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How to Organize Seasonal Decor Storage

Seasonal decorating is one of the best ways to update your space throughout the year. It’s fun and festive and helps bridge the gap between your home and the greater world. For decorating ease all year long, I’m sharing my top tips and tricks on all things seasonal decor storage!

Seasonal decor makes my heart sing.

There’s something about decorating through the seasons that makes me feel so in touch with nature, my community, and the world around me.

It may sound slightly cheesy, but I think there’s something grounding about paying attention to the changing seasons and finding a way to connect to them.

For myself, I choose home decorating!

And while I find a lot of joy in seasonal decor, it comes with some unique storage problems that require equally unique solutions. 

Fall inspired mantel in a living room

For many of us, it’s hard to justify storing decorations for just a few weeks or months of use each year. Still, I think it’s totally worth the process. And with these decor storage tips, you’ll be able to easily access and store your items for years to come. 

In this post, I’ll cover the best ways to organize and store decor so that you can create joyful seasonal displays throughout the year. 

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Seasonal decor storage tips and ideas

Follow these tips on how to best organize and store your seasonal decor so that you can enjoy decorating without the hassle, season after season. 

Store by season

For well-organized decor, make sure you are storing like-items together based on their season. 

Separate fall, winter, spring, and summer decor so that you see all of your items in one place. This way, you’ll never have to go digging for that single strand of lights you just know you have somewhere!

Note – If some of your seasonal decor overlaps (for example, spring and summer), feel free to store these items together. Use your best judgment. 

Separate by holiday 

Within the season, it’s also a good idea to separate your decor by specific holidays.

For example, while you may have ample Halloween decorations, you may only use them for a couple of weeks, while the rest of your autumnal decor is used for a few months. 

You can also separate winter and Christmas decor, summer and Independence Day decor, and any other holiday-specific items you have. 

This is going to keep you super organized and help you decorate with ease. 

Choose a single decor storage spot

If possible, try storing all of your seasonal decor in one place so that you don’t need to go hunting for missing boxes. 

This is a good chance to use any hard-to-access storage spots like a crawl space, garage, shed or some upper closet shelves. Because you won’t need daily access to these items, this is the perfect time to use slightly less convenient storage spaces. 

Use heavy-duty lidded bins

Good quality bins are the basis of any long-term storage. Make sure your items are protected with some heavy-duty, lidded bins. 

While cardboard boxes are the universal storage unit, they don’t provide much protection for their contents, especially when stacked with heavy items.

With plastic bins, you’ll never need to worry about collapsing boxes and wrecked decorations. The lids make bins easily stackable for convenient, space-conscious storage. 

These Rubbermaid storage totes will last you a lifetime. 

Label all decor storage

Labels make the world go round!

Save yourself from opening lid after lid by labeling each storage bin based on season and/or holiday. 

When you’re labeling, make sure to label several sides on your bin for easy viewing, even in a Tetris maze. 

Grab some cute chalkboard labels for a useful storage tool. 

Store with care

To avoid decor storage mishaps, make sure you’re packing up your seasonal items with care. 

Wrap breakable ornaments, precious keepsakes, and treasured family heirlooms in protective coverings before storage. You’ll never regret taking this extra step!

For storage protection, you can reuse paper towels, washcloths, bubble wrap, protective pouches, or honeycomb packing paper to keep all of your items safe and secure. 

For extra special (or fragile) items, consider storing them in separate, well-packed boxes within your larger storage totes. Just make sure you remember to label them for easy access!

Use light-storage hacks

Holiday lights are notoriously difficult to store. They’re so easily broken or tangled, dealing with them each year becomes a real pain.

To skip this frustrating unraveling step, wrap your holiday lights around a sheet of cardboard for easy storage. 

Declutter each season 

As always, my favorite organization tip is to declutter your belongings!

It is so much easier to store your items when you’ve already done a decor purge. 

At the end of each season, go through your seasonal decor and pull out items that you no longer use or are broken. Then, decide if these items should be repurposed, donated, or trashed. 

This will save you from going through strings of burnt-out Christmas lights, outdated decor, and passing trends you’d like to forget when you’re trying to decorate. 

It’ll also help downsize your storage needs which will save you time in the long run and leave space for the most important bits of decor.

Love this beautiful Spring home tour - totally crushing on the mint piano and floral wallpaper! :)

Final thoughts on seasonal decor storage

I have so much fun decorating my home throughout the changing seasons. And with these seasonal decor storage ideas, the process has never been easier!

With some simple yet effective storage hacks, you can create a foolproof system to take you all the way through the year. 

Don’t forget to let me know your favorite decor storage ideas in the comments down below. 

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