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Exterior Makeover Part 2

When we first looked at photos of our new house online before viewing it in person, we both just kept saying, it’s cute, but needs paint. I shared earlier that every single room in the new house was painted the same weird shade of yellow. We thought from the photos that maybe the exterior brick was a pretty cream, but when we got to see it in person we both realized it was a dirty-looking, off white with yellow undertones. Although we had a lot of work to do in the interior, we were both pretty set on giving the exterior a new look stat with some painted brick. So we did. 🙂

gray brick painted house_0013 copy

I shared yesterday about how we chopped down a bunch of overgrown, dated trees and bushes so you could actually see the house. That, in itself was good overall, except for now you could really see that dirty brick color. It was time to move forward with part two and give our home a new coat of exterior paint!

gray brick painted house_0001

Picking a color wasn’t too hard. I was sold on a dark gray color and we put several swatches on our brick to see which we liked best.

gray brick painted house_0012

We were both drawn to the darker colors (BEHR Wet Cement and Pier). Honestly, they were both so similar that we had a hard time telling them apart, but ended up going with the cooler tone of the two, which was Pier (the one on the right).

gray brick painted house_0003

Then it was the fun part (for us!). We decided to hire this job out as well and I am really, really glad we did! The prep work alone took our crew a half day—every surface that wasn’t going to be painted was taped off and protected.
gray brick painted house_0004 gray brick painted house_0005

Then the color! As you can see, the photo below is at the halfway mark. Already loving the gray way more! We decided to keep the wood-panneled portions white to add some contrast.

gray brick painted house_0002

It took a full day but every brick got a coat of nice, new gray paint!
gray brick painted house_0007 gray brick painted house_0008 gray brick painted house_0009 gray brick painted house_0010

Lastly, we painted the shutters black to give the home a bit more of a classic vibe. The muted teal wasn’t working anymore. 😛gray brick painted house_0011

So there’s our first big makeover at the new house! We feel so much more proud when people walk by our house now and have gotten a ton of compliments from our neighbors. Next I need to paint the front door—it’s still that muted teal but I’d love to add something that pops! What do you guys think? Red? Mint? Wood? Help! 🙂

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  1. Yays! another post! This looks awesome! 🙂 I really like the gray color on the exterior!
    I think a mint green door would look good with this scheme, but I am sure that whichever color you pick it’s gonna look amazingggg 😉

  2. Looks fantastic!! I can’t decide if I like the idea of mint or red better for the front door…. Either would look great.

  3. Good choice of color, made a huge difference. For front door color, how about Antique White , Teal Blue or Indian Red color?

  4. The grey is gorgeous. Well done!

    For your door, I love the look of bright citrusy colors with grey. I once saw an acid green door on a grey house and it was scrumptious.

    I know whatever you choose will be lovely!

  5. Wow, you are B R A V E! I don’t think I’d have the nerve to paint the brick, but my goodness, what an improvement it makes. This house just became 40 years younger with that awesome new gray exterior. Bravo! Thanks for sharing on Project Inspire(d)!

  6. Love the end result! Even though I’m a sucker for painted brick anyway, you color selection looks really fabulous! 🙂

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