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Trendspotting – Blue Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Blue two-tone kitchen cabinets are the perfect design choice to bring new life to your kitchen! I have gathered 16 amazing blue combinations to give your kitchen cabinets joyful color and tons of character. Try not to fall in love!

Integrating color can be tricky! Lots of us shy away from color in our home designs, mostly because we don’t know where to start.

These blue two-tone kitchen cabinets are the perfect place to begin if you want to start bringing color into your home.

It can be so easy to mix and match neutrals – they’re the simple path to making a space look chic and uniform. But mixing colors is a whole different story (there’s a fine line between colorful and garish!).

Still, I’m drawn to incorporating bits of color into home design – it brings joy and elevates a space. And though mixing colors can be a little more challenging, the results make you look really design-savvy. 

Even certified neutral lovers will find inspiration in this list. Beautiful shades of subtle blue with contrasting neutrals are the perfect gateway to the world of color.

If you’re already fully converted to the world of color, you’re in luck! You’ll love these two toned kitchen cabinets. This list has options for anyone willing to take a risk with paint.

The appeal of blue two-tone kitchen cabinets

What makes these cabinet color combos so on-trend? These cabinets:

  • Bring joy to your space through the power of color
  • Add visual interest to your kitchen
  • Put a unique spin on a classic look 

Not convinced? Take a look at these fabulous examples – they speak for themselves!

The best blue two-tone kitchen cabinets 

Add some brilliant color to your space with these blue two-tone kitchen cabinets. These cabinets range from bold and vibrant to soft and understated, so you can choose your perfect pop of color!

1. Bold blue & white

Two-tone blue and white kitchen cabinets are the new classic.

I love the way these cerulean cabinets pop against the contrasting white. The white adds the perfect amount of lift to the room while letting the bold blue shine!

via Houseful of Handmade

2. Navy two-toned

Navy is such a smart paint choice – it masquerades as a neutral while showcasing way more personality than a traditional black.

Mix your navy blue kitchen cabinets with pale blue-gray island cabinets to keep the space looking open. 

small traditional blue and white kitchen
via Bright Bazaar Blog

3. Teal & wood

The mixed materials in this kitchen have such an expensive effect. The teal two-toned cabinets make a real statement when paired with rosewood shelving. 

Iron brackets give an industrial flair mixed with gold-brushed hardware for a luxurious appeal against the white subway tile backsplash.

mcm two-tone blue kitchen cabinets and white backsplash
via Style at Home

4. Gray-blue two-tone cabinets

Gray-blue cabinets add a rustic touch to your kitchen that is still really elevated.

These farmhouse blue kitchen cabinets are a perfect example! The white upper cabinets brighten the space while keeping it inviting.

blue gray lower cabinets
via Becki Owens

5. Navy blue & gray two-tone

These classic light gray cabinets have timeless appeal in any kitchen. The navy blue island cabinets add interest to a contemporary kitchen.

This subtle bit of color in these blue and grey kitchen cabinets is also easily customizable for future projects (though it’s so pretty, you’ll want to keep it forever!).

blue and agreeable gray painted kitchen
via Decora Cabinets

6. Light blue & white 

This combination of white and baby blue two-tone cabinets is right out of a dream!

The light blue kitchen cabinets are vintage and feminine (without being girlish!). White-contrasting cabinets make a cheerful combo that emulates a cloudy blue sky. 

light blue kitchen cabinets against white subway tile and upper cabinets
via Glamour Nest

7. Modern blue-green

Blue-green cabinets will make a daring addition to your remodel!

Make this fun choice a two-toned masterpiece by adding white upper cabinets and wood shelving. The results? An absolute crowd-pleaser!

mid century modern style kitchen with turquoise lower paint
via Blue Sound Construction

8. Funky turquoise 

Turquoise cabinets are THE choice for a bohemian kitchen. The color is playful, a little funky, and surprisingly chic. 

The blue bottom cabinets and white uppers let the turquoise sparkle and leave room for more color-play. Add bright, contrasting decor to create a bohemian paradise!

two-tone blue and white kitchen cabinets with bohemian style runner rug
via Hey Now Interiors

9. Dark blue & dark wood

Looking for the perfect fusion of chic and moody? Try these stunning blue two-tone cabinets. 

This kitchen matches dark wood cabinets with a deep blue island. The results are enviable!

blue and dark wood cabinetry
via Bernhardts Remodeling

10. Coastal blue two-tone kitchen cabinets

Whether you’re remodeling your beach house or in desperate need of warmer days, these two-tone blue and white kitchen cabinets bring the beach to you!

This stunning blue island looks just like the waters of a tropical island. The contrasting white cabinets are the obvious choice to fit a beachy theme.

And that aquamarine tiled backsplash? Beyond beautiful. 

two-tone blue and white kitchen cabinets with aqua backsplash
via Sand By Me Mexico Beach

11. Blue, black, & white

Black and white is a classic fusion. Add in this faded blue-green island for the ultimate union!

This blue island elevates its paired white cabinets and black hardware. It also helps integrate the bold tile choice (all black and white would be pretty stark). 

black white and blue kitchen space
via Lu Design Build

12. Blue-green & gray

Blue-green looks stunning on kitchen cabinets because it has a nostalgic, vintage feel while remaining current. 

Gray lower cabinets add soft contrast to the blue-green.

small modern kitchen space with two tone blue cabinets
via Habitar Design

13. Cerulean & teal 

If you’re a color lover who isn’t afraid to make a statement, go big with these blue two-tone kitchen cabinets!

The meld of cerulean and teal cabinets makes for a striking, luxe kitchen. The outcome is well worth the risk!

via Crystal Blackshaw

14. Three-toned kitchen 

What’s better than two-tone cabinets? Three-tone!

These three-tone kitchen cabinets mix colors while remaining understated. I adore the peaceful quality of light blue and white.

I love blue-gray kitchen cabinets because they provide a subtle pop of color. This deep blue-gray coffee bar adds a hint of the unexpected while blending seamlessly into the kitchen’s atmosphere. 

three toned kitchen
via Wellborn

15. Powder blue & gray

This powder blue kitchen might be my favorite on this list. I am obsessed with the youthful and stylish energy that powder blue cabinets bring to a kitchen. Its eclectic styling is nothing short of artful. 

The additional gray island contributes to a classic kitchen that will grow with you. 

chic blue two-tone kitchen with gold accents
via Addison’s Wonderland

16. Two-Tone blue & white

Keep things fresh with these two-tone blue and white kitchen cabinets.

This color combination is bright and ultra versatile. It can fit almost any design style based on your choices in hardware, appliances, and decor. 

tall modern navy and white kitchen cabinets
via Carla Aston

Blue two-tone kitchen cabinets – final thoughts!

If you want to experiment with color in your kitchen remodel, I hope you consider these beautiful 2 tone kitchen cabinet ideas. Be bold and let your upper and lower cabinets have some fun!

Let me know your favorite kitchen from the list, or share with me your favorite kitchen color combinations in the comments down below.

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