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Our DIY sunroom really started to take shape after all of the things we accomplished that I detailed in my last post. Now that the room was almost ready, we had a lot of finishing details to do. 

You know when you start a project, and you know in your mind what the finished product will be, but you can’t always envision it along the way? It’s a struggle in the midst of construction.

BUT, these final touches (before furnishings and decor, of course!) were when it all really started to come together and LOOK like a cohesive part of our home.

Here are the earlier posts so you can catch up or (refresh your memory) from the beginning:

Drywalling Our DIY Sunroom

Drywalling the interior made a huge difference in how this room felt – it actually started to feel like a real room, not some weird attached construction zone.

Because this space was so narrow, we skipped window frames and just had them drywalled in. I like how clean it looks, and I’m still so happy with the all-glass windows we chose!

Different angels of a sunroom to show the different stages of completed drywall.

Let There Be Light

We added LED lights that were super thin since the ceiling height is lower. 

In addition to low ceilings, there are a lot of odd angles in this space – like the narrow, deep nook in the corner. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what to do there. I definitely envision some built-in shelves for bags in that space at some point, but we’ll see!

For now, the biggest goal at this point was to make the room feel like an actual part of our house, not an addition.

That meant I had to be really careful with the finishes.

Choosing Paint Colors for the DIY Sunroom

Once the drywall was done, we were on to paint. I couldn’t believe we were finally to that point – it’s been such a journey.

We decided to paint the walls in Benjamin Moore Designer White, the same shade we’ve painted every other room in our home. That way, when you look up at a glance, the room feels very cohesive. 

BUT, I did want to have a little fun with color! So, I decided to paint the door leading into the garage and the patio door both Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! The color isn’t too bold, but it adds a little extra oomph to the space. (NOTE – the garage door was gray before, you can see in some pics.)

Different angles of a sunroom to show the paint color Benjamin Moore Designer White.

DIY Sunroom Flooring

After the walls were finished, the flooring could be installed. So exciting!

We opted to use the same flooring in the sunroom as the rest of our house too. The room is slightly slanted, so there was a bit of a learning curve in installation, but I think we got it!

Final Touches

Last but not least, we took the french patio doors down. We debated about leaving them, but again, cohesiveness was the goal.

Our DIY sunroom truly does feel like part of our home. I can’t wait to share a final reveal of the new space with you soon!

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