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Genius Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

These are the most clever bathroom storage products and ideas that you need in your life. They’ll fit in any size room!

I don’t know about you, but my bathroom is one of the places I have the hardest times keeping organized! How do you keep your bathroom organized? After our bathroom remodel, I decided to keep it organized for good! That’s what inspired me to find the best bathroom storage ideas I could.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

These bathroom storage ideas are genius. As I organized my hall bathroom, I discovered some tips and tricks that I just had to pass along to you, too.

First, I’m going to share the 3 most important bathroom storage ideas that transformed my rooms – I know they’ll do the same thing for you too.

Then, I’ll share what I think are the must-have bathroom organizational tools. These products will give you more space and help you keep everything where it belongs.

1. Only Keep What You Need

Before you even start putting things away, the very first thing you should do is throw out or give away as much as you can! It’s so much easier to find storage space when you’re only organizing the items you actually use.

Go through all of your drawers and shelves, one at a time. Make piles – keep, give away, and throw away.

Throw out anything that is expired, outdated, or broken. You also don’t want to give away anything that was opened or used. That half-used bag of bath salts that you hate the smell of? Trash it.

When you finally have a small pile of things you’re going to keep, begin to sort them by type. This is how you’ll decide the size of the baskets you’ll need to organize everything you own.

2. Store Things On the Wall

One of the most underused places to store items is hanging them on your walls. There are so many smart hacks that hang-up storage containers on the walls. It can double as decor too if you do it right.

What can you store on the wall?

Hang up a shelf and store your hair dryer and curling iron up off your countertop.

Another idea is to attach mason jars to the wall and store everything from toothbrushes to cotton balls and hairbrushes in them.

You can also hang up jewelry and even nail polish on the wall. There are tons of great ideas out there. Get creative.

3. Get the Most Out Of the Space Under Your Sink

With just a few essential products, you can transform the area under your bathroom sink into a useful space! This is the one spot that I always had the hardest time organizing. It became a black sinkhole, where things disappeared, never to be seen again.

Find a way to double the storage space here with some drawers or shelves. Don’t forget to store things in tubs, baskets, or drawers when you do this.

It’s not enough to just place things in double layers under the sink. You still need to be able to quickly pull out the drawer or basket and find exactly what you need without searching.

4. Label Things

Labeling things has lots of benefits. It looks so chic and beautiful. It also helps other people in your house know exactly where things go.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy labels, either. You can handwrite labels so easily. The important thing is that you label baskets so they are easier to keep organized.

Bathroom Storage Products

Now that you have some bathroom storage ideas you can use, let’s look at the products that I think are a MUST for an organized bathroom. Seriously, these are all amazing! I think you’ll agree – they’ll give you tons more space!

1. Slim Linen Cabinet

Every single bathroom needs a linen cabinet like this one. It is perfect for even small bathrooms. You can put all sorts of things in it – store medicine, beauty products, and even towels and soaps.

I love that it has both shelves and cabinet doors on it. It’s beautiful and will fit into any decor theme.

2. Bathroom Organizer Bin

Next, every single person needs a plastic, canvas, or woven basket. Basically, you need a basket of some sort. I personally love the look of several of the same baskets all in a row, with their own labels.

These would look perfect in the linen cabinet mentioned earlier. Or, you can set up some floating shelves and store items like your nail polish or extra washcloths in them.

Buy the organizer at Target.

3. Short Storage Basket

These baskets have a beautiful woven design and are shallower than the baskets above. These are ideal for storing things like extra soaps and bath products in them.

Since they are a bit shorter, I can see these fitting under the sink really well.

Buy the short storage basket online.

4. Under The Sink Slide-Out Drawers

These drawers are game-changing! I love how they work. You finally don’t have to pull everything out just to find something that got pushed to the darkest corner of the cabinet. The drawers just pull out. It’s so easy!

You can store all sorts of things in them. Since they are wire mesh, they are also super easy to clean as well.

Buy the under the sink drawers online.

5. Bath Storage Cart

Rolling carts are excellent in really small spaces like apartment bathrooms. You can roll them from room to room. Imagine storing your shower and bath supplies in them and then just rolling it out when you’re done.

I also really like that there are three shelves on it. This triples the amount of storage space!

Buy the storage cart online.

6. Clear Organizing Drawers

One of my favorite interior design tricks is to use clear or see-through items to make the space feel larger. That’s what these do. It bounces the light off of them and helps your counter not feel too crowded.

Buy the clear organizing drawers at Bed Bath and Beyond.

7. Personalized Glass Storage Jars

Avoid having to make your own labels and just order the jars with the labels already printed on them. As a font-fan, I can’t stop raving about how cute these are!

Plus, you can personalize them with your name. How lovely is that?

Decorate with personalized glass storage jars.

8. Towel Racks

Finally, every single bathroom needs towel racks. You can store so many things on them. Think beyond just hanging up towels.

Hang baskets from your towel bars and store things like essential oils or makeup in them. You can even decorate your bathroom by hanging plants from them.

Install towel racks in your bathroom.

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Final Thoughts

When it’s time to organize your bathroom, keep in mind that your goal is both to create a beautiful room but also to give everything you own a home.

I hope these bathroom storage ideas gave you some inspiration. It’s so fun to create an inspiring place where we can go to relax (and escape!).

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