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Our New Gallery Wall

Our living room is by far the room we spend the most time in every day, and after a few months I always get the itch to start rearranging. This past weekend I added some new art to our wall to give it a lighter, more modern feel.

diy gallery wall_0001

This was the picture from the last time I restyled our gallery wall. It was cute but everything up there felt a bit dark and dated and I wanted to introduce some color and whimsey into our wall. new living room setup- click through for before and afters_0007

When Minted contacted me about working with them to showcase their awesome art collection, I was really excited to start reworking the gallery wall. I spent so long going through their website and trying to pick my favorite piece! Here were some of my top contenders:

Arm in Arm minted.comArm in Arm from minted.com
Grace in the Winds minted.com

Grace in the Winds from Minted.com

Clouds Descending from minted.com

Clouds Descending from Minted.com

beauty reflects beauty from minted.com

beauty reflects beauty from Minted.com

Prettier in Pink from Minted.com

Prettier in Pink from Minted.com

So which one did I finally end up selecting to hang on our wall? I fell in love with this beautiful, romantic print from Emily Jeffords for Minted called Leave Behind the Shadows. I love the name and the pink-tinged color palette and the dreamy nature of the piece. Exactly what I was going for. 🙂 You can order your art framed or unframed and the website gives you a preview of what each frame would look like, so it was super helpful.

minted.com Emily Jeffords

To complement it and add even more whimsey to our wall I added some prints I had that were made by my friends. Aren’t they crazy talented? Kris, Lindsey and Volta made these respectively. 🙂
diy gallery wall_0005

So, altogether our living room is brighter, has more cheer and feels a lot more “us”. Love it! 🙂

Also, please note that my plant is still alive. It’s been like 7 months now. Yeah!! 🙂
diy gallery wall_0004

I think my next purchase will be some of their stationary! I am loving this and this one so far. Also, please check out how cute their Save the Dates are! Is it too soon to have a marriage renewal? 🙂

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Minted.com. All opinions and art rearranging decisions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting companies like Minted.com that help me keep Run to Radiance up and running! 🙂 

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  1. Your gallery wall is lovely!! I love the print you chose, and your friends are so talented with the calligraphy! I’m also loving the ampersands 🙂

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