fun are these wicker baskets? I LOVE THIS! Moms can use them as decoration or even for a lovely storage idea.

Candle Holder

This Chalk Paint Heart Candle Holder will make any mother squeal in delight. It’s such a fun way to show your mom you care.

DIY Sugar Scrub

This Easy DIY Sugar Scrub will get you excited about Mother’s Day! I don’t think Mother’s Day ideas has ever been so easy.

Floral Monogram Letter

You know you want to make this Blooming Monogram DIY for your mom. This is something she’ll keep on her decor shelf for many years to come!

Photo Vase

How cute is this Easy Mother’s Day Photo Vase Craft? Your mom is going to love her DIY Mother’s Day gifts this year!

Lace Earrings

I thought Simple To Make DIY Lace Earrings were fun and unique! Making these yourself will make you feel like a DIY genius.

Chocolate Bouquet

Who wants to be mom’s favorite with this Easy Chocolate Bouquet? You’ll be making DIY Mothers Day gifts allllll the time!

Monogrammed Coffee Mugs

Your mom is going to want these Gold Initial Mug Gifts for Mother’s Day. They’re classy and so beautiful, especially if they love to have plants in the house.

What a neat idea!

Mother’s Necklace

Still can’t think of a Mother’s Day gift for mom? She’s going to love this DIY Mother’s Necklace – it has everyone’s birthstones on it.

DIY mother's necklace for mother's day

Floral Chandelier

This DIY Flower Chandelier is what Mother’s day craft ideas are made of. Easy, fun, and gorgeous!

Dried Citrus Wreath

If you can make this Dried Citrus Wreath for your mom, she is going to love it.

I never saw a wreath made with dried citrus but know my mom would love to hang up something like this!

Coffee Sugar Scrub

Want to get mom something a little different for Mother’s Day this year? Try making her these Coffee Sugar Scrub Cubes! They will leave her skin feeling so soft and rejuvenated.

DIY Clay Bowls

When you need an ‘out of this world’ Mother’s Day idea, take a look at these DIY Stamped Clay Bowls.

You can make different sizes and different stamp designs to make each one a little different.

Jewelry Trays

I have always loved homemade Mother’s day gifts, but this one was definitely a favorite. Make these Gold Dipped Jewelry Trays and set them up in the bathroom so your mom doesn’t lose her jewelry anymore!

DIY Bath Bombs

I love how fun these easy DIY bath bombs are to make. You can change up the colors and even swap out the essential oils for some of your mom’s favorite scents.

Go ahead and give them a try!

Ring Dish

Does mom want a place to put her jewelry? Check out this Marbled Clay Ring Dish and make it for her!

Homemade Bracelet

Simplicity is best and this Yarn-Wrapped Bracelet is amazing! Any mother would be excited to wear this fun and brightly colored piece of jewelry.

DIY Ombre Bag

When mama loves her bags, she’s going to adore this Diy Dip-Eyed Ombre Bag. Doing DIY projects can be so much fun!

DIY Hair Pins

I just love the idea of these DIY Pearl Hair Pins. Mom can feel really special for her day!

Mom Necklace

Telling your mom that you adore her is easy with this Mom necklace. This necklace is so cute and the perfect Mother’s day craft idea.

Jewelry Storage

Where is mom going to store all of the beautiful jewelry you’ve made for her? In this DIY Jewelry Storage of course!

Mom’s Emergency Chocolate Stash

Sometimes mom needs a little help to get through the day, in the form of chocolate. Help her hide her stash in this Mom’s Emergency Stash!

I hope my kid makes me one of these!

Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar

How’s a mom to survive? With this Mommy Survival Kit In A Jar that you’ll make for her this Mother’s Day. She is going to LOVE it!

DIY String Art

How fun is this Wisconsin State String Art? Everyone in the family is going to love this Mother’s Day gift.

You can easily find the design of your home state and make a heart around your hometown.

DIY Eye Mask

Help mom relax with this Comforting Eye Mask made from scratch! She will want to relax all the time now.

Rose Milk Bath Bomb

You can extend the life of mom’s relaxation time by gifting her this awesome Rose Milk Bath Bomb. This bath bomb looks and smells so good!

Definitely going to need to make one of those.

Lavender Milk Bath

If you’ve never gifted mom this Homemade Lavender Milk Bath, then she hasn’t lived. This is a great DIY gift for a self-care or spa gift basket.

Photo Printable

Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift & Free Printable? Grab this one to gift to mom and a couple of pictures that are sure to make her happy.

Lavender Lemon Soap

If your mom is the soap loving kind, gift her this Lavender Lemon Soap. She is sure to love it! Make a couple so she can add them to each of her bathrooms in her home.

DIY Serving Tray

Make mom her favorite breakfast in bed and serve it on this DIY wooden serving tray! All you need are 5 simple materials to make this beautiful and stylish tray for her to use in her home.

Easy large diy tray! Less than an hour and less than $20 for a massive tray. Love!

Homemade Clutch

Now, this Polka Dot Fold Over Clutch Tutorial is a fun idea for Mother’s Day! The pattern of this clutch is on point but you could easily swap it out for something your mom would really like.

Custom Keychains

Funny enough, my mother (and I) love keychains. So when I saw this tutorial for DIY Custom Keychains, I knew I had to try to make them.

They’re so easy to make and mom will LOVE them!

Recipe Holder

When mom needs a great place to store her recipes as she cooks, make this Wooden Recipe Holder for her to keep in her kitchen.

Personalized Soap

Let’s just talk about this amazing idea to make personalized soaps. I mean, you can’t go wrong making this for mom as a DIY gift.

You can have the little cards say “Happy Mother’s Day!” and the year so she can keep it as a keepsake and memento.

Color-Blocked Utensils

Everyone needs to do something fun for mom this Mother’s Day.

I think these DIY Easy Color Blocked Utensils will do the trick. I actually made these for my mom one year and she STILL has them!

This is one of those homemade Mothers day gifts she’ll never forget.

Paper Flower Bouquet

Does your mom love flowers? Give her the gift of these Sewing Pattern Flowers so she can use them to decorate her home.

Beaded Candle Hodlers and Vase

Is your mom really into one of a kind pieces when it comes to home decor? This DIY Beaded Candle Holders And Vase might be the gift for her!

This gift is one of those perfect last-minute Mother’s day gift ideas.

Essential Oil Candles

I love the idea of this Easy DIY Essential Oil Candles for a Mother’s day craft idea.

I make them for myself all the time and she always comments on how good they smell when she visits. I know for a fact moms will adore this candle gift!

Mother’s Day Vase

Mom can display her Mother’s Day flowers with the help of this DIY Watering Can Vase!

Cute Wooden Flower Bouquet

This Wooden Flower Bouquet is perfect for any mom. She will love how great it looks and the thought behind it.

Refrigerator Magnets

How fun are these Refrigerator Magnets? Growing up, my om had our fridge COVERED in magnets and I just thought this idea was so fun!

This is one of the best Mother’s Day ideas I have ever seen so far!

One-Hour Tote Bag

This One Hour Tote is something that every mom needs in her life. If you’re looking for one of those homemade Mother’s day gifts, this is it!

Custom Journals

Mom needs to feel special this Mother’s Day, which is why creating these Custom Journals for her is such a good idea.

These can be upcycled from old books. I would even go as far as picking some of her favorites to make it extra special!

Mason Jar Gift

Do you know a new mom? Perhaps this Mason Jar Gift For A New Mom will make this holiday one to remember.

Mother’s Day is about celebrating moms, young and old alike!

Cupcake Bouquet

Are you wondering How To Make A Cupcake Bouquet to gift your mom? Look at this one!

This is truly one of my favorite last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas. It doesn’t take a whole lot of supplies, but it’s super fun to make and oh-so-beautiful.

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Don’t Forget the Cards

Need a card to go with your gift? Here are over 45 options for free printable mother’s day cards! We’ll even give you phrases to write in them. 😉 

Last minute gift ideas for mothers day
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