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30+ Ways to Get Fixer Upper Style at Target

Did you hear the news? Magnolia Farms at Target is happening with a new collection called Hearth & Hand! If you can’t wait until November to see Joanna Gaines’ Target debut, start shopping now! 😀 


Over 30 ways to get Fixer Upper style from Target! Who knew their stuff was so cute? Totally going to get some of these.


Like thousands of other people out there, I love the show Fixer Upper. I’m not sure what’s more fun—seeing the fantastic makeovers, or watching Chip and Joanna Gaines interact. While I’m not friends with them yet, I do have friends who are friends with them, so just a matter of time! 😛 Luckily for us all, we don’t have to drive to Magnolia in Waco to get Fixer Upper style—you can find it right in your neighborhood Target. Check it out—wouldn’t it be a dream to have a Fixer Upper Collection at Target?

Click each item below to shop it. This is just a taste of the awesome items you can get from Target. My shopping list is getting so long! 😀

Fixer Upper style at Target



Which is your favorite? I’m side eyeing that vintage-style laundry cart so hard. Laundry would be almost fun with that cutie, right? 😀 Either way, I’m sold on the Fixer Upper style I think! 🙂 I hope Joanna Gaines would be proud. 🙂

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  1. Such a great collection of items to really bring a home into a quick and not too pricey update! Love the vibe of it for sure.
    Chip and Joanna…yes, I was LOL this weekend watching some of those shows. They are creative and gifted, set an awesome example of living with your best friend and as parents and their humor just keeps it humble.

  2. i quite like the show, but i never really thought i loved their style. i mean, i like to watch it and everything they do is gorgeous, but not something i would personally live in. that being said, i have that white pitcher haha so perhaps i like their style more than i thought!

  3. Ahh, Target, how I love thee. I swear, I would end up broke if I didn’t limit my trips there . By “there” I mean to the store and to the website. Online shopping in general is dangerous for me!

  4. This is great inspiration!! I always think their homes turn out beautiful, but they are a bit too farmhouse perfect for me (don’t get me wrong, I still love Chip and Jo and the show!!). I love that you picked out stuff that reflects their style but can easily be incorporated into a variety of homes! I’m currently eyeing the (super reasonable) indoor/outdoor rug, wooden candle holder, and mirror! Great finds!!

  5. Kudos to Target for seeing a trend and jumping on it. Tons of people love the fixer upper style and are using it for inspiration. I’m currently redoing a room and wanted actual shiplap for the walls. Went to three big box home improvement stores and none of them had it. I even tried the special order desk, nada. They are really missing out on an opportunity. They need to track the trend like our beloved Target! Wait, maybe Target should sell shiplap?

  6. I. Don’t usually shop at Target, but I was quite surprised when I went there few days ago . Their home section was really fashionable and felt very Europen to me. I find the poster frame size that was unable to find anywhere else in the city. Way to go Target.

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