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CNN Living – the Story Behind the Picture

Morning friends!

I happened to notice quite a bit of heavy traffic on my site last night and thought it was from my Cronut recipe– but it was from a feature on CNN. 🙂 Surprise!

You see, CNN had put out a call about a story they were going to be writing about fireplaces.  So, I submitted my photos and didn’t think much more of it until I was contacted by them this week asking for more information and permission to print my photos. Ummm of course I said yes hoping that they would actually use it!

And they did. 🙂 I am so excited.

You see- I read CNN EVERY DAY.  Being a Journalism major, I am sort of a news junkie.  And CNN happens to be my poison of choice most of the time.  🙂 So you can see how much it meant to me for them to deem our little fireplace project newsworthy.

Here is the link to the article

And for fun, here is a screenshot:

And here is the back story.  I have to chuckle that this mantel is getting so much publicity.  From the mention on the Craftsman Tool Radio interview I did, to the front page of CNN Living, this is such a reminder of how the Lord gives beauty for ashes.  Because ya’ll….this fireplace was straight up ashes in the beginning!

If you haven’t been around for the crazy journey- here is the brief recap. 🙂

Here is a blog showing the starting point where you can see the before photos, and how we whitewashed the brick fireplace and ripped off the old mantle.

Here is the link showing how we trimmed and painted the bookshelves flanking the mantle.

Here is my DIY fails post where I talk about how we finally found the perfect mantle- a rustic, vintage wood beam from the local salvage store…but we couldn’t mount it

Here is the post where my dad and Scott finally able to figure it out!

And lastly here is the “after”, which includes a before and after…and the best part- DECORATING! 🙂 

And yes- if you read the article, it’s true- Scott and I vowed to sleep by our fireplace every Christmas Eve from now on. 🙂

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