How to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

Need tips on how to organize your kid’s closet? I have 11 fantastic organization hacks and products to streamline your child’s closet space. Dig into these tips and tricks that will even translate to your own room!

Closets are high-traffic areas. And because you use them each and every day, they can quickly get messy if they’re not properly organized!

This is why kids’ closet organization is super important; it ensures you have easy access to all your kid’s items and know exactly where everything is.

Though organizing is no easy task, the time you put into it will be well worth it in the end. When you have an organization system and stick with it, it becomes a huge time saver!

In this post, I’ll share the best ways to purge, organize, and maintain your kid’s closet. With these 11 organization tips and tricks, you’ll be able to maintain your organizational symptom – effortlessly. 

And though we’re specifically focussing on how to organize your kids’ closets, these tips can be used in all closet spaces. Try them in your own to up your organization game!

How to organize your kid’s closet: Initial prep

Before you begin organizing, you’ll want to do a bit of initial prep work; this is going to make organizing a whole lot easier.

The first step in any organizational system is to do a purge.

Go through your kid’s closet and declutter anything that does not belong. You can move these items to a different space, donate them, repurpose them, or toss them!

Some items that you can purge from your kids’ closets include:

  • Clothes they’ve outgrown
  • Old one-time outfits like Halloween or recital costumes
  • Clothing made from uncomfortable fabrics
  • Sentimental items that could be repurposed
  • Clothing your child HATES wearing
  • Items that don’t belong 

Looking for more decluttering inspiration? I have an entire post on The 10 Best Minimalist Creators to help you on your decluttering journey!

11 tips on how to organize your kid’s closet

When you’re done paring down, it’s time to get organized! Here are 11 tips on how to organize your kid’s closet for a super-functional, accessible system. 

how to organize a kid's closet with built in organization system
via Making Home Base

1. Try a built-in closet organizer 

The creme de le creme of an organization system is the perfect base. 

I highly recommend investing in a built-in closet organizer. These systems are specifically designed to maximize your closet space and help give your items structure. 

2. Use space-saving hangers

Hangers can get bulky and take up much-needed closet real estate. Try switching over to sleek, space-saving hangers to maximize your hanging space.

Velvet hangers are a great choice because they’re thin and grippy, so clothes don’t slide right off. 

You can also purchase space saving hangers that have a few vertical rows to maximize vertical space. 

baby closet with organizer bins
via The Green Spring Home

3. Keep a clutter bin 

If you struggle to keep your space tidy, you’re not alone.

During our busiest days, it isn’t also feasible to perfectly refold a sweater. In cases like these, have a designated clutter bin for toss-and-go items.

You can tackle this bin at the end of each day, after a couple of days, or once a week. If you leave the clutter bin unattended for longer than a week, it will probably get too messy to manage!

Remember, the quicker you deal with the clutter, the easier it is to stay on top of it. 

4. Think vertically 

It doesn’t matter if your kid’s closet is tiny or super large, every bit of space counts. 

Use all your space when you organize your kid’s closet by thinking vertically! 

Is there a high shelf where you could place rarely-used items? Can you maximize your hanging space with tiered hangers? Think big and think tall!

Note – vertical storage is only helpful if it’s still accessible! If you have a hard-to-reach area in your kid’s closet, only store items there that you don’t need regular access to. 

color coded clothes hanging in a closet
via A Bowl Full of Lemons

5. Color-code

I find one of the easiest ways to find an item is if it’s grouped by color (and function). Color is obviously extremely visual; it jumps right out at you! 

If you need to find a specific blue t-shirt, you’ll have way better luck sifting through your blue clothing items than if you tried rifling through all of your child’s shirts!

Use colorful closet dividers so that even your kids can help keep the organization system in place.

You can still group clothing items by function if it works for you, but I suggest grouping them by season and color rather than keeping all clothing items separate.

This will also help you and your kids put outfits together, saving you even more time.

6. Make labels 

One of my favorite tips for how to organize your kid’s closet is to use labels!

While hidden storage solutions are excellent for reducing clutter, it can be hard to remember their contents. 

If you have hidden storage systems like bins or baskets, make sure you use labels so that you have an easy visual reminder of what is inside.

DIY labels on pink bins
via So Much Better with Age

7. Sort your sizes 

If you have a young child that is growing like a weed, you probably have several clothing sizes in their closet.

An easy hack to keep track of these sizes is to group all like sizes. This way, you can easily purge items when your child outgrows them and move on to the next size up!

You can use labeled dividers that hang on your closet rod to help you stay on track.

8. Use the door 

The back of your kid’s closet door properly has untapped organization potential! Use it to hang shelf organizers, baskets, and more. 

This storage solution is great for organizing shoes, accessories, and other necessities. 

over the door storage system in a baby's closet
via Kelley Nan

9. Make a pre-planned outfit system

If you’re a planner, you’ll love this storage system!

To make this DIY outfit planning station, all you need is a hanging organizer with 5-7 levels and some labels.

Not only does this help with planning, but also with keeping your space tidy because you won’t have to rifle through clothes on busy mornings (which inevitably end up littering the floor!). 

Label each level with a different day of the week. This way, you can easily store a week’s worth of outfits in a single vertical line. 

DIY pre planned outfit storage
via Here Comes the Sun

10. Install a double-bar 

Kids’ clothes are small and don’t need a lot of vertical hanging space. Install a hanging rod to double up your hanging space without taking up precious, horizontal room. 

11. Try closet rod attachments 

There are so many creative closet rod attachments that can give your kid’s closet an organizational edge!

Try different closet rod hanging organizers, baskets, and shelves to give you more surface space to store your kid’s items!

additional closet rod for kids storage
via Living Letter Home

Final thoughts: How to organize your kid’s closet

Organizing your kid’s closet will help you declutter, save time, and make your child’s items ultra-accessible!

I hope you find these tips on how to organize your kid’s closet helpful in maximizing your space. Let me know your favorite organization tips in the comments down below. 

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