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No Playroom? No Problem! 10 Toy Storage Ideas For Any Space

Need toy storage ideas for any space? You’ve come to the right place. I have 10 creative toy storage ideas for when you don’t have the luxury of a playroom. Bonus– they’re all gorgeous!

Toy storage is no joke. When kids don’t have a playroom to spread out in, their things tend to collect, well… everywhere!

I’m not fussy about keeping “kid stuff” and “adult stuff” separate from each other – we all live in the same house, so it should look like it! But toy clutter tends to add up and overwhelm any space!

In order to keep my living space from looking like a war zone, I needed to come up with some creative storage solutions.

Catch-all bins (all though fabulous) simply don’t measure up when it comes to toy organization, so we need to use some imagination!

Toy storage goes beyond the proverbial playroom! Not all of us are lucky enough to have the space. And even if we do, we all know play happens everywhere!

Why banish toys to a single room when they’re going to be enjoyed all around the house?

So, I’ve compiled 15 toy storage ideas for any room that range from innovative and creative to totally practical. Plus, many of them are kid-friendly, so everyone can have a part in cleaning up and keeping the house organized.

Use these toy storage ideas to make the most of your space and find practical solutions for your organizing woes.  

What Types of Toy Storage Ideas Should I Try? 

In general terms, there are two kinds of storage – hidden and open.

Hidden toy storage is out of sight, tucked into closets and closed-lid containers. They may be labeled to indicate their contents, but typically, you won’t see their contents outright.

Open toy storage is much more visual. This can look like open shelving, a big wicker basket, or several open bins. 

So what toy storage ideas are best for you? It depends on which one helps you and your kids feel most organized!

Some of us are very visual thinkers; we need to see something to know it’s there! Others feel much calmer (and organized) when everything is tucked away in its proper place. 

Beyond the two types of storage, you’ll also need to decide whether it’s easier for you and your kids to macro or micro organize!

Macro vs. Micro Organization

Micro organizers are super detail-oriented and will find comfort in finding a specific place or “home” for their objects. This can look like very specific labels for particular toys in bins, etc.

This system, however, would stress macro organizers out like crazy! It could lead to additional stress and quickly turn their storage solution into a storage issue!

Macro organizers can benefit from catch-all bins, trays, and compartments. This way, they are incentivized to pick up and organize without any added pressure. 

In your household, individual members will probably not all organize the same way! So, combine and experiment with open and closed systems and macro and micro organizing to find the perfect fit for your family.

You aren’t confined to only one way of organizing; mix and match to your heart’s desire!

Toy Storage Ideas for Any Room 

Looking for versatile storage for any space? These are the ideas for you! Use them in a living room, mudroom, or more!

Cube Storage 

Cube storage is the perfect “throw and go” storage option. They fit easily into square shelving units like this cube storage organizer, so all of your clutter is out of sight!

Best of all, they add a beautiful design element to the room. 

cube shelving with white fabric bins inside
via Caitlin Marie Design

Decorative Baskets

These baskets are so sweet that their storage abilities are almost an afterthought! Try these lidded decorative baskets for beautiful appeal and super easy toy storage.

These bins are also kid-friendly as it’s as simple as throwing the toys in!

living room toy storage in wicker baskets
via Jar of Lemons

Rolling Cart

Storage on the go is a win-win! This is one of those toy storage ideas that works wherever you need it to.

Try a rolling cart for transportable storage that lives with you (can you say perfect storage solution?).

rolling cart for creative toy storage ideas
via TidBits-Cami

Toy Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is the perfect way to get innovative with toy storage. It’s a high-use gathering space that has ample opportunities for storage.

Try these fun and functional toy storage ideas and see for yourself!

Storage Ottoman 

Storage and bonus seating? Count me in! This storage ottoman is a super sneaky toy storage idea.

It’s a perfect choice for your living room or any space!

storage ottoman with lots of toys inside
via A Clean Bee

Under Your Coffee Table

Looking for a bit of extra storage? Look down! Take advantage of the liminal space underneath your coffee table for some extra toy storage.

Slip toys into matching baskets under a coffee table like this (the baskets are included!).

under the coffee table toy storage ideas
via Shades of Blue Interiors

Media Cabinet 

When it comes to micro organizing, the media cabinet is the MVP! Choose a media unit with tons of built-in storage to give you that organizational edge. 

board games stored in the shelves of a media cabinet
via Honey We’re Home

Toy Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom 

Bedrooms are filled with secret storage spaces you might not think about! They provide excellent hidden storage that is easily accessible and totally beautiful!


Closets are for more than just clothes! Take advantage of the shelving by adding versatile storage bins. These wire bins are easy to tuck away and can be labeled for accessibility!

Plus, check out these cute vinyl labels to personalize your storage. 

wire and clear bins for toy storage ideas and organization
via Life by Leanna

Underbed Storage 

There’s a lot of under-bed space just existing! Take advantage of this hidden location by adding slidable bins. These can be open bins or lidded bins, depending on your preference.

These mesh storage baskets can store a ton, and you won’t even know they’re there!

mesh baskets for under the bed toy storage ideas
via Timber and Lace

Clear Stacking Bins

These bins are so versatile they can work almost anywhere in your room! Whether tucked into a closet or stacked in a shelving unit, they offer the perfect toy storage.

Their clear exterior removes the guesswork of what is inside, and their stackable nature makes everything look neat and organized. You’re going to want to put these clear stacking bins in every room!

stacked clear bins with blocks and other colorful toys inside
via Mamma Bear Says

Wall Mounted Storage 

When looking for toy storage ideas, we take every space into account. Wall space isn’t exempt! Try a fun wall-mounted storage organizer to store toys, books, crafts, and more!

I love this wall organizer because it adds visual appeal beyond its function.

wall mounted organizer for toys
via Crate and Barrel

Final Thoughts on Toy Storage Ideas

I hope you find this list helpful in taking your toy storage to new heights! I love these solutions because they make it possible to find storage space, even when you may be lacking room.

They also encourage a family effort to keep your space decluttered and organized by offering kid-friendly tidying opportunities and systems that can work for any kind of organizer. 

Remember – organizational systems should work for you, not against you! Choose the storage solutions that make you feel most organized and that you and your kids can keep up with together!

Let me know what kind of organizer you are and which toy storage ideas you want to give a try. 

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