Laundry Room Organization for Any Space

Laundry rooms catch clutter like no other! With seemingly endless cycles of washing and folding, it’s super tricky to keep your laundry room looking spic and span. But with these laundry room organization ideas, you can transform your space and eliminate your laundry woes. 

Why is there always more laundry?

Whether you enjoy the chore or not, laundry just seems to pile up, no matter how many loads you do. 

This consistent task means that your laundry room is vulnerable to much extra clutter, especially if you don’t have a solid organization system. 

That’s where I come in!

I’m sharing my favorite laundry room organization ideas to help keep your space neat and tidy, even through the busiest work weeks. And with the right system, the upkeep is no work at all. So you’ll be able to keep on top of things – long-term. 

In this post, I’ll cover how to organize your laundry room, no matter its size, with 19 organization tips and must-have products.

Now, let’s get organized!

Laundry room organization ideas

Use these laundry room organization ideas to streamline your laundry process (and make your space look fabulous!). 

1. Install open shelving 

Depending on what kind of organizer you are, open shelving can be a major lifesaver!

Some people need to be able to see all of their things to remember where things are and where they should be put away. 

That’s where open shelving can save the day!

Install some open shelves (or an open shelf unit) for easily accessible storage. 

2. Mount a foldable drying rack 

I’ve tried drying my clothes just about anywhere you could imagine – shower rods, on the backs of chairs, you name it!

A dedicated drying rack saves you so much hassle when trying to dry your delicate clothing. But drying racks can be clunky and take up a ton of space.

Fix this by mounting a foldable drying rack to the wall, that lies flat when not in use. 

3. Think vertically 

As always, when you’re looking for extra space, look up!

Tall, vertical shelves will give you plenty of storage, even in narrow spaces. Just remember to include a little step stool so that you can reach the highest shelf!

You can even purchase a wall-hanging step ladder to get the best use out of your vertical space. 

4. Sort, immediately!

My most important laundry room organization tip is to sort your laundry immediately! And when I say immediately, I mean the minute you change your clothes. 

This way, when it comes time to do your laundry, your loads are already sorted, saving you time and effort. 

I recommend keeping laundry baskets for each load type. This will look different for every household, though I suggest having a basket for whites, darks, delicates, and linens at the very least. 

5. Label your baskets

To bring your organization to new heights, label each one of your laundry baskets in a bold, visible font. 

You can order pre-made labels or make your own for easy identification. 

6. Add functional lighting 

While you wouldn’t think lighting would matter much to your organization, it can make a big difference!

Make sure you have bright lighting that fills the room so that you easily see each and every corner. If you have dark cabinets or high shelves, you might consider adding lighting strips. 

7. Have dedicated laundry storage 

It can be tempting to use your laundry room as a catch-all for house storage, especially the odd bits that don’t seem to belong in any other space. 

I encourage you to limit your laundry room storage to laundry items only! 

And if you must use your laundry room for other storage, keep it completely separate from your laundry items. 

This will save you from digging through miscellaneous items on your search for clothes pins!

8. Use sliding organizers 

If you’re lucky enough to have room for a built-in shelving unit, I suggest including sliding, bottom cabinet drawers in your design. 

These deep, sliding drawers can fit laundry baskets for hidden storage that helps make your room look super tidy. 

9. Include a pull-out ironing board

Ironing boards have to be one of the biggest pains to store. They’re clunky, awkward to maneuver, and can be a little unstable. 

Add a pull-out ironing board to your shelving unit (you can install it right in a drawer!). You’ll never have to maneuver a fiddly ironing board again. 

10. Use the ceiling

When the walls aren’t enough, we use the ceiling!

Ceilings make great use in a laundry for installing drying racks. Suspend curtain rods or a ladder for extra hanging space. 

11. Keep baskets for miscellaneous items

One of my favorite laundry room organization tips is to make sure everything has a home – big and small!

Keep your laundry room extras in labeled baskets so that you know where everything is at all times. 

You can use these baskets to store clothes pins, dryer balls, essential oils, or single socks looking for a pair. 

12. Install a countertop

A countertop is an absolute must in any laundry room for folding your clothes. Without it, it’s easy to stick your clean clothes in another basket and say you’ll “get to them later.” 

Use the liminal space above your washer and dryer to install a countertop. Keep it clear so it’s ready for folding, whenever you are!

13. DIY a dryer sheet dispenser 

For a cute and functional bit of decor, you can DIY a dryer sheet dispenser using a tissue box cover

This will look great on your shelf and provide a standard spot for your dryer sheets. And if you’re lucky, you can find dryer sheets at your local refill store. 

14. Decant your laundry supplies

For beautiful organization, decant your laundry products into glass jars. They will look beautiful in an open shelving unit, and incentivize you to keep organized! 

Just remember to use labels so you know what’s what. 

And as an extra step, you can purchase your laundry supplies from your local refill stores; this saves you money on packaging, while also benefiting the environment. 

15. Try a magnetic organizing rack

If you lack wall space, a magnetic organizing rack is the product for you!

Pop these shelves onto the sides of your washing machine for easy access to stain remover, dryer sheets, and more. 

This is great for narrow spaces with standing washers and dryers.  

16. Use every nook and cranny

In particularly small spaces, every square foot counts! 

Not many of us are lucky enough to have a large, dedicated laundry room. So even if you’re working with a glorified storage closet, you can use space-saving hacks to give you a little extra storage space. 

I love the look of this rolling cart. You can squeeze it in between your washer and dryer, or between your stacked set and the wall. 

This is one of my favorite laundry room organization tips because it works for all spaces.

The cart will fit all of your laundry room essentials within arm’s reach. Plus, it’s on wheels so it can be easily rolled out for better access, or into other rooms as needed. 

17. Use the back of the door

For another small laundry room hack, the backs of doors can be clever storage solutions. 

Hang over-the-door shelving to store your essentials. 

You can even find hanging laundry hampers that are perfect for these small spaces. 

18. Purchase an ironing blanket

Some of us just don’t have the space to store an ironing board – period (they’re not compact in the least!).

So, if you’re short on space, I recommend purchasing an ironing blanket. They’re inexpensive, and allow you to iron on just about any flat surface. 

Plus, you can store them flat to fit into any space. 

This magnetic ironing blanket attaches to the top of your washing machine for ultimate convenience. 

19. Make a DIY lint holder

A lint holder is a fun addition to your laundry room. 

Did you know that lint is actually compostable?

If you compost in your household, having a separate lint holder is an easy way to keep lint from your regular trash bin for easy composting later on. 

I’ve seen tons of lint holders all over the internet. And while they’re super cute, you can easily make them at home with a metal bucket and vinyl decals. 

If you prefer to purchase, this lint bin would look perfect in just about any laundry room.  

Final thoughts: Laundry room organization 

Chaos doesn’t have a home in your laundry room! With these organizational ideas, your space will be the functional dream you’ve always wanted. 

And if you have any clever laundry room organization ideas that I didn’t mention, please leave them in the comments down below.

Happy organizing!

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