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Hall Bathroom Makeover

It’s been bathroom city around here lately! After we finished the huge master bath remodel, we decided to tackle a hall bath makeover while we were in bathroom mode. 🙂 Since our hall bath served as our main (and only!) bathroom for the last year or so, it was definitely time to give it some love! Check it out!

budget bathroom makeover_0001

If you all remember, our hall bath looked pretty different before. Here’s a  few refresher photos:

diy-wall-planking-6-of-7bathroom before

As you can see, the before was really…purple. LOL. And dark. As soon as I finished painting the room, I knew the color was a huge mistake. I tried to live with it for awhile since I had always wanted a purple bathroom as a kid, but my tastes have changed and that’s okay.

So item number one was to fix the color problem, which was pretty easy. We painted over the purple with my favorite white, Alabaster White from Sherwin-Williams. It’s the same white we painted our master bedroom and my studio! That on it’s own made a HUGE difference! WAY better!

budget bathroom makeover_0002

In the photo above you’ll also notice we replaced the vanity. Previously we had a wood dresser that I had converted into a bathroom vanity. It looked awesome but it functioned terribly! The wood was always chipping and flaking off and it was really hard to clean. I finally gave up and switched it out for an Ikea vanity that was in a pretty white with lots of counter space! We also added new bathroom fixtures—matching the ones that we put in the master bath. Yay!

budget bathroom makeover_0003

It’s amazing how for under $500 and a weekend of work a space can be completely transformed. Just for kicks, here’s the before-before, the before and the after. 🙂


budget bathroom makeover_0004

What do you guys think? I just love how fresh and pretty and clean everything looks! 🙂 Now both us and our guests have pretty spaces to do their business.  🙂 Hehe.

PS- I’ve got some HUGE news to share with you all on Thursday! So, so, so, soooo excited!!!!!

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  1. This looks awesome!! I want to move into your bathrooms! haha 🙂
    I love the white details, gives it a really fresh and clean look! Bravo, guys!! you did it again! :))

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