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Happy Wednesday!!! Did you all have a fun week so far? We sure did! We are still recovering from the weekend when we made about 9 trips to Home Depot (seriously.) but got a TON of work done- our bathroom is functioning and almost DONE!! I can’t wait to show you all the photos!  I also had the honor of throwing a baby Sprinkle for a friend this weekend- and while our friends were over I was trying to explain all the work we have done on our house and realized I have NEVER put up before and after shots of our kitchen, living and dining room.  What is wrong with me?!!? So I snapped some this morning- any time I feel sad about not having a finished bedroom I am just going to come look at these photos.  I am SO proud of us!!!

First of all…here are some of my friends.  Aren’t they totally precious!?!?

Now…the house.

All the “Before” photos are from the MLS- they came out much better then mine did. 🙁 I matched up the larger before photos with my own “now” photos. 🙂

The large window on the right in this photo is our dining room.  We added the dividing wall and made the window on the right into a butlers pantry room (that we are still working on!).

Our kitchen used to be green.  Like a bad green.  It’s amazing what some white paint can do! And ripping down a load bearing wall, adding new cabinets, lighting, backsplash, flooring and concrete countertops.  It’s the little thing really. 😉

The living room used to be pretty scary.  Dark, covered in wood paneled walls and creepy carpet.  You all have already seen the fireplace before and after, but this is who the rest of the room is looking now.

We still have lots of work to do- months and months worth of it and we still have not touched a single bedroom…but guess what’s happening next?!! 🙂

So that is our before and after- looks like a totally different house right?

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    1. Hey Kathryn! So funny! Maybe it was in our neighborhood! It seems all the houses around us are pretty much the same inside. 😀

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