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Let There Be (Pretty) Light

Happy Monday! What was everyone up to this weekend? Scott and I had a really tiring, but active weekend, which is about how it usually is around here! We did make a bit of time to jump out and enjoy the gorgeous weather- I think spring has sprung here in Dallas! Or at least this weekend it did. 🙂

hall light 11

A few weeks ago when we were doing that crazy streak of painting, I started really getting irritated by our hallway. Have you all ever felt like you got fixated on something and couldn’t stop staring at it? Or is that just me? I felt totally obsessed about our hallway light fixtures. They have always on the running list of things we needed to get to at some point, but for some reason it was really bugging me- probably because I was spending time in there working on our instagram wall.

Regardless, replacing the light fixtures got pushed very quickly to the top of our to-do list. Here are our old ones. Blah. They were the ugly gold, with the cheap frosted globe glass…just boo. And there were TWO of them. Eek. See?

hall light 13 hall light 14

So Scott and I decided to purchase two of these lights from Home Depot on one of our weekly trips there. 🙂 I had been eyeing them for awhile, and while I had toyed with the idea of DIY-ing something, in the end I just didn’t have the time/energy. Plus I love how the oil rubbed bronze finish pairs perfectly with the oil-rubbed bronze doorknob we have on the one white door we have purchased (for our hall bath). Purchasing  white doors with coordinating door knobs for the rest of the doors are on our to-do list too…it’s a long list but that’s pretty high up there! So…coming soon. 🙂

We obviously did this before we got rid of our chalkboard wall. 🙂 But here’s our unboxing moment! See the reverence? 😀

Installation was pretty easy (said Scott). Of course we turned off the power to the lights through the electric breaker box. Then Scott tested the wires to make sure they weren’t hot. See the light? Green means go! It turns red and makes an angry sound if it isn’t turned off correctly. 🙂 Please disregard our ceiling paint…we weren’t done with the edges quite yet!

hall light 16

About 20 minutes later, our lights were up. Small change, but big difference! Aren’t they beautiful?

hall light 6 hall lights 7 hall light 5


It seems to just add the right touch of modern to the hallway. We still have a project or two to do in there though!

Besides painting the edges of the ceiling, replacing all the hall doors and continuing on with our Instagram pictures, we’ll just need to add the baseboard in the hallway and we are done! Well…except for the part of the hallway that will eventually become part of our master suite. Oh yes. Just a project or two left. 😀

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  1. Looks great! Your doors look a lot like ours. I’m painting them until we decide to spend the money to replace them. I’ve found ours are abnormally thick, so door hooks are too small to hang things over the back.

    1. Thanks Samantha! 🙂 I thought about painting ours but figured we’d be replacing them in a month or so anyways. We did that with our last house and it made a huge difference! Isn’t it crazy how expensive doors are?!?!

    1. We have 8 foot ceilings too! They fit perfect. My husband is just under 6 feet and has tons of head room. 🙂 Unless you have a frequent guest who is 7 foot tall, I think you should be fine!!

    1. Thanks girl! We had spring…but now it’s 40 degrees, BOO. But flowers are blooming and it’ll be in the 60s again soon so I’ll take it. 😀

    1. I totally agree Char! I always love the lighting you pick so I accept your compliment whole heartedly! 😀

  2. I’m about to do the EXACT same thing! I recently installed this same fixture above our sink and have been itching to do the same thing in our hallway. We’ve slowly been changing each light fixture throughout the house.

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