Minimalist Interior Design: Target’s New Made By Design Review

Lately, I’ve been leaning more towards a minimal aesthetic in our home. I will never be a minimalist, but as we’ve been slowly babyproofing (i.e. hide and get rid of everything so baby can’t put it in her mouth/break it/drop it on her head/etc.), I’ve been kind of digging the idea of a return to roots, minimalist interior design with my own twist. Basically, I have figured out the only way I can keep things clean/my sanity is to have less stuff.

    collage of items found at target in the made by design collection

That’s why I was super excited when I went to Target the other day to see their new line, Made By Design. I haven’t been to Target in a long time (because I have no self-control there! Buy all the things!) and was really, really pleasantly surprised to see all the cute new stuff. Two particular lines caught my eye, Made By Design being one of them. I like the simpleness of the pieces—they can be displayed as they are or jazzed up. While they have over 100 items in their collection, these 15 were my favorite. Plus, everything is REALLY reasonably priced! Check it out!

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collage of items from made by design at target - towels, bowls, utensils and pot

1. Bath sheet, quiet aqua, $9

I’m not sure what a bath sheet is, but I’m assuming it’s an upgraded version of a towel. At $9, I want one! If you aren’t about that life, grab the coordinating humble bath towel instead for $6, ya snob!

2. Glass mixing bowl set with lids, $13

I have a set of mixing bowls similar to this, except they cost 4 times as much and the lids are crazy primary colors. I use them all the time, for serving salads, baking, storing leftovers. They nest cozily with the lids stashed on the bottom. Get ‘em!

3. Wooden utensil collection, $24

Finally, a functional utensil collection that’s pretty enough to display on the counters! Pretty + practical FTW!

4. 6 qt pot with steamer insert, $35

This little pot is completely clever. Use it for steaming veggies or seafood with the insert, then pull it out and use the post for rice or pasta. Bam, complete one-pot meal with veggies thankyouverymuch.

items found at target in the made by design collection like bath items, stemless wine glasses, bathroom tray and chairs

5. Bathroom collection—stainless steel soap dish, lotion pump and toothbrush holder, $33

Modern with a chrome-y finish, these babies will look good in pretty much any bathroom—and at about $10 a pop, they are a deal.

6. Set of 6 stackable stemless wine glasses, $11

Having wine glasses on hand is a must-have, but these ones are better than the norm—they are stackable, meaning you can save a ton of space—yes way, rosé!

7. Bathroom tray, $1

Yes, you read that right. ONE DOLLA, YA’LL! This little tray is super cute and comes in both clear and dark plastic. It’s the perfect size for a jewelry tray or makeup—grab one, two or three.

8. 2 wooden chairs, $100

You guys. $50 per chair? CRAZY. The wood tone is gorgeous on this—I love the modern, beachy vibes these have. Sooo…I wanna get like 8.

items found at target in the made by design collection like picture frame, bin, cart.

9. Wooden picture frame, $3

These are gorgeous, and for just $3, you can create the perfect gallery wall!

10. Acrylic drawer organizer, $5

These are meant to go in your drawer for organizing clothes, but I think these would be incredible for fridge and freezer organization. Bins like this are usually way more expensive, so stock up!

11. Round cart, $30

The round shape of this cart makes it different from most of the other carts out there. I’m not crazy about the color, but with a quick few coats of spray paint, I could totally see this in a rose gold or fun mint.

12. Fabric bin, $10

I’m always looking for neutral, cute storage options, and wish I had seen these before ordering some others that were both more expensive and not as nice looking! These are great for storing seasonal clothes, toys, and more!

items found at target in the made by design collection like cups plate and desk

13. 16 oz. Stackable Glasses, $11

These glasses are on my shopping list since they are not only cute enough to go with everything, but they are also stackable, which is perfect for our small kitchen!

14. 18-piece dinnerware set, $40

I love this dinnerware set so much that I already bought it. In fact, I bought two of these! These dishes are really nice—they are pretty, AND dishwasher (and microwave) safe!

15. Desk with Drawer, $90

It’s hard to find a nice desk for under $100, especially one that has style! I love that this one features both a shelf and a drawer—one spot for my pretty things and one for the ones to hide! 😉 

So, what do you think? Could you add any minimalist interior design to your home? Any of these catch your eye? I already bought the dinnerware set, and the stackable glasses are next on my list! 🙂 

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  1. Hi! I’m thinking of getting that dinnerware set and wondering how they hold up so far? I have two little kids. ?

    1. They are great!! I’m still using them and haven’t broken a single thing yet, which I’m really impressed with. My husband and I are both pretty clumsy. Our 1-year-old isn’t using them yet, but she did grab one and toss it on the floor and it is still in one piece! I hope you find the same. 🙂

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