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Flower Delivery From the Bouqs Co + Our Latest Tablescape

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I’m an incredibly lucky girl—my husband surprises me with flowers all the time. There probably isn’t a month that goes by since we’ve been dating that I haven’t had fresh flowers in my house that he has given me.

Sadly, on Valentine’s Day he spent over $100 to send me flowers and with an entire group of coworkers standing around me I opened a box that was a combination of dead and un-bloomed green sticks. It was a sad moment. Luckily we were able to get a full refund on the flowers, but ever since then Scott has been searching for a new flower company that delivers to place his trust in.

Enter The Bouqs Co. You might have heard of them—they are a relatively new company that has taken the floral delivery market by storm. When they reached out to me and offered to send me a Bouqs bouquet to review, I was more than happy to oblige. I scheduled delivery for the day after we got back from our trip to New York City figuring I could use a little pick-me-up after my first day back at work.

The flowers were already there when I got home, hooray! I picked the Grand Marshmallow bouquet from their Volcanic Collection. The box is definitely distinctive and the packaging was easy to open—I was surprised how many flowers were safely packed into a relatively tiny box! The flowers were still slightly wet and seemed super fresh.

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I loved the flowers so much that as soon as I had them unpacked and settled in a vase, I thought it was time to change up our dining table and create a new tablescape. 🙂

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I started by adding this tablecloth since I thought the soft blue-gray would compliment the gorgeous hues of the flowers well. Want to know a secret? That’s not really a tablecloth. It’s a twin duvet cover that was on clearance at Ikea several years ago. We have used it as a duvet cover, a couch throw, a blanket and most recently—a tablecloth. I also buy flat sheets from Ikea/Target and use them as tablecloths as well, like here. If you get food on it, no biggie, just toss in the washer, then it’s back to business as usual. 🙂

Bouqs flowers review - the best flower delivery company_0010

I also set out my favorite vintage china plates to create a sweet little table for two. We had plans to have a fancy meal together but instead we both got some icky sinus infection and had bowls of soup instead. It still felt special though with the beautiful flowers and table settings. Sometimes the most everyday meal, even a can of chicken noodle soup, deserves to be dressed up like something fancy.

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Let’s talk about the flowers though. They are still alive and thriving, even though it has now been 10 days since I’ve received the delivery. I’m pretty impressed. I changed the water once 5 days in but that’s about it. Usually my flowers start falling apart after a week, but I think these will last a good two weeks at least. This is because the flowers are picked the day you order them from sustainable eco-friendly farms. I’m all about supporting the environment while getting a great deal. I also love that the price listed is the price you pay—there are no hidden fees, no annoying up-charges, no delivery costs, etc.

Bouqs flowers review - the best flower delivery company_0005

There are 2 different ways to order. You can make a one-time purchase to have delivered to yourself or a friend, or you can use their concierge flower service, which is beyond brilliant. The concierge service has three options, all of which allow you to select the type and size of flowers you want sent or you can select “just make it awesome” where Bouqs will—well—just send awesome flowers of their choosing. The concierge services are:

  • Regular Blooms: You can set up flower delivery service to be sent at regular intervals ranging from once a year to once a week. So if you want to have new pretty flowers sent to someone you love or yourself once a month, no problem.
  • Never Forget: If you tend to forget things, or want to be super organized up front, you can literally sit down and set the service up to send flowers to your mother on mother’s day, father on father’s day, sister on her birthday, girlfriend/boyfriend on your anniversary, etc. You can pick the specific flowers that you want sent, the date and the message, then rest easy for the year knowing your hard work is done. Bouqs even reminds you by email before the delivery so you can be a rockstar and never forget an important date again.
  • Just Because: This super sweet option allows you to set up random surprise deliveries as many as one to 24 times a year. Just because you’re a sweetie. 🙂 Awwww.

Bouqs flowers review - the best flower delivery company_0006 Bouqs flowers review - the best flower delivery company_0007

I’m really excited to partner with Bouqs, and be able to pass along a discount for you guys. Right now when you register and place your first order with Bouqs you’ll receive 15% off, hooray! Even better—if you register for their concierge services, you can save 25%. Of course this includes FREE SHIPPING, which is awesome since paying for shipping is the worst. You can order and access the discounts here.

So what do you guys think? Is it weird to use bedding as a tablecloth, or brilliant? 🙂 Do you love the idea of scheduling flower deliveries for the year and/or receiving random surprise flowers? Feel free to forward this to a certain someone in your life if they need a gentle nudge! 😛

Disclosure: I received a product credit towards my purchase from Bouqs in exchange for providing a review. This post contains my experience and opinions, both of which are completely my own. This post does contain affiliate links—thank you for your support in helping me run this blog!

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  1. This is awesome! I have been looking for a reliable flower business! These flowers are absolutely gorgeous and I love how you set it up! You are such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Volta! I recommend giving them a try—I was really happy with them and am going to order some more! 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful writing. I have send flowers to love ones and had the same disappointment as you.
    I read about the Bouqs co and loved the concept of supporting local businesses but of course these flowers are so beautiful ; one thinks was just picked from the garden. Definitely I will try The Bouqs co next time I send flowers.
    I really like their business model.

    1. Isn’t that so sad when you open a box of flowers and they are all dead?? Boo. I like their business model too—eco is always good! 🙂

    1. I did get the book! Thank you so much for sending!! Can’t wait to make some time to read! Haha just casually leave your computer up on that screen and talk about flowers?!? 😛

  3. oh gosh, not many things worse than opening a box of flowers to find them.. well.. dead, huh? that happened to us a few months ago (ahem, pro flowers!) and since then we’ve been looking for an alternative florist. gorgeous photos, as always!

    1. YES! The flower company that shall not be named!! Boooo!!! Try Bouqs, I think you’ll like them!

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