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Patio Floor Ideas for Spring and Summer

Let’s talk patio flooring ideas…Creating your own little oasis in your backyard is one of life’s greatest pleasures. At the end of the day, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy some fresh air in a little space that’s all your own.

Having a patio area in your backyard makes it easier to put outdoor furniture down, creates a little space for grilling, and lets you get creative with the paving you want. There are so many different patio floor ideas out there, and it can be hard to know what to choose!

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular and practical patio floor ideas, so you can work out which option suits you and your home best.

Stone Patio Ideas

Stone patio flooring  with beige outdoor patio set.
via Rachel Parcell

Creating a stone patio is the ultimate classy patio choice. Smooth stone slabs are timeless and durable, so you won’t need to replace them anytime soon. You can use the stone to elevate part of your patio so that you can create levels and decking areas within your outdoor space.

It’s an incredibly versatile material that you can buy in various shapes. Many DIY stores will even offer custom cut stones, so you can really let your imagination run wild.

One consideration to bear in mind with stone is that it is a tough and unforgiving surface. If you’re likely to have little children running around, they may well slip and hurt themselves on such a solid surface.

Of course, within the world of stone, there are dozens of types of stone to choose from. The most popular ones for stone patios are:

  • Travertine: This stone comes in a whole range of colors, from bright ivory to warm brown. A honed or tumbled finish is nice as it’s non-slip and safe for people to run on even when wet. Also, travertine stays cool even in the sun, so no worries of burned feet in the summer!
  • Limestone: Perfect for a more neutral color scheme, limestone comes in shades of beige, brown, and pink. It’s quite a common stone, so you’ll likely be able to find it for a good price.
  • Slate: Coming in a range of darker colors such as blueish grey and inky black, slate is a heavy, durable stone that most often comes in slabs. It’s quite a dramatic look, so you might want to pair it with softer colors and fabrics to tone it down.
  • Sandstone: If you want to create a uniform stony look with little distinction between slabs or blocks, sandstone is a great choice. With neutral colors, sandstone has a uniform grain and color when it comes from the same place, so you can usually get a smooth look when placing sandstone slabs.
  • Pea Gravel: The ultimate budget-friendly choice, pea gravel is named for its tiny round pebbles. Pour the loose stones into whatever shape or area you want to create a pebbly patio or accent shapes within other stony areas.

Concrete Patio Ideas

Concrete patio flooring with boho patio furniture and a patio covering.
via Almost Makes Perfect

If you’re the kind of person who loves to put their own mark on things, then look no further than good old-fashioned concrete. It’s probably the most commonly-used patio material, but that’s only because it’s so versatile. It’s practically a blank canvas waiting for you to get creative.

What’s more, concrete is just as durable as stone while being relatively inexpensive at the same time. If you’re good with DIY, you can likely even do it yourself. With the right casts and molds, you can create some attractive designs with something as simple as concrete quite easily, allowing it to curve and form complex shapes that stone can’t match.

Pro Tip: As the concrete is drying, run a stiff broom over the top to add some texture and grip to the surface, making it less likely to be slippery when wet.

Once you’ve got a smooth surface that you’re happy with, it’s time to let the creative juices flow. I brightened up my own concrete patio by painting a white rug over the top of it. I absolutely love how fresh and clean it turned out!

Of course, that was just my idea. Concrete is relatively easy to paint, so you can really go wild! Paint patterns onto your patio, encourage kids to leave painted handprints, or simply paint it all with your favorite color. The sky is really the limit!

Concrete can also act as a great base to put other flooring options on top, so if you think you might want to change your design down the line, it might be a smart foundation to start with. Later, you can place down wooden planks to create a deck, add stone slabs or gravel, and really do as you please with such a flexible foundation like concrete.

Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

Large outdoor carpet patio flooring with patio furniture set under trees and string lights.
via Jenna Sue Design Blog

If you love the low maintenance and budget-friendly concrete costs and want something with a little more character, then stamped concrete is the perfect compromise. Concrete can be stamped to look like a range of other surfaces, including brick, tile, and wood, or stamped with a fun pattern to mix up your outdoor space.

Some patio floor ideas look great but are hard to maintain. For example, wood flooring looks great, but it needs some level of maintenance such as protecting it from water and mold. Stamped concrete is still easy to look after, so it’s a great way to get a more textured look without the extra effort.

Some popular prints to stamp into your concrete are fronded leaves, flowers, and waves. You can pick a pattern to stamp all across your patio or have a few stamps on certain areas for a more subtle look.

For stamped concrete, you’ll likely need to hire a professional to make sure you get clean lines. It can be difficult to remove a mark in concrete once it’s done, so don’t attempt a DIY job unless you’re confident you can get it right!

Flagstone Patio Ideas

Flagstone Patio floor leading to grass.
via Merry Pad

If you’ve always been someone more interested in classic and timeless looks, then flagstone might be the material you’ve been looking for. It’s been used for outdoor spaces for decades, offering an antique feel to your backyard.

Flagstone paving comes in large flat rocks, often made from sandstone, limestone, or slate. You can mix and match colors to create dynamic patterns in your patio, or keep it uniform for a smooth look. You can also play with the color of your joint material in between each stone to bring out more warm or cool tones, depending on your style.

Flagstone is super easy to look after, as it just needs to be swept clear of debris every now and then. Once or twice a year, you could jet wash your patio to get rid of any grime and dust that builds up, but otherwise, there’s very little maintenance involved.

Paver Patio Ideas

Light grey paver patio flooring with patio furniture and table and grill.
via Room for Tuesday

Now, I may be biased on this one as I gave my own patio a paved makeover, but it’s just such a versatile and attractive choice. You can make something really attractive out of the most basic concrete slabs, surrounding them with gravel for a textured look, or using paving stones in fun, abstract shapes.

You can use paving stones to direct the eye towards whatever you like, as well. Have you got a grill area that you’d like to draw people’s attention to? Perhaps a flowerbed or vegetable garden that’s a real centerpiece for your garden? Place paving slabs in concentric circles to draw people’s eyes to that feature, or create a wandering path towards your favorite area.

If you want something a little more high-end than concrete slabs, you can also buy slabs of stone to elevate your patio. Mix and match different colors and types of stone to add extra spice to your patio floor, or section off different areas of your patio with the different stone options. Using more cool-toned colors in a relaxation area can have a noticeable effect on the atmosphere, along with using warmer-toned colors near a pool or another active location.

Wood Patio

Wood patio flooring with wood patio cover with sting lights and furniture set.
via Livvy Land

If you want a more natural feel to your patio, then wood is an excellent option. It’s also softer and more forgiving than concrete or stone, so it’s a great choice if you’ve got young children running around outside.

It’s important to realize that wood does have more maintenance than stone. Certain types of wood will need treatments to remain waterproof, and you’ll need to stay vigilant for signs of mold or rot, especially in the fall and spring.

Even though it’s slightly higher maintenance, it’s also pretty versatile so you can really put your own stamp on it. You can find any number of different shades of brown, from blackish oaks to white-brown birch wood. Plus, wood is just as easy to paint as concrete, so you can still get creative if you want.

Wooden planks are great for a simple look, but you also don’t need to be restricted. You can arrange wooden cubes and circles to create a deck with stunning patterns made to your exact specifications.

What Is The Best Flooring For a Patio?

Ultimately, all of those patio floor ideas can work for anyone; it depends largely on how you want your patio to feel. Are you looking for a classy look that will last through any weather? Flagstone or paving is going to be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you want a more versatile surface, then concrete is the perfect base to get creative with. Wood decking is the most natural option, so if you have a lot of plants and grassy areas, it fits well with a more organic backyard atmosphere.

You need your outdoor space to work for you, so hopefully these tips will help you find the perfect surface to bring your patio floor ideas to life!


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