Best Kitchen Wall Colors

Kitchen wall colors can be a big deal when you are starting the process of repainting your kitchen. Giving your paint colors a makeover can completely change the feel of your space. This is why we are going to talk about the process of picking out the perfect kitchen colors of paint for your home!

The color of your walls makes a big impact on a room, so this is why simply repainting walls is truly a kitchen makeover. Dark colors can make it feel much more professional, while a bright white kitchen is more modern and minimalistic.

Every shade that you choose will create a specific mood in your kitchen. This is why choosing a paint color is an important, but fun part!

How To Choose The Best Wall Colors To Match Your Kitchen Style

Before you start to pick out paint colors for your kitchen, you will want to take a step back to examine your style.

This is crucial as paint color can really help to bring everything in a room together. Creating harmony and flow will help your kitchen reflect a look that you are happy with.

My Favorite Paint Color Brands

If I were to pick out a favorite brand of paint, it would have to be Benjamin Moore. This is the brand that I am always eager to recommend to anyone searching for high-quality paint to use in their home. If you want a beautiful selection of colors and superior paint that always goes on smoothly, then Benjamin Moore is the way to go!

In this post on simple white bedrooms, you can see an example of how pure the colors are. This is wonderful paint for the entire house, not just the kitchen. Benjamin Moore paint even works well in areas that just need a fresh coat of paint like a laundry room makeover!

Tips For Picking Kitchen Wall Colors

When it comes to picking out wall colors, you will need to really look the kitchen space over. With the right color, you can completely transform an old and outdated kitchen into a baker’s paradise.

Pick A Color That Goes Well With Your Cabinets

Kitchen with blue cabinets.
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You should pick a paint color according to the color of your kitchen cabinets as they need to harmonize. It is easy to pick a shade that you like, but does it pair well with your cabinets? Make sure to double-check all of your paint colors making sure that they will look cohesive.

Read the Space

Green and white kitchen with gold accents.
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It can be easy to get so distracted by what you want your kitchen to look like, that you forget what you are actually working with. This is why it is important to read your space and be realistic.

If your kitchen has poor lighting and is generally dimly lit, it probably isn’t a good idea to go with dark kitchen wall paint colors. Or, you’ll want to avoid picking a color that is going to clash with the colors of your floor.

Before you make any final decisions on paint colors, don’t forget to take a look around your kitchen to make sure that everything will come together.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pick A Fun Color

Grey kitchen with a blue stove and a yellow table.
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You can still have a bit of fun when picking out kitchen paint colors. Don’t be afraid to go with that bright shade of yellow or that dark shade of burgundy!

If you have the right space for it, a pop of bold color could be just the makeover that a dull kitchen needs.

Our Top Picks For Kitchen Wall Colors

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the variety of options that you have to choose from, don’t worry! We are going to be talking about some of the best wall colors for kitchens.

Kitchen Wall Colors With White Cabinets

If you have white cabinets in your kitchen, you are in luck! It’s one of the easiest colors to pair a wall color with.


A sophisticated shade of grey with slight bluish-green undertones, it goes beautifully with white cabinets and creates a calm and serene space.


This blue shade of paint is a rich and eye-catching color that makes white cabinets pop and stand out. It is perfect for a well-lit kitchen and adds a modern feel.

Blue walls in a mostly white kitchen.
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Kitchen Wall Colors With Oak Cabinets

If you feel intimidated when trying to pick a kitchen wall color to go with your oak cabinets, here are a few excellent options!

Blue Gaspe

A dark and dramatic shade of blue with grey and purple undertones. It pairs well alongside oak cabinets as it brings out their richness and gives your kitchen a polished look.

Powell Gray

This shade of grey is dark and moody and looks very much like a slate grey. It’s fitting alongside dark oak cabinets and creates a professional and modern-looking kitchen.

Kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets.
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Kitchen Wall Colors With Cream Cabinets

Worrying over your cream cabinets? Here are a few of the best wall paint options that go together beautifully with cream-colored cabinetry.

Sage Wisdom

This paint color is a beautiful shade of sage that complements cream-colored cabinets well. The two colors combined create a light and airy space that is calming and peaceful.

Silken Blue

This shade of paint is a greyish blue with green undertones that pops alongside cream cabinets. These colors create a cozy kitchen that still feels modern and unique.

Blue kitchen walls and light grey kitchen cabinets with a light wood floor.
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Kitchen Color Wall Ideas For Light Wood Cabinets

If you aren’t sure what color of paint to complement your light wood cabinets, here are a few of the best wall colors for kitchens I suggest:

White PM-2

This all-purpose white that goes with just about any color makes light wood cabinets stand out, bringing a freshness to your kitchen space.

Cherry Wine

This cheerful shade of red provides a beautiful contrast to light wood. It brings new life to an old kitchen and makes the space bright and modern.

Mostly white kitchen with some pink colored accents.
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Kitchen Color Wall Ideas For Black/Dark Cabinets

Does your kitchen have dark-colored cabinets? There are plenty of beautiful paint options that go well with dark or even black cabinets!

Manor Blue

An elegant blue and grey tinted paint with just a hint of violet that highlights the beauty of dark cabinets giving the space a sophisticated look.

Blue Lace

This is a beautiful light shade that is bluish-grey and compliments dark kitchen cabinets – without making your kitchen feel dark.

Black kitchen cabinets with tan walls.
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Final Thoughts

Picking out the best wall colors for the kitchen does not have to be as stressful as it might seem. Once you know what to look for, the process can be not only quick but enjoyable!

I hope these tips for how to choose the best paint colors are helpful for when you’re ready to give your kitchen walls a color makeover and a fresh new look.

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