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I’m Over Chevron

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Hi Friends! Did you all have a wonderful weekend? I took yesterday off since Scott was off work. We had big plans for getting a lot done, but in the end it was gorgeous out and we spent a few hours walking/running around the lake. I’m loving this burst of 70 degree weather here in Dallas! I could do winter like this, no problem. 😀

I have a fun project to share today. One of the most popular pins I have circulating around on Pinterest right now is a pin that links to this blog post about how to paint a chevron wall. After 18 months I have to say it though…I am over the chevron. Sorry.  I mean- I feel like you all will be mad at me and want to punch me for saying that. I still like chevrons in very small doses…just not a giant wall’s worth of pattern. I’ve wanted to repaint it for a while now but I finally just got the gusto and time to do it over Christmas break- and I love it! The space is so much calmer without the jarring design as soon as you walk in!

Apt Therapy 1_019

Taking a look at the before picture, and the “during” photo, I can hardly believe this is the same place.  We made the decision to close off one entrance to add extra square feet to an upcoming ensuite renovation.  While I don’t regret the decision, the tight place did make for a fun challenge.

Apt Therapy 1_001

Since this is the first place in our house that guests will get to see, it was important to convey a sense of the vibe they’d get in the rest of the house, which is where I think we went wrong with the chevron. We wanted our entryway to continue the flow to the rest of our house, which is more vintage-flair and less modern. I started by painting the wall the same dark gray as the rest of the walls in the entry- Benjamin Moore’s Steel Wool.

Apt Therapy 1_002


Even though I was on a low budget for this room, I was able to infuse a lot of functionality and style into this space to create just the impression I was hoping for.  Nearly everything in this space was thrifted or something we already owned, and I had a lot of fun “shopping” around our house to find the perfect accessories. The only new piece is the giant vintage-looking print, which I purchased at Ikea for $20.

Apt Therapy 1_006

Apt Therapy 1_012

Since Scott and I almost always enter and exit our house through the garage in the back, we either use our door for greeting guests or for picking up our mail which is dropped through a slot. Mail piles are so annoying, but we also don’t get around to sorting mail daily, so I wrapped a box in wood grain contact paper for us to hide our mail piles in until we go through them. Shh! We infused the space with some personality by adding a vintage apple basket I picked up in Asheville’s Tabacco Barn for people to stash umbrellas in. We also made sure to add a place for people to leave their shoes.  Since our hall closet is all the way at the end of the house, we added these fun vintage-looking mermaid hooks for jackets/scarves.

Apt Therapy 1_016

Apt Therapy 1_013

No space in our home is complete without meaningful words in my mind. So I typed up this quote about parting with friends from-where else- Pride & Prejudice! I stuck it in this thrifted art frame, and people love reading it on their way out. 🙂 Lastly, we added candles and greenery for ambiance and a mirror for last minute face checks- you know to make sure I don’t have eyeliner all down my face when greeting people or anything.

Apt Therapy 1_011Apt Therapy 1_017

Apt Therapy 1_015Apt Therapy 1_010

I am so thrilled with how everything turned out, and can’t wait to have guests to greet at our front door during all the fun little festivities we have coming up over the next few months- and neither can these two little cuties! 🙂

Apt Therapy 1_003

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    1. Brynne- yes! The green door is a great accent, good point. Maybe I secretly inspired myself? :0

    1. Thanks Char! I totally dig the gold with the greenery too…well..and with just everything. 🙂

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