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Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma: DIY Framed Footprints (+ More Ideas)

Are you stuck on what to get grandma for Mother’s Day this year? These DIY Mother’s day gifts for grandma include thoughtful gift ideas she’ll cherish.

In case you don’t have it on your calendar, get it on there, stat! Mother’s Day is coming up! Ever since I became a mama, I have had crazy respect for all the moms out there (seriously, it’s not an easy job!).

In particular, I’m super grateful for my own mother and Scott’s, too. (Obviously, they are great mamas – look how good we turned out!).

Not only are they legitimately incredible moms, but they have been the best grandmas to Lily—like better than we could have dreamt of. So, Lily (ahem, me) wanted to get them a Mother’s Day gift that the best grandma deserves (times two!).

Of course, Lily isn’t really making a lot of money right now, nor can she drive to the store and shop for something. But she can offer one thing in abundance—cuteness!

There are tons of Mother’s Day gift guides out there that include ideas for grandma too, but I wanted to make this one special and focus on pictures and handprints. What’s cuter than those things?

Here are some Mother’s Day gifts for grandma that she will love looking at day after day.

Gift Grandma An Easy DIY Framed Photo With Footprints

I think the best gift guides include an original idea, so I’m starting with my own idea: framed footprints. Ok, that may not be totally original, but there aren’t any other Mother’s Day gifts for grandma like it on this list!

All grandmothers will love this craft! It’s the perfect way to memorialize and capture this brief moment in a baby’s life. Create a picture frame of your baby’s footprints.

This is so easy to do that you won’t have to worry about what to give granny for mother’s day this year!

Here’s how to do it:

Supplies Needed

*DISCLAIMER: Use YOUR best judgment with paint! Even if the paint is non-toxic and kid-friendly, do NOT let your baby eat it! Always follow manufacturer guidelines and have an extra set of hands available to help.

Make sure you bathe your child right away when you are done. Sincerely, a paranoid mama.


Okay, so this is super simple. I mentioned it above, but I really did need an extra set of hands to do this. I think it would be pretty challenging to do on your own, but when there’s a will, there’s a way, right? 

Making this craft with a partner will make it easier and faster to follow these directions.

1. Clean Your Baby’s Feet

Make sure their feet are clean and dry. Dirty feet will mess up the print, and you do not want to make Mother’s Day gifts for grandma with smudged footprints!

painting baby's foot for Mother's Day gifts project

2. Paint The Bottom Of Baby’s Feet

Take the foam brush and apply the non-toxic paint to one foot. Make sure you coat the entire bottom of the foot and a little bit on the sides at the bottom.

Do one foot at a time to minimize the mess. A squirmy baby can surprisingly get paint ALL over!

pink painted baby's foot

3. Make Footprint On The Paper

Take the foot and firmly press it down onto the middle of the craft paper to create this sweet little print. 

I ended up doing four prints of her left foot on four separate sheets. I wanted a copy for myself and a backup just in case one of the other ones got messed up.

Then, repeat the process with the other foot on a different sheet of paper (again, I did four).

pile of pink baby footprints on papers for Mother's Day gifts

4. Clean The Feet

Before we move on to the next step (and while we wait for the paint on the paper to dry), go wash those feet!

The paint should wash off fairly easily, especially if you wash them immediately after using it.

5. Cut A 4×6 Sheet Of Paper

Once your baby is nice and clean and sweet and cuddly (and the footprints are all dry), cut out the footprint page into a 4×6 paper size and add one of each foot to the end sections of the frame.

I did the left foot on the left and the right foot on the right.

left and right baby foot print for Mother's Day gift project

6. Add A Picture Of Your Baby In The Middle

Add baby’s picture in the middle, and there you have it: the best mother’s day gifts for grandma – ever! 

frame with newborn baby picture and two pink foot prints for grandma Mother's Day gift

Project Variation Ideas

Had Lily been a bit older, I would have done her feet together in one frame and then her hands in the other. She still keeps her hands clenched, so it was literally impossible to get them painted without her being unhappy. So we’ll settle for her sweet little feet instead!

If you want to take it a step further, you can decorate the frame as well, or you can choose to keep it simple and classic, depending on the grandmother’s personality.

Either way, this is simply the best mother’s day gift for grandmas! 

More Footprint Craft Ideas

All grandmothers will love having their sweet sets of footprints from their grandkids as a gift. They make the best Mother’s Day gifts for grandma!

There are so many different ways to give footprints as a gift. Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I wish I had tried when my baby was still little.

picture frame with baby foot prints and newborn photo for Mother's Day gift

8 More Ideas For Handmade Mothers Day Gifts For Grandma!

These footprint gifts for grandmas are adorable, for sure. But if you’re searching for other unique gift ideas, I’ve got you covered there too. Check out these other DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandmas!

1. DIY Garden Stones Mother’s Day Gifts

Over The Big Moon turned a box of broken china into a unique gift grandma will love! Get the kids involved and create a thoughtful gift that Grandma can put in the garden and will consider one of the best Mother’s day gifts she’s ever gotten.

DIY garden stones Mother's Day gifts for grandma

2. DIY Photo Coasters Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma

Every grandmother wants to know what’s going on in the life of their grandchildren when they aren’t together in person! Fun Money Mom made a beautiful, unique present by turning favorite pictures into coasters.

Now, grandma can see her grandchildren while enjoying her morning coffee (or tea!).

DIY photo coasters

3. Handprint Aprons

Live Read Create Thrive has the perfect gift for the grandmother who loves to cook or make freshly baked cookies for her family. Just pull out your craft supplies and let the grandkids turn handprints into a gift she’ll love and use.

handprint aprons Mother's Day gifts for grandma

4. Glass Magnets

Although this is something you’d likely find on Etsy, The Creative Place shows how to make and customize glass magnets. Take images of a favorite memory, the grandchildren, or the family, and turn them into magnets she’ll love seeing on her fridge every day.

glass refrigerator magnets

5. Handprint Flower Pot Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma

Here’s a custom grandma gift that’s the perfect idea from Giggles Galore to help her celebrate her special role as a mother figure all through the warmer months. Fill it up with a beautiful plant that she can show off to her friends and family.

handprint flower pot Mother's day gifts for grandma

6. Fingerprint Butterfly Mug Painting

Turn thumbprints into butterflies with this craft from The Best Ideas For Kids. Turning a simple mug into a work of art will make her tea time even better. This is a perfect gift for new grandmas…a first-time grandma…any grandma on her special day!

Thumbprint butterfly mug Mother's day gifts for grandma

7. Letter Photo Display

Blue I Style created an easy-to-personalize way to display grandma’s favorite photos! Let the kids paint the letters, add a few finishing touches, and you’re done!

DIY letter photo display

8. Monogrammed Recipe Box

I love this Mother’s Day gift idea from Uncommon Designs! Help grandma keep all her recipes safely tucked away in a handmade gift she’ll treasure forever.

Hmmm, what letter should you use? “G” for grandma, “N” for nana, or the first letter in her name? So many personalization options!

monogrammed recipe box Mother's Day Gifts for grandma

Add A Free Card To These Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma

Need a card to go along with these Mother’s Day gifts for grandma? I’ve got over 45 printable Mother’s Day cards for you!

Plus, even better than the free card is the part at the end where I show you exactly what to write inside a Mother’s Day card. Trust me – this will be something mom (or grandma!) treasures forever. 

Need More DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

If you are looking for more ideas for DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma, I’ve got plenty! These are great for last-minute gift ideas, too, if you need them. And honestly, these would be a great gift for any mom at any time of the year.

Framed Baby Photo With Footprints

These adorable Mother's Day gift idea is quick and easy to make, and any mom or grandma will cherish it!


  • 1 Photo frame that displays 3 4×6 images
  • Construction paper white
  • Photo of your baby
  • Washable craft paint color of your choice
  • Foam paintbrush


  • Wash and dry your baby's feet to make sure they are clean.
  • Use the foam brush and paint to paint the bottom of your baby's foot (just one for now).
  • Make the prints on paper by pressing your baby's foot down firmly in the middle of the paper.
    Repeat the process for the other foot and for as many copies as you want.
  • Clean your baby's feet and remove the paint.
  • Cut out the footprints on 4×6 pieces of paper so they fit into the frame.
  • Add a picture of your baby in the middle portion.


*DISCLAIMER: Even if the paint is non-toxic and kid-friendly, do NOT let your baby eat it, and as soon as you are done, wash your baby’s feet.
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