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How to Style Couch Pillows: 10 Tips & Tricks

Want to learn how to style couch pillows? It’s actually a far more intricate process than you would imagine! Achieving an effortless style is a huge task. Luckily, with these 10 tips on how to style throw pillows, you can achieve the harmonious beauty you’re striving for!

Styling throw pillows is an art form; it’s never an easy task to make a space look effortlessly put together. With these 10 tips and tricks on how to style couch pillows, however, you’ll have no trouble pulling it off!

Throw pillows are a living space must. They add comfort to your seat, tie in pops of color, and truly bring a room together. 

Styling throw pillows on your couch may seem like an easy, intuitive task to some. This illusion will quickly crumble when you get started; you’re bound to run into a few issues when styling.

It’s really easy for throw pillows to look awkward or out of place when not styled correctly. But, like any design piece, you’ll need to put a little bit of thought behind your placement. 

In this post, I’ll share with you 10 tips on how to choose and style your couch pillows to elevate your room to new heights! We’ll focus on creating balance, harmony, and visual interest in your room, all by adding a few artfully placed throw pillows. 

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10 Tips to style couch pillows

Are you trying to make your space look effortlessly pulled together? Follow these 10 tips on how to style throw pillows for guaranteed style success!

how to style throw pillows with existing decor
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1. Choose your color palette

Mixing and matching several throw pillows isn’t as easy as it sounds! There are many ways that these pillows could clash or look unharmonious when placed together. 

Choosing a color palette (and sticking with it!) is the easiest way to combat these difficulties. 

Before buying your throw pillows, settle on a cohesive color palette. This is going to make all the following steps a whole lot easier. If you’re stuck, you can use online tools like Coolors to play and generate color palettes!

This color palette should fit seamlessly into the rest of the room. If your room is filled with neutrals, don’t stray too far.

When you style your couch pillows, work to create a complimentary color palette with subtle color variations depending on your preference.

2. Play with texture

Texture is one of my favorite tools for adding interest to a room. And pillows are the perfect way to feature differing textures.

Using textiles is so powerful in your space – they make a room feel cozy, comforting, and lived-in. Texture is a way to amplify this while also allowing your throw pillows to really pop!

Try playing with texture when choosing your throw pillows. You can find fluffy faux fur, crushed velvet, or thick knit varieties. 

3. Vary shapes and sizes

Pillows have so much more potential than being perfect, uniform squares!

Vary the shapes and sizes of your throw pillows when styling your couch. A mix of round, square and rectangular pillows are going to look so much more interesting than the conventional square shape. 

Additionally, choose a good variety of small, medium, and large pillows. This will help with bundling/stacking pillows so that they fit together well.

Also, you’re putting in a lot of work in choosing your perfect throw pillows. Don’t let that work go to waste! Layering several sizes of throw pillows will ensure that you’re able to see all of the pillows that you chose. 

living room with neutral sofa and subtle patterned throw pillows
via Sarah Catherine Design

4. Experiment with patterns

When deciding how to style couch pillows, don’t discount patterns!

Beyond color, patterns add a lot of personality to a space. Specifically, if you’re working in a neutral color palette, patterns can add a bit more fun. 

When choosing your patterns, try varying the pattern scale. Choose some patterns with small, intricate prints and other patterns with large, blown-out prints. 

This is the easiest way to mix patterns so that they don’t clash together. As long as your color palette is consistent, you should have no problem mixing patterns this way!

5. Make groupings 

Pillows should not sit alone! 

Mix and group your pillows in bundles along your sofa. For example, a bundle on the left corner, a bundle on the right, and maybe a bundle in the center. 

A single pillow, no matter its size, can look a bit out of place. Group 2-3 pillows together to create visual interest and make for cozy seating!

6. Find balance 

Balance is key when deciding how to style couch pillows.

Though perfect symmetry is not a necessity when styling couch pillows, you’ll want to achieve some balance in your placement. 

Evenly disperse your throw pillow bundles along your couch, making sure one corner isn’t more pillow-heavy than the other. 

Balance is always pleasing to the eye. 

how to style throw pillows with odd numbered groups
via Emily Welch Design

7. Be purposeful

In order to achieve an effortless design, you may be tempted to simply toss your pillows on the couch and let your pillow choices speak for themselves. 

Hear what I say – no throwing!

Even if the goal is to look effortless and casual, tossing your pillows about will just look messy.

If you’re purposeful in your placement, you’ll achieve a harmonious style that perfectly combines design and casual flair. 

8. Pick your number 

There is a common design rule that when choosing a number, you should always go odd! And while you’re free to follow this rule when styling your couch pillows, you can definitely break it.

If you have a large sofa, I’d recommend choosing six pillows, with two groupings of three on either side. 

If you have a sectional, feel free to revert to that “odd numbers rule” and go for seven pillows!

Remember, these are not hard and fast rules. Your throw pillow number should fit the size of your couch and whatever looks right to your eye. 

9. Move beyond the couch

When styling throw pillows, you’ll find better harmony if you move beyond the couch!

Try placing throw pillows around the room to bring balance and style. You can put coordinating pillows on chairs, choose floor pillows, or the ever-popular poufs!

10. Symmetry vs. eclectic 

The age-old argument: symmetry or eclecticism – which is superior?

In truth, there’s no real answer. When deciding how to style your couch pillows, you can opt for perfect symmetry if it suits your space and your design preferences. 

It’s important to note that you can still achieve a balanced, pleasing style with your throw pillows if they are placed more eclectically. 

Choose your preference and run with it!

neutral casual living room with patterned throw pillows
via Halfway Wholeistic

How to style couch pillows: final thoughts

When choosing how to style couch pillows, it’s important to remember a basic guiding principle; strive for the perfect mix of balance, visual interest, and harmony. 

I hope that you find these tips and tricks on how to style throw pillows helpful when you’re decorating your space. 

Let me know if you have any questions or additional styling tips in the comments down below. 

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