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The Best Peel and Stick Wallpaper Ideas

Peel and stick wallpaper is a product after my own heart! With beautiful, easy-to-apply patterns, this design feature is nothing short of genius. Check out these 11 stunning temporary wallpaper ideas that will transform your walls into works of art!

Wallpaper is back in a big way! Don’t worry – this isn’t your grandmother’s old floral wallpaper. Gone are the days of dated, hard-to-install wallpaper.

Wallpaper has had a major resurgence in the past few years; peel and stick wallpaper has a major hand in this comeback!

More and more brands are coming out with stylish, modern examples of wallpaper that are inspiring designers to put down the paintbrush and give wallpaper another chance!

The best part? This trend is only building in popularity.

If you’re searching for the perfect temporary wallpaper to use in your redesign, you’ve come to the right place. I have 11 exciting peel and stick wallpaper options that are easy to apply, remove, and enjoy! 

I also have an entire post on fun and creative ways to use removable wallpaper. You can check that out here.

Pros & cons of peel and stick wallpaper

While this isn’t a brand new invention, temporary wallpaper is probably new to a lot of you! If you’re choosing between installing temporary wallpaper or classic wallpaper in your home, these pros and cons should help.

Pros of peel and stick wallpaper

I’m more than a little biased when it comes to the benefits of temporary wallpaper (I’m nothing, if not obsessed!). These are a few reasons I’d recommend you try out temporary wallpaper rather than using more traditional techniques. 

It’s renter-friendly.

If you rent your home, your landlord probably isn’t too keen on major renovations. Any permanent changes to a unit, such as traditional wallpaper, is usually a no-go.

With temporary wallpaper, you can enjoy your wallpaper for as long as you’d like (while keeping your safety deposit!). 

It’s fast & easy to apply.

Traditional wallpaper is no simple feat. It requires a big time commitment to apply correctly (including drying time!). Peel & stick methods are quicker and more convenient. 

It won’t damage your walls.

When applied correctly, temporary wallpaper won’t cause any damage to your walls. It’s as easy as peeling to remove!

It gives you decorating freedom.

If you’re a decorating fiend like myself, it’s hard to control the itch to redecorate!

Removable wallpaper is an easy way to amp up your space, whether you’re a seasonal decorator or just like change!

It makes a major transformation.

If you want a significant impact with minimal effort, give removable wallpaper a try! You can completely transform your space with this small design change.

Cons of peel and stick wallpaper

Truth be told, the cons of temporary wallpaper are few and far between. Still, they’re important to consider before you dive into a new project!

There are pricey options.

Whether you’re looking at removable wallpaper or traditional wallpaper, it isn’t always cheap! Peel and stick wallpaper can get pretty pricey if you’re trying to cover an entire room.

For a more budget-friendly option, try using it on an accent wall

You could have trouble with texture. 

It can get a little tricky to cover textured walls with removable wallpaper (plaster, brick, etc.). Still, with a bit of patience, it’s totally possible.  

11 inspiring peel and stick wallpaper ideas

If you’re not convinced yet, these examples of the best removable wallpaper should do the trick.

These inspirational photos all have major design appeal and the power to win anyone over!

1. Art deco arches

This stunning art deco wallpaper is the vintage designer’s dream! The gold arches offer a ton of glamour with their simplistic design. 

modern black and gold peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom
via An English View Design

2. Simplicity squared 

Talk about versatility! This temporary wallpaper is clean and subdued. The cream/black square pattern will suit just about any home style. 

Bonus – the design is more intricate the closer you get!

3. Stripes away

Stripes never go out of style! This classic, striped wallpaper adds an extra bit of charm to your walls.  

Choose between 4 lovely colors to perfectly compliment your space!

4. Pastel florals

This floral peel and stick wallpaper embodies femininity. It adds interest to the room, even when used sparingly. 

home office with built in desk and shelving and floral backdrop
via Christine Holder Home

5. Bold speckled 

This bold temporary wallpaper makes a huge statement! 

The black & white speckled pattern pairs beautifully with bright pops of color for a truly fun effect. And if you’re looking for even more shine, it also comes in gold!

6. Natural tulips 

This tulip wallpaper is too pretty!

I love a floral pattern that is inherently unisex. The neutral tones play into the natural side of tulips without being overtly feminine. 

tulip inspired printed removable wallpaper in an entry way
via Baker Blooms

7. Chevron peel and stick

This peel & stick wallpaper is modern and stylish. I just love the gray chevron print. The geometric lines add a lot of visual interest without looking too busy. 

diy mud room closet with chevron printed peel and stick wallpaper
via Penny Modern

8. Floating ink marbling

Marble is the definition of a long-lasting trend; this floating ink marbled wallpaper is interesting and elevated. 

Use this captivating removable wallpaper for a fluid, hypnotizing effect.

room with marbled accent wall
via Jeweled Interiors

9. Colorful watercolor 

If you’re a color lover, this removable wallpaper is for you.

The pattern mimics watercolor paint swatches and would make for the perfect accent wall in an office, playroom, or anywhere you fancy!

watercolor inspired peel and stick wallpaper design
via Livette’s Wallpaper

10. Rose garden party 

I cannot get enough of this Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper; it features lush bouquets of roses and coordinating florals against a neutral backdrop. The gold detailing makes it that much more special.

This is a smart choice for an accent wall because it contains several colors you can match your decor with. 

rifle paper company floral print for best removable wallpaper
via Sarah Surette

11. Eco-friendly ferns

This fern-covered wallpaper is trendy, sustainable, and printed on eco-friendly paper (so you can feel good about your purchase!). 

Plus, it comes in ten different colors!

palm leaf peel and stick wallpaper
via Jessica Brigham

Final thoughts on peel and stick wallpaper 

So what do you think? Willing to give up wallpaper paste forever? Let me know if you’re as fascinated with temporary wallpaper as I am and what your favorite inspiration pictures are in the comments down below!

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