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Living Room Decorating Ideas: Easy DIY Flower Wall Decor

DIY flower walls are all the rage right now—for good reason. Can you think of anything better than a huge wall completely covered in pretty florals? ? Usually, flower wall decor always shows up in events or weddings, but why not add a diy flower wall right into your living room for a perpetual party? 🙂 The good news is you totally can! The even better news? It’s not only affordable, but it’s also one of the easiest living room wall decor ideas of all time and space.  

Living room wall decor ideas - flower wall decor with paper flowers from hobby lobby

Anyone else have a wall in your living room that’s just blank and practically begging for something super special to go there? It could be that weird blank wall above the couch that you swear you are going to add your perfect family photos too (you will take them this year, dangitall) or maybe your fireplace decor is lacking? Me too, girlfriend! 

We have this amazing mint painted piano in our living room, and since it is such a statement piece, I couldn’t think of anything that would look good enough on the wall above it. I wanted to do something really special and fun and was waiting for inspiration to strike me. 

Spoiler alert, it did…thanks to Instagram!  

also, please note the super cute, empty frames on the piano. i will get them filled, i will, i will…!

Mint painted piano with a white wall

Imagine my delight when I was scrolling Instagram and came across this beautiful image from one of my favorite accounts. She had solved my dilemma perfectly, by using foam flowers from Hobby Lobby! Her display was for church, but I was going to bring it right to my living room walls! I literally saw her post, dropped Lily in Scott’s lap and zoomed over to Hobby Lobby. See ya!

How did I take them from random foam flowers to a statement flower wall? Easy. 

stacks of white foam flowers

How to make a flower wall 

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Making a DIY flower wall can be as involved or as basic as you’d like. Simply take the faux flower of your choice (see more below) and stick them up using something that won’t damage your walls command strips. This is actually a project that’s perfect as decor for renters or homeowners alike!

Flower walls look best when they flowers are tight and don’t have a lot of gaps, so buy more than you think you need—I bought twice as much, planning on returning some, and used every single one. You can keep layering on and adding more flowers to fill up an entire wall, or just do a few, depending on your space, budget, and purpose. Easy! 🙂

Where to buy flower wall decor to make a flower wall

Before you make your diy flower wall, you need two supplies – flowers and adhesive of some kind. I prefer paper or foam flower wall decor pieces becasuse they are so light, making them easier to adhere to the wall! 

Hobby Lobby

For this DIY flower wall, I purchased these foam flowers from the Hobby Lobby wall decor section. They come in white and bright hot pink in store (at least in mine) but they have a different shade of pink and a navy blue online. They also have some paper flowers, but I found those to be almost twice the price so foam it was! Whether you go with Hobby Lobby paper flowers or the foam flowers – you should find them in the nursery decor section —you know, with all the cute baby signs and things. If you don’t see the paper ones there, try the seasonal decor aisles as well.

How much does it cost to do a DIY floral wall with faux flowers?

Price-wise, the foam flower pieces range in price from $3 for the tiny ones to $10 for the big ones. If you keep an eye on them, they will go on sale for 40-50% off at some point in any given 6 week period, so hang in there and wait if you can! Or, of course, use a 40% off coupon to get a discount on one of them at least if you can’t wait for the sale (I understand!). I financed my entire flower wall decor project for under $100! 


If you are wondering where you can buy some paper flowers, try these paper flowers from Amazon. Make sure you pay attention to the size. Some good options are:

DIY flowers

Of course, you don’t have to buy anything – you could just make pieces for your DIY flower wall! Here are some super cute, easy tutorials to make your own flowers:

How to attach your flowers to the wall

Now that you have your flowers, it’s time to attach them! To attach the flowers to the wall, I used one of my favorite products, Scotch Command Strips. I like using them because they stick well to surfaces but are totally easy to remove without any wall damage. You could also use thumbtacks or regular tape, but your wall may occur some damage. 

white foam flowers with strips of command tape on the back

I went the command strip route. I started by hanging the first flower in the top left corner, then added flowers around it. I knew I wanted the larger flowers clumped in the corners with smaller ones in between.

white foam flower hung above a mint piano 3 white flower wall decor


Once I hung my first flower, I built out the design from there—I made a gif to show you how (it took me foreva to figure out how to make and embed this gif so please watch it a few times, k?)


Animated gif of flower wall with white flowers

This project took me about 2 hours to complete, but that was with entertaining a baby at the same time…so it’d probably take a normal, non-preoccupied human like 30-45 minutes to complete. 😉

Mint piano with white flower wall decor hung above

I also added leaves for a bit more depth. I am not sure the exact name of these, but I love the texture. I snipped each one off the branch (you need to use wire-cutting pliers to cut the metal—regular scissors won’t work!) attached them with Scotch poster tape since I had it on hand. I mostly just used the tape for re-inforcement—the leaves were tucked into each flower and the petals are what really held them.

pink scissors cutting a faux greenery stem White foam flowers with leaves hung White foam flowers with leaves hung as living room decorating idea

Isn’t this one of the best living room wall decor ideas? So cute and fun—and totally unexpected! I love how this flower wall decor fits the fun vibe with the piano and is completely customizable for any space! This project would also work really well for a nursery, baby shower, birthday party orrr…a wedding shower like I used it for!

White diy flower wall decor hanging on a living room wall above a mint piano.

All I did for the wedding shower was add a cute banner (I got this one from Amazon) and the living room was bridal shower ready. Woo! Easiest wedding shower decor ever!

living room decorating idea - wall full of flowers

One of the living room wall decor ideas...DIY flower wall with a bridal shower banner underneath

What do you think? Would you use flowers as one of your living room wall decor ideas? 

Like this project? Pin it! Here are two options for you! 🙂

Living room wall decor ideas - flower wall decor with paper flowers from hobby lobby


wedding shower decor ideas diy flower wall as living room wall decor

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  1. This is so gorgeous!! I love it! such a fun and creative idea.
    I especially love the process gifs as you put them up!!

  2. Such a lovely idea. I will definitely try to make this flower wall decor. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I have recently Updated my living room. I placed Himalayan salt lamps in the room. These lamps give off very beautiful and make the whole decor so attractive.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for the info on how you put them on the wall, I have been looking for weeks to find out how to do this, going to do this in my bedroom in my new house.

  4. What a sweet concept. I’m going to attempt to make this floral wall decor. I appreciate you sharing this article with us. This floral wall décor is incredibly simple and lovely. Regards for spreading it.

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