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How to Paint Concrete—a Patio Makeover

This is an easy way to do a porch makeover. Painting concrete is a fast, cheap way to update any concrete porch!

Since we’ve been remodeling for over two years now (can you guys believe it?!?), the inside of our house has improved significantly. The outside, however, is a slightly different story. Yes, we’ve added some improvements to the back yard, but our front yard has been put on the back burner. Sorry neighbors. Well, no longer! The front yard is up on our “to do” list, and I am SUPER excited about how everything is turning out!

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I have always dreamt of a house with a wide, wrap-around front porch. This house doesn’t have it. Boo! But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get creative with the space I do have. For years I have been looking for an outdoor rug that will fit the narrow front porch we have, and have had no luck. Recently it dawned on me—why not paint a rug on the porch? After doing some research to verify (1) yes, painted rugs are a thing and (2) yes, my husband was on board, I wasted no time getting a plan together.

One of the things I learned while researching about painting concrete is that you have to have a super clean surface to start. A lot of people even went as far as recommending using acid to wash the surface. Yikes. That was a little hardcore for me!

Luckily for me however, I was given the opportunity to partner with Proctor & Gamble to try out their new product, Tide Oxi. I knew Tide was awesome in the laundry room, but I was unsure if it would excel in concrete-cleaning abilities. I decided to give it a shot, however, before turning to acid. Luckily for me, Tide Oxi did not disappoint and no acid was needed, yay!

Supplies Needed

The first thing we did when we got home was to remove the old furniture off the porch. I was SO happy to get rid of all the ugly brown, but you all are going to be grossed out when you see what was hiding underneath all of it. Look how nasty our porch was!

how to paint concrete_0001 how to paint concrete_0002
how to paint concrete_0004

The next thing we did was use a push broom to sweep off all the dirt, leaves and debris we could from our porch. We then mixed the Tide Oxi into warm water. I used a full scoop since our porch was so dirty. I’ve gotten to work with a lot of cleaning agents and products over the years, and I promise you guys—this was the best smelling one! Both Scott and I were joking that our porch was going to smell like fresh laundry.

how to paint concrete_0005 how to paint concrete_0006 how to paint concrete_0007 how to paint concrete_0008 how to paint concrete_0009

After we had our solution mixed, we worked in small areas at a time. Scott would pour some of the solution onto the porch, and we both used these scrubbing brushes to scrub the stains and dirt off.

how to paint concrete_0010 how to paint concrete_0011

Check out this brush—yikes!

how to paint concrete_0012 how to paint concrete_0013 how to paint concrete_0014

The directions on the box clearly say to keep away from plants, so we were very careful to not allow any run off into the garden. We would continually use the broom to push all the water down the stairs rather than let it drip into the garden.

how to paint concrete_0015

It took us about 30 minutes to scrub down the entire porch. Before we could start painting, we had to wait for the concrete to dry completely. In the Texas summer heat, that took about 4-5 hours. Check out how much better things were looking already!

how to paint concrete_0016 how to paint concrete_0017

Here’s a before/after shot so you don’t have to scroll back up to compare. 🙂

how to paint concrete_0018


(click above, here’s a sneak peek for you!)


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  1. This is the cutest thing!! And you are a great artist, whatever! I have been looking for Tide Oxi since I saw the commercial with Jonathan from property brothers but Kroger is always out. I should try Home Depot! Can’t wait to see the shutters.

  2. Oh my goodness! this is SO NEAT! Probably one of the coolest projects I’ve seen yet! Love the rug idea, super clever and the arrangement at the end looks amazing. You truly have a way with styling and putting things together. Love it! Always a treat to come back here and be surprised and inspired by the projects you take on 🙂 thanks for sharing!!!

  3. What a great idea! I can’t get over how different your porch looks—so clean and cute. When can you come do this to my porch? 🙂

  4. I love it! You are so creative and, of course, extremely talented. I would never think of painting a rug on concrete but it’s an awesome DIY. LOVE the fringe! Makes it a complete rug ~ 🙂

    Have you used the Tide Oxi on anything else? I haven’t heard of it so just wondering. Love the chairs too ~ do you mind sharing where you found them? I have a small balcony and need a couple of chairs.


  5. Yes!!! I LOVE this fringe rug! So creative and of course you’d think of it without knowing it’s an existing thing! So innovative. 🙂 Love the hand-painted fringe. Now the set-up matches the rest of your house! 🙂

  6. ooo yay! i would use an ipad mini for some reading / entertainment for my future middle-of-the-night feedings. 🙂 🙂

  7. This is amazing! I was just wondering if you sealed it in any way before putting furniture on it. If so, what kind did you use and if not, how has the painting held up?

    1. I was wondering the same thing~ does the paint come off or scratch if the funiture is moved or scrapes against it? I love the rug….beautiful job!

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  9. The beauty of concrete is that it can be restored and made into something new over and over again. Your patio “rug” looks amazing – and the cleaning did wonders too. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Gosh, I have the same brick as your house does. I bought the house that was just down the country road from mine (my house burned 6 years ago) along with 38 acres, a big red barn and lots of timber. I now have 5 horses, two pot bellie pigs, 40 chickens, 4 guinea’s, a rabbit and a goat….hehehe, and I love them all and they love me. OH YES now have a little cat that took up at my place and at some point she lost half her right leg, looks like maybe she had gotten caught in a trap or something but it is completely healed and nicely. Being she is hand-capped my little Grands named her Handy…SWEET HUH? Anyway back to the house and porch. I have a front porch about like yours with the door offset on the porch. I LOVE your rug and now I know just what to do with my little porch…Thanks for sharing…Lots-o-Love…Becca from South Alabama….:)

  11. Hi Tania, you’ve inspired me to try this on my porch. Can you tell me what width tape you used to mark off your stripes and the width of the painted stripe you all marked off? Thanks for the great tutorial! Beautiful job!


  12. What a cute update! We once had an outdoor rug, but it ended up being disastrous for our deck. The Husband won’t let me get any more now. I’ve been thinking that a painted rug would be a fun alternative. Thanks for the tutorial…I agree that the fringe makes the whole rug look complete!

  13. I painted rugson my concrete basement floors then used sealer they have held up well for 3 years but a creamy white rug background was not agood choice for under my offic e chair as the wheels make it look dirty my 3 background rugs with stenciled flowers have held up well including the 2 not sealed in my laundry room I used acrylic paint for the stencils on top of concrete paint for the backgrounds
    I had trouble getting tape to stick on my concrete when i went for a checkerboard look but it worked well for stripes for borders

  14. Wow, had I nt seen your step by step DIY making of your rug, I would have thought that was a removable rug. One you laid there. In other words, you and your husband rocked with, yet another beautiful DIY .

  15. I love the rug idea and the fringe was a great added touch. Love the door color and the chairs! A window box under the window would be a great addition to your porch!

  16. I’m a little late coming to this party, but I love this! Did you put any sealant on it to prevent weather and muddy shoes from messing up your artwork?

  17. The amount of pop ups on one page is extremely off putting. You might have good tips that I would revisit your page for but based on just the one annoying experience I wouldn’t be back. May be beneficial to decrease the pop ups in order to increase your foot traffic. Just a thought.

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