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Thanksgiving Hacks to Help You Have the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the most important meal of the year. Come out like a champ with these 15 handy Thanksgiving hacks that will ensure a picture-perfect meal.

This post is full of over 15 Thanksgiving hacks to help you have the best Thanksgiving ever!

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Use this handy chart to plan exactly how much food you’ll need on Thanksgiving.

232via Smplemost

A cooler doesn’t just keep your food cool, it will also keep it warm. Wrap items in foil and place in the cooler as you cook then unwrap before serving to guests.

Use a Yeti or another stainless steel insulted cup to keep gravy warm and free up another burner on the stove.

Set your table days ahead of time so you can cross one thing off your to-do list on Thanksgiving Day.


The slow cooker is your friend! Use it on the warm setting to keep your mashed potatoes warm.

Kraft paper is the perfect way to cover your table and add entertainment for guests old and young.


Find a recipe that works with an instantpot or another type of pressure cooker to free up your oven and stove.

Practice your pie-making skills ahead of time to impress your guests. This handy video by Martha Stewart shows you exactly how to make each one.


Look for foods you can make 3-5 days in advance to keep Thanksgiving Day less stressful.

Hold off the hangry by having out Thanksgiving-worthy appetizers out for your guest. This cranberry salsa is always a crowd favorite!

cranberry-salsa_001-copy1recipe here 

Prep ahead of time by chopping veggies and storing them in airtight plastic containers.

Wow your guests with creating handmade place cards for each person.

Study up on exactly how to carve a turkey with this handy visual chart.

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What are your hacks to ensure a successful Thanksgiving? Share them below!

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  1. Last year I ordered a fresh turkey (no taking up space in the fridge) and had the butcher spatchcock it (remove the backbone and spread it open like a book). It cooks much quicker and the bird is juicier. If you’re getting a very large bird, have him cut it in half so each part can fit into it’s own pan… mine was a smaller bird so I could leave it whole. I also cook the spine to make turkey stock for gravy.
    I never use peeled potatoes to mash. I always bake a bunch in the microwave and scoop them out. Very easy to mash. And you could use the skins to make loaded potato skins as a fun appetizer.
    And like you, I always set the table the day before.Since I have young grandkids, i use butcher paper and put crayons on the table. Everyone has fun decorating their space.
    I also assign dishes for everyone to bring. We share the work each family holiday.

  2. I’ve never hosted Thanksgiving at my home before because mine and my husbands families always do them and we find ourselves traveling that day. I will have to tuck these tips aside if that ever changes!

  3. We always have Thanksgiving for family and friends. The most interesting was having vegans and gluten free guest besides my family. That meant two of all the side dishes, basically, and then they dove into the turkey anyway. Grins, and great ideas you have here, can always use a few tips, I’m not getting any younger. Sandi

  4. Hi Tania, Great post! I use a rotisserie to cook the turkey to free up the oven. I use a slow cooker recipe for Green Bean Casserole which is so much better than the traditional one. You might want to check out my post this week for 11 Keys for a Great Thanksgiving Day at http://www.silverfoodie.com for other ideas, too. Thanks for sharing your “hacks”! Blessings, Janet

  5. I learned a few years ago to roast my turkey on the grill and do the stuffing in the crockpot. Now I’m at a loss since I don’t have to defy the laws of physics in the oven. Thanksgiving is a joy to host now.

  6. Great tips! You picked some of the best across the web! Thanks so much for sharing this at my Creative Ways Link Party last week! You’ll be one of the features at tomorrow night’s party!

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