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Cheap Fall Decor: 7 Inspiring Ideas For Your Home

It’s finally the fall season! Take the time to decorate – it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 7 easy and cheap fall decor ideas that will add that special seasonal touch to your home.

In most parts of the country, fall is in full swing. Here in Texas? We are sweating in our riding boots and sipping pumpkin lattes in full denial.

It’s 82 degrees outside in early October, but soon we will get a taste of the glories of fall. In the meantime, we might as well get our homes ready! Luckily, it doesn’t cost a lot to decorate for each season. Here are some ways to enjoy cheap fall decorations.

7 Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Decorating your home shouldn’t require a never-ending budget. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn inexpensive art supplies into chic seasonal pieces. Hello, beautiful DIY fall decor on a budget!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to decorate my home without spending a ton of money.

1. Hang A Wreath

There are so many cute fall wreaths out! Whether you decide to DIY one (this one is so easy and super cute!) or buy one, set the stage for a festive home beginning at the front door.

Want to try your hand at making one? You can create your own lovely wreath with simple and affordable supplies you buy at Dollar Tree. An eye-catching seasonal wreath makes pretty spectacular cheap fall decor!

Add a seasonal DIY sign for an extra bit of pizazz.

2. Light Some Candles

One of my favorite cheap fall decorations is a candle! To me, a lit candle makes an entire room feel suddenly much more cozy and festive.

While it’s still too warm for a full fire in the fireplace (at least here in the south!), cozy up your space with a flickering candle or two. I also really like these LED-candles from Amazon – all the ambiance with no risk of burning your home down!

Another side benefit of using candles is that they can fill your home with seasonal aromas. Would you care for a little pumpkin spice?

If you want to avoid open flames altogether, use an electric wax warmer instead of a candle.

lit candle

3. Seasonal Flowers Can Be Colorful Cheap Fall Decor 

It’s amazing how flowers can completely change a space. Consider adding cheap fall decor in the form of a potted mum to your front porch, some greenery to your table, or a vase of fall-hued flowers to your living room.

seasonal flowers in stacked bowls

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still bring the natures indoors. Just use some faux flowers instead. An extra benefit of them is that you can store them away and use them year after year. That’s a great way to get your money’s worth!

flowers in various jars and vases

4. Decorate With Fruit

No other fruit says fall like apples do. They’re really an edible version of cheap fall decorations. Fall is when they’re in season and taste their very best – my personal favorite is the Honeycrisp.

Leave a bowl of apples out on your counter or dining table for a pretty (and tasty!) snack. Squash or pears will also do the trick if you aren’t a fan of apples. And if you want to get the very most out of using seasonal produce as cheap fall decor, put them in a cute basket instead of a bowl!

seasonal fruit like apples make great cheap fall decorations! Love all these ideas to decorate for fall affordably!

Remember, just like with flowers, you can also use fake (wax) fruit that won’t spoil. Look for them on sale at the end of the season to find the best deals (and be ahead of the game for next year)!

table setting with a pear on the plate

5. Leaf Garlands Make Great Cheap Fall Decor

Oh, how I adore colorful leaf garlands in the fall! I’m a firm believer in adding a bit of whimsy and playfulness to a home, and what better way to do it than with a leaf garland?

Leaf garlands function in much the same way as wreaths, but I think they’re a little more versatile. Fall garlands make festive and inviting cheap fall decor and are perfect for every room in the house.

While you can purchase some fairly inexpensive ones from a craft store, or here on Amazon, they are a cinch to create as cheap DIY fall decor.

Note: If you do make your own, use felt. It’s the least expensive fabric and comes in tons of colors. Plus, it doesn’t fray or require any sewing skills!

6. Decorate With Plaid Pillows And A Throw

If fall had a signature fabric, it would be plaid. Dress your sofa up for the season by layering in some fall pillows. You can find inexpensive options on Amazon. Also, in keeping with the cozy fall theme, add a festive throw blanket or two to your couch or armchair.

family room with throw pillows on the couches

Making your own throw pillow covers is a fantastic and inexpensive DIY project idea. You can easily make a bunch and give them as homemade gifts.

close up of throw pillows

7. Display Some Gourds

Saved the best for last! Pumpkins and other gourds, of course! Mini gourds in all colors and shapes are totally affordable and can be used to dress your table, mantle, or make a cute accent piece.

There are so many ways to decorate with pumpkins. I love putting mini pumpkins in bowls on my table, counters, windowsills, and mantle.

Larger pumpkins can also be displayed throughout the home and the front porch.

seasonal mini pumpkins on display in a bowl as cheap fall decor

So many people simply put a large pumpkin or two on their front porch. I recommend doing something different: bring them inside. Display them around your fireplace, at the bottom of picture windows, in your kitchen, and even in the dining room.

Cheap Fall Decor Tip: While I love large pumpkins straight from the pumpkin patch, I prefer to invest in craft pumpkins so I can use them year after year. Did you know you can even carve craft pumpkins to skip the messy seeds and flesh?

chic white pumpkin as beautiful cheap fall decor in the living room

Where To Find Or Buy Cheap Fall Decor

Save your money and don’t overspend on fall decorations. Sure, you can buy it all – and spend a small fortune in the process. But, I’ve found some clever ways to buy things at a deep discount, and I’m thrilled to share them with you.

Make DIY Fall Decor Yourself

If you buy your supplies when they are on sale, you can make some really beautiful decorative items for next to nothing.

The cheapest supplies are often yarn, felt, and ribbons.

Another idea is to upcycle what you have at home. Repaint some jars with fall colors. Use chalk paint to give yourself a wall that you can change every season.

The ideas are endless!

Discount Or Dollar Stores

Don’t forget about discount shops like Dollar Tree. They sell all sorts of things like Mod Podge, foam brushes, and even wreath forms, faux flowers, and seasonal greenery.

Take a look around and gather whatever supplies you can find there before heading to other (more expensive) stores. I think you’ll be surprised at what you’ll be able to find at Dollar Tree!

End-Of-Season Sales

I love stumbling upon a good sale! Craft shops always have things marked way down at the end of every season. Get there early so you can snag the best stuff.

Then, store it in a tub or bin for next fall. You’ll be ready ahead of everyone else (and get a thrill out of your cheap fall decor)!

Thrift Shops

Going to thrift stores is always a fun game for me. It’s never a guarantee that I’ll find something, but when I do, it’s so exciting! Things there are always priced so low that when you find something you like, it’s a huge win!

Garage Sales

Garage sales are one of the best places to buy home decor pieces. People at yard sales just want to get rid of their stuff and will often settle for super low prices.

I love showing up to garage sales early so that I get the first pick!

If you don’t like in-person garage sales, watch apps like Mercari and eBay where people list their stuff. You can find some incredible deals and cheap fall decor there as well.

Score Cheap Fall Decor

There you have it! It’s truly possible to decorate your home for autumn even on a tiny budget. Spruce up your home and fill it with the warm colors of fall whether you make your own DIY fall decor or score cheap fall decor.

Have fun hitting up those sales and get excited about the new season – I know I’m ready for fall!

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  1. I love all of this. These are simple understated changes that don’t scream HALLOWEEN so much as hey..it is fall and my house is cozy. Even if it was 87 degrees here today. Woof!

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