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Our Personal Outdoor Wonderland

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When we first saw this house, one of the big selling features was the back yard. Not only did I love the pool (of course!) but the house also had a giant covered patio that I immediately envisioned hanging string lights on and enjoying year ’round. The first thing I bought for the house? String lights.

It did, however, take us four months to get them hung. But I played a handful of pity cards after I had surgery and Scott was kind enough to hang them for me, as well as rearrange the furniture. Here’s what we started with:

outdoor patio lights_0002

We used the six boxes of frosted bulb string lights from World Market to get the job done.

outdoor patio lights_0003

Scott screwed in small eye hooks into the ceiling to hold the lights up.

outdoor patio lights_0004

Ta da! 3 rows of string lights and some re-arranged furniture and it looks so much better! Since the patio is long we divided it into two areas—dining and relaxing. The doors by the dining area go into the living room and the door on the right goes into our bedroom. It’s so fun having the lights on at night and getting to see them from two parts of the house. I foresee lots of dinner parties here in the very near future!

outdoor patio lights_0005
outdoor patio lights_0007 outdoor patio lights_0008 outdoor patio lights_0009 outdoor patio lights_0010 outdoor patio lights_0011 outdoor patio lights_0012 outdoor patio lights_0013 outdoor patio lights_0014 outdoor patio lights_0015 outdoor patio lights_0016

Of course, when you add in the view from across the pool…it’s even better. Everything is better with string lights and a pool in your backyard! 🙂
outdoor patio lights_0017

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  1. SUCH an awesome backyard! I love that you split the areas – dining and relaxing. It makes the space seem even more…luxurious. The lights are perfect.

  2. I love it! We love our outside areas too, it’s so nice to sit outside and relax. After putting in a hard day a glass of wine on the patio is so good for me. LOL And I’m sure the pool helps out too!!! Enjoy it.

  3. I’ve wanted to hang a few strings of lights in our backyard for a party or something for a long time. I hadn’t thought of just having them up to enjoy all the time. What a great idea! Thanks. I also like how you decorated with herbs. That just makes sense to use herbs where people are eating.

  4. What a gorgeous outdoor space! I love it so much that I’m featuring it Friday night at the Best of the Weekend Link Party! Thanks so much for linking up with us.

  5. It looks great! We recently bought a house and have the same love for the covered back patio area. We also have the string lights and haven’t yet hung them lol! I’m hoping to get them up this week though 🙂

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