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10 Ideas For Your Fall Bedroom Decor

Create a cozy fall atmosphere this year with fall bedroom decor. There isn’t anything more calming and comforting than walking into your bedroom when it is filled with warm colors, comfy linens, and fall decor. 

Fall is just around the corner which means it is time to decorate your bedroom as cozy as possible. Your bedroom is a place to relax and curl up in bed. So when Fall rolls around, it is the season for cozy blankets, pumpkin spice, and warm fires. We will want to make sure we get the atmosphere just right in here, enough to almost make you never want to leave your bedroom!

The color scheme we will be looking for in our bedroom decor will be reds, burgundy, oranges, beige, brown, white, yellows, and a hint of green. You want to stick with warm shades and lighting. The cream and white color shades also add an extra feel of comfortability to them. 

You can go subtle with your color scheme or bold, whatever your preference is. The main focus will be the bed itself. Changing out linens, your bedspread, blankets, and pillows. Getting your bed to max comfortability is key to creating the Fall atmosphere. From there, add in the surrounding decor, lights, and scents. Decorate from ceiling to floor. Change out your lighting and let’s start decorating!

Use Warm Colors

To create a fall atmosphere you will need to use warm tones such as orange, yellow, white, and red when decorating. This goes for any decor you are putting up on your walls, your bed, or your floor. You don’t have to resort to dark shades, if you prefer lighter shades, you can use colors such as peach or gold. 

Fall bedroom decor bedroom setting with orange throw on the bed and orange pillows.
via digsdigs

Incorporate more Cream and White Color

Colors such as cream, white or beige complement the warm shades of fall. They bring a lighter look to the decor while also complimenting the dim atmosphere. Choose a fluffy white floor carpet or large white comforter as a splash of white. 

Choose to combine warm shades with white shades or decorate with black, white, and orange. This color palette has been a popular look lately. It is simple and modern looking, not only that but it is cozy and inviting. 

Fall bedroom decor white bedroom with black accents and orange pumpkin throw pillows and orange and white gordes.
via onekindesign

Get Rustic 

A farmhouse theme is always a great way to decorate your home, especially in the fall. Decorate with reclaimed wood, small succulents, old wooden panels, and rustic wooden bins or trays. Add in some fall patterns such as checkered, plaid, and distressed wood tones. 

Fall bedroom decor bedroom setting with beautiful fall colors and cozy blankets.
via onekindesign

Use String Lights 

Minimize any overhead lights and use string lights around. Put them around your bed frame, border your room or lay them on surfaces and shelves. String lights set the atmosphere to give it a cozier feel. Harsh overhead lights won’t bring in that fall feel, dim the lights, turn on lamps, and use string lights for better ambiance. 

Bedroom setting with twinkle lights on the wall
via glaminati

Use Scented Wreaths

Wreaths are festive so it just makes sense to add one or two to your wall in your bedroom. They can be small and simple or large to go over your bed. A pro tip would be to purchase scented wreaths. You can find these at your local craft store. Purchase a wreath that smells like apple cinnamon or pumpkin to hang on your wall, it’s a natural air freshener!

Bedroom with white walls white bedding and natural wood furniture. Warm orange and neutral shade throw pillows as well as orange and white berry wreaths on the wall.
via woohoo

Never Enough Blankets

Who doesn’t love an abundance of fall blankets? When the weather starts getting cooler, depending on where you are the cold air reaches below zero. This means you will be bundling up with footy pajamas, blankets, and a warm fire. Don’t be afraid to pile on the blanket to create a cozy and warm space to hop into and never leave! (well until the morning)

Fall inspired bedroom decor bed with many blankets blue comforter and green throw blanket.
via shelterness

Change Your Bedding

You need to winterize your bedding and linens. The weather is getting colder which means your summer comforter won’t keep you warm at night anymore. The best comforter for the fall is the large plush comforters. My favorite is the plain white comforters paired with beige linens, warm-colored pillowcases, and blankets all around. 

Fall bedroom decor shows a bedroom with a mostly white setting. White walls and natural colored bedding with a dark green plush comforter and green throw pillows.
via shelterness

Use Plants & Florals 

Use plants to decorate. The fall theme incorporates nature-like decor, using acorns, plants, pumpkins, vines, and flowers. Purchase small succulents and plants to display in your room. Add it to a centerpiece on a wooden tray or use it as decor for your nightstands. 

Fall bedroom decor using nature with many plants in the bedroom and natural colored bedding and wall paint.
via hgtv

Fall Scents All Around

Once you’re done decorating your bedroom for the fall you don’t want to forget the scents. Fall candles, plug-ins, sprays, etc. To get the full ambiance you can’t forget this step. I love candles so I always keep a stockpile in the garage for when the seasons change. Find your favorite smells and get a few of them to last until the end of December!

Add On The Pillows

Just like blankets, every snuggle worthy bed has three things, a large comforter, multiple blankets and even more pillows! Add some decorative pillows for the fall. You can even use velvet or silk pillows that are colored or patterned. 

Glamour bedroom setting. White bedding with pink throw pillows and blanket with accents of leopard pillows and fuzzy white pillows.
via randigarrettdesign

Get creative with your space, and don’t forget to add in pumpkins throughout. Fall is my favorite time to gather with family and celebrate the holidays. It is the season for warm fires, smore’s, hot chocolate, warm cookies and curling up with a good book. 

Create a cozy space to enjoy this fall season filled with warm colors, delicious smells, and cozy lighting. It is so simple to create a space like this, from changing out your bedding, to burning some candles and dimming the lights.

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