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How to Make Large-Scale Prints at Home

I love giving gifts but always put pressure on myself when it comes to finding the perfect present for those closest to me—especially Scott! So I was proud of myself for coming up with a brilliant gift idea days before Valentine’s Day. I was going to make Scott a very simplistic frame with a large-scale type of our song.

how to create large-scale prints at home_0006 copy

Problem was, I ran out of time to take my file and have it printed as an engineer print. So when I was lamenting to a friend of mine who’s a designer, she showed me this brilliant way to print large-scale items at home on any printer. Yipee!! It’s called tiling, and maybe it’s super common, but I had never heard of it. It was super-simple.

I created my file in photoshop and made it the size of my frame which was 20.5″ x 28″. I typed out the chorus to “Won’t Stop” by One Republic using Rockwall Extra Bold font (download it free here) and when I got it how I wanted it to look, I then saved two copies—one as a psd, the other as a jpg.

create a large scale print at home

Then I opened the jpg file up in Adobe Acrobat pro and went to file > print. From there I selected “poster” under the page sizing & handling category. You can see on the right side it shows you exactly how it will break the pages up. So this printed out as nine separate pages with a .005 overlap between each one.

how to make large-scale prints from home

The one thing I didn’t account for was my margins though, so when it printed there was quite a bit more of a gap. I used a paper trimmer (affiliate link) to carefully cut the edges of the pages down so they aligned perfectly.

how to create large-scale prints at home_0001 how to create large-scale prints at home_0002 how to create large-scale prints at home_0003

You can see the break in pages if you get really close and stare. From far away you can’t tell at all.

how to create large-scale prints at home_0004

Ta da! A homemade, super-sweet, graphic piece of art for just the cost of the frame and a bit of time.

how to create large-scale prints at home_0005
how to create large-scale prints at home_0007

Scott, by the way, loved it. It is now sitting on our fireplace mantle, along with a puzzle of Paris we completed (we miss it there so much!) and my newly-antiqued candlesticks.

PS- You think our fireplace looks good now? You guys have GOT to check out it’s before picture…you wouldn’t believe it’s the same place!

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