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52+ White Elephant Gift Ideas Everyone Will Fight For {Under $30!}

These white elephant gift ideas are budget-friendly and so much fun. Discover the white elephant gifts everyone will fight for — choose one of them, and you’ll have the most popular gift at the party!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, which means you need plenty of white elephant gift ideas in your tool belt. White elephant gift exchanges are popular for a few good reasons.

They are affordable, festive, and oh-so-much FUN!

However, there’s always a little bit of pressure to show up with a truly awesome gift. There’s nothing like that glow of pride when you have the white elephant gift everyone fights over!

Trust me, you don’t want to be the one person whose gift is sadly left in one person’s hand all night (talk about agony!).

Choose one of these, and you are guaranteed to have a white elephant gift everyone will fight over.

Don’t know how to play or want a refresher? Make sure to check out the White Elephant gift exchange rules here!

Looking for a particular kind of gift? Use the table of contents below to jump ahead!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. You pay the same exact price, but I get a small “thank you” from the company for sending you their way. Thanks for supporting my small business!

White Elephant Gifts for Everyone

These white elephant gift ideas will make you the most popular person at the party! Plus, everything on this list is decidedly awesome and under $30.

Watch everyone fight over your gift during your next Christmas party!

1. All Edges Brownie Pan

If you want a white elephant gift people will fight over, this is the winner! This brownie pan has dividers with it so that every single piece has 4 crispy edges with a perfectly gooey inside.

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2. Dino Taco Holders

It honestly does not get any cuter than these dino taco holders! Not only will it keep your table looking cute, but this little guy will hold your taco upright so your fillings don’t all fall out.

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3. Scratch-Off Movie Poster

If you attend a white elephant party, you’re sure to mingle with some amateur film critics. They’ll go nuts for this awesome scratch-off poster that allows them to ensure they’ve worked through the 100 essential movie list.

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4. Wireless Earbuds

No one wants to be tethered to chords these days. For those who haven’t splurged on AirPods, these wireless earbuds are sure to be one of the white elephant gifts people fight over!

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5. Microwave Air Popcorn Popper

Popcorn is universally loved, but traditional microwave popcorn is loaded with unhealthy chemicals and oils.

This microwave air popper is definitely a white elephant gift everyone will fight over, especially if you pair it with popcorn kernels and some popcorn seasoning!

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6. Portable Power Bank

There are few things worse than being out and about and watching your phone battery slowly drain away. This slim, powerful power bank will keep electronic devices charged wherever you are!

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7. Cocktail Shaker Set

It’s hard to find a better white elephant gift idea than a cocktail shaker set! Especially when you pair it with a few mini-bottles of liquor. 😉

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8. Electric Fly Swatter

An electric fly swatter is perfect to have in any home – plus, it makes swatting away pests a little more exciting!

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9. Watercolor Palette

From beginner painters and hobbyists to amateur artists, this watercolor palette would be a gift worth getting. The included waterbrush is the cherry on top of the cake!

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10. Capri Blue Mercury Jar Candle

Anthro’s volcano candles are iconic for good reason – they smell incredible! And this mercury jar volcano candle is a design worth fighting for.

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11. Honeypot with Dipper

Could this honey pot set be any cuter? Snag one of these stoneware honeypot and wood dipper sets for your white elephant gif exchange.

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12. Sherpa Throw Blanket

Speak to all the homebodies in the room with a cozy throw blanket Christmas gift. You can’t go wrong with Sherpa for ultimate coziness.

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13. Monikers Party Game

Dubbed “A Dumb Party Game That Respects Your Intelligence, Monikers is a favorite with our group of friends and is always a good time!

Check it out >

14. Cookbook

A quality cookbook, especially one with a fun theme, like this Yellowstone cookbook, is a great white elephant gift idea!
Or, a Disney Parks-inspired cookbook might be a good option for your crowd!

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15. Amazon Echo Dot

An Echo Dot can stand alone or be paired up with other Amazon devices, making it a great gift for anyone!

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16. Wood Burning Tool

Give a white elephant gift that inspires trying something new with this wood-burning tool kit, perfect for beginners and beyond.

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17. Window Bird Feeder

A thoughtful gift, this transparent window bird feeder would be a fun addition to any home.

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18. Jigsaw Puzzles

A puzzle truly is a universal gift! Wrap up a Buffalo Games jigsaw puzzle for your next exchange, and throw in some handy puzzle trays too!

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Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

Funny white elephant gifts tend to be the ones most people like to bring. Everyone enjoys a good chuckle! Here are some of the best options to choose from.

19. Wine Condom

This gag gift is both funny and practical! Rather than wrestle with trying to get a cork back in on a wine bottle, just add this hilarious latex wine condom on top.

Check it out >

20. Dwight K Schrute Figure

I mean, can it get any cooler than Dwight K. Schrute? Everyone will want the Hay King for their own!

This is a great white elephant gift idea for a party with co-workers. He even comes dressed in an elf costume if you want it to be extra festive.

Check it out >

21. Book of Useless Information

Want a gag gift with lots of browsing potential? Look no further than the Book of Useless Information.

Recipients will love sharing their useless facts with the party, like the legend of Dracula or the most unusual tourist destination in America!

Check it out >

22. Umbrella Flask

Heading to a concert can bring up the age-old dilemma: how do you avoid paying $20+ for booze?

This clever flask disguised as an umbrella makes it easy to sneak in your drink of choice, making it one of the best white elephant ideas.

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23. Burrito Blanket

Just about anyone will get a kick out of wrapping themselves up like a cozy little burrito – and this giant tortilla throw blanket makes that possible!

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24. People of Walmart Coloring Book

This coloring book is sure to elicit a chuckle (and probably a few groans). It’s no secret that Walmart certainly has its share of interesting customers.

You can pair this gift with a set of inexpensive colored pencils if your budget allows.

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25. Squatty Potty

Bring some laughter to your holiday gathering by wrapping up the viral Squatty Potty, now offered in a more aesthetic bamboo option 😉

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26. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Asian cuisine is widely enjoyed by many people, and so is Star Wars… so bringing these lightsaber chopsticks to your next white elephant gift exchange just makes sense!

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27. Pair of Tiny Hands

This pair of tiny hands is sure to make the whole room laugh! They’re one of those white elephant gift exchange ideas that just keep giving.

Get ready for an entire night of silliness and laughter with this highly prized gift idea!

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28. Dogs Pooping Calendar

Let’s face it: it doesn’t get much cuter than a bunch of pups. That is, of course, unless they are pooping. This hilarious gift pairs cute dogs, scenic views, and…poop.

You get a different photo each month in this 2023 calendar, so the fun will last all year!

Check it out >

29. Poo Pouri Toilet Spray

Speaking of poop, everybody does it. So, by simple logic, everybody will absolutely be able to use this spray-before-you-go toilet spray.

Check it out >

30. Dino Nugget Pillow

I can’t think of many things more joyful than opening a gift that contains a fluffy pillow in the shape of a dinosaur chicken nugget. And I’m sure all party guests will agree!

Check it out >

31. Dip Clips

Since we’re on the subject of nuggets, how about these dipping sauce holders for the car? I’m not sure if they’re more of a funny or practical white elephant gift – because they feel equally both!

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32. Lego Mug

If your friends are constantly stealing their kid’s legos, this is the perfect mug to watch them fight over.

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Useful White Elephant Gifts

As fun as gag gifts are, most guests will appreciate going home with a gift that they can actually use! Try these useful white elephant gift ideas for practical (and popular!) options.

33. Disco Diffuser

These disco ball diffusers are so trendy right now – so this gift will be something to fight over during your next white elephant gift exchange!

Want to level up this gift? Add on a set of essential oils too!

Check it out >

34. Night Light

This agate night light is super pretty! I think anyone would be excited to open up their white elephant gift and see this beautiful agate looking back at them.

Beyond decoration, this stone acts as a nightlight that is suitable for kids and adults alike!

Check it out >

35. Waffle Maker

I am beyond obsessed with these mini waffle makers! It is so festive (and functional).

This white elephant gift makes for delicious holiday waffles and tons of breakfast fun, all in a compact form. This would definitely be my pick at a gift exchange!

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36. Electronic Foot File

Let’s be real…we all could use a little help softening the calloused, tough skin on the bottom of our feet. This handy gadget will make your feet feel silky and smooth.

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37. Cozy Knit Socks

In the cold winter months, there are few things cozier than wool socks like these! Everyone will love these super cute and unisex socks.

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38. Coconut Body Scrub

The lack of humidity in the winter months makes skin dry and flakey. A sugar scrub will smell amazing and keep skin hydrated and smooth.

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39. Reusable Straws

Eco-friendly items are thankfully more in than ever! Straws are wreaking havoc on our oceans, and these stainless steel straws are an easy way to enjoy drinks of any shape or size, guilt-free!

Check it out >

40. Tea Mug with Infuser

This tea mug with infuser and lid is equal parts practical and pretty. Don’t forget to toss in some delicious tea in the package, too, to make it an extra useful white elephant gift.

Check it out >

41. Beanie

You can’t go wrong with a quality knit beanie! Friends and family can keep their heads warm and in style this winter with this white elephant gift idea!

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42. Apple Airtag

These handy little tracking devices are useful for just about anyone. Grab an Apple Airtag for under $30 for your next exchange, and get ready for the gift stealing to begin!

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43. Massage Gun

Give the gift of massage with this affordable handheld electric back massager. Complete with attachments for targeting muscle groups and even deep tissue massage – all for just $30!

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44. Portable Neck Fan

A portable neck fan is one of my all-time favorite purchases! It’s a strong fan (a must-have for summers here in Texas), but it can also charge your phone. It fits really nicely in a purse, so I pretty much always have this with me!

Check it out >

45. Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Fitting for any dining table from relaxed to formal – why not surprise your friends with this beautiful high-quality stoneware oil and vinegar set at your next exchange?

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Bonus: Best White Elephant Gifts for $50

Here are some extra ideas that, although over the $30 price mark, are totally worth it if you need a quality white elephant gift.

46. Stanley Quencher

You really can’t go wrong with a Stanley stainless steel tumbler – they’re trendy, practical for everyone, and high quality!

Check it out >

47. Frameo Digital Frame

Frameo’s wifi digital picture frame makes photo sharing super accessible – and fun! It would definitely be one of those white elephant gifts everyone will fight for.

Check it out >

48. Charcuterie Board Set

Bring this ultimate charcuterie board set for an exchange-worthy gift. Add some elements for creating the perfect snack board as an extra gift-stealing incentive!

Check it out >

49. Stemless Martini Glasses

I have these stemless martini glasses, and let me tell you – they are GORGEOUS. They’re great for drinks or even serving dessert!

Check it out >

50. Pura 3 Fragrance Diffuser

Combining home fragrance and smart technology, gift-receivers of the Pura fragrance diffuser can personalize the scent of their home – from their phone!

Check it out >

51. Picnic Backpack

Now this is one of those white elephant gifts everyone will fight over! Complete with a blanket, detachable wine cooler, and cutlery, enjoy a picnic for 2 with this awesome picnic backpack.

Check it out >

52. Portable Puzzle Board

Many people love puzzles but don’t always have the table space to commit to a big design. Enter: The Bits and Pieces puzzle board. Genius gift idea!

Check it out >

people excitedly holding Christmas white elephant gifts for exchange

White Elephant Rules

If you haven’t been to a white elephant gift exchange before, you will want to familiarize yourself with the rules before you go. While each party may be slightly different, the general rules of a white elephant gift exchange are:

  1. Everyone brings a wrapped, unmarked gift to the party. Typically the host will let you know what the price range is. Around $15 – $20 is average from my experience. The host may also give you a theme to follow, but this is most of the time, you are free to choose what to bring.
  2. Draw numbers to decide what order to go in. This is truly luck of the draw. Usually, this is done by literally pulling numbers out of a hat (or basket/bowl/whatever), but there are also some handy apps that can help assign numbers too.
  3. Player one picks a gift from the pile and unwraps it. Everyone should have a chance to see what the gift is—this is where it pays to pay attention!
  4. Player number two can decide to steal player one’s gift or open a new one.
  5. If a player has his or her gift stolen, they can then decide whether to open a brand new gift or steal from someone else. This continues until everyone has had a chance to choose a gift.
  6. Once a gift has been stolen by two people, it can no longer be stolen. For example, if person one opens a gift, then person two steals it, person three can steal it, and then it is officially theirs.
  7. Player one ends the game by getting to select a gift to swap if they want. If they opt not to, the game is over. If they decide to take a gift, the person that is stolen from then gets to go. The game continues until the person declines to swap out their gift.

There are also several variations to this game and alternate rules you can adopt. Take a look at the official white elephant rules for more info.

Other Names for White Elephant

Also, it’s important to note that this game can go by other names. If you’ve never heard of a white elephant game, you may have experienced one of their pseudonyms! A few of these include:

  • Yankee Swap
  • Dirty Santa
  • The Grinch Game
  • Thieving Elves
  • Machiavellian Christmas
  • Cutthroat Christmas

Whatever it’s called, the general white elephant rules apply (with, perhaps, a couple of exciting variations!).

Have fun!

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