Interior Window Trim Ideas that WOW

Pull your space together with these incredible interior window trim ideas! With style options for every aesthetic, you’ll find the inspo you need to propel your next DIY (or TaskRabbit call!). 

When I’m designing, no detail is too small. 

I could geek out about interior design for hours, and today’s subject may not seem like the most fascinating, but believe me – it has real potential!

19 window trim ideas pin

Interior window trim is the cherry on top of an already perfectly curated room; that final detail that pulls your room together. Don’t believe me? Just check how much a difference is made in my DIY sunroom.

Because I believe in the power of small details, today, I’m sharing interior trim ideas for the top aesthetics grazing your Pinterest boards.

With trim styles ranging from sleek and modern to ornate and vintage, you’ll definitely find one that works for your home. 

So, without further ado, let’s explore the wonderful world of window trim!

How window trim can transform a space

  • WINDOW SIZE – the trim you choose can actually act like an illusion for your window, making it appear bigger or smaller. 
  • AESTHETIC HARMONY – a well-decorated room demands that every little piece looks right,  trim included! It’s not one piece of the puzzle that contributes to “aesthetic harmony.”
  • COLOR + CONTRAST – you can make a real statement through color choice. Don’t underestimate the power of contrasting walls and trim. Explore the best trim colors to see what I mean!
  • DECORATIVE OPPORTUNITY – decorative trim is a subtle way to add some personality to a space. From simple or intricate to flat or fluted, there is a ton of design potential in trim. It elevates every space, from the bathroom to the living room.
  • FUNCTIONALITY – beyond the decorative possibilities, your trim has a functional aspect, covering the gap between your wall and window frame. This helps protect your space from outside moisture, dust, and even critters! 
  • WOW FACTOR! – window trim is that perfect finishing touch on any interior, pulling the room together and transforming your window into a statement piece. 

Explore the best trim ideas for any design taste, with both modern and ancient inspiration that you will love. 


A modern trim is all about clean lines with smooth, seamless finishes. Window trim is barely there, if at all! 

1. Thin trim

For a minimalist, contemporary approach, try an ultra-thin flat trim made from metal or natural wood.

Modern thin wooden window trim in a bay window with build in seating.

2. Matte black

Matte back trim would also add a sleek beauty paired with a dark wall, or white walls for high-contrast.

Modern hallway lined with black floor to ceiling windows showing a view of a forest

3. Subtle contrast

If you prefer a classic approach, try a simple flat stock trim in a subtle contrasting color. 

Monochrome room with taupe walls, crown molding, and window trim

Want an easy DIY trim project? Check out my post on how to paint trim here. 

4. Reveal trim

Finally, for an ultra-modern look, try a reveal trim; this is a thin indent in your drywall, often made from metal, that uses negative space as a clever trim idea.

close up of a window trim reveal
via H2D Architects Blog


If farmhouse is more your speed, your window trim should be functional and natural, with a touch of warmth and charm.

5. Natural wood

Opt for classic styles like natural wood trim or white-washed wood; this is a casual approach fitting this simple-living aesthetic. 

6. Extended ledge

For more visual interest, consider adding an extended ledge that doubles as a shelf or a seat.

Classic wooden trim with a vase of flowers

7. Subtle design

You could also add a bit of decorative flair to white trims with a focal point. Try wooden crown moulding accents on the header.

Fun fact – the window “header” is the trim on top of your window, with the “apron” being the bottom piece of trim. 


Similar to the farmhouse style, ranch-style window trim is equally simplistic, with clean horizontal lines and functional styles. 

8. White wood + grids

A white window made from wooden planks gives trim a classic ranch style, with matching window grids upping the ante!

Classic window trim around a gridded white window

9. Focal windows

Bright, natural light is a must for this aesthetic, so large, unobstructed windows with attention-drawing wide trim make a winning combination. 

Other trim, including baseboards, should be minimal.

Traditional window trim in a bedroom with white wainscotting

Craftsman style

In my humble opinion, we don’t hear enough about craftsman-style design! Similar to mission-style, this aesthetic focuses on woodwork. It features a lot of natural wood, robust window trim, and a built-up design. 

10. Thick and flat

To achieve this architectural style, try window trim that is thick and flat, with a slightly longer header and apron. This will give your space a cohesive look.

Wooden craftsman style window trim over a kitchen sink

11. Beveled edge

To kick things up a notch, install a feature header with a subtle beauty like a beveled edge; this small detail makes for a more refined design.


Inspired by French architecture, provincial-style design emulates details of both sophisticated elegance and the charming simplicity of the French countryside. 

In other words, it’s downright dreamy. 

12. Ornate details

For a dreamy trim to match, try soft, cream-colored trim that is decorated with ornate details. Fluted trim and scalloped edges are both totally welcome for this aesthetic. 

13. Natural materials

Similar to cottage-style, you can lean into rural French vibes with whitewashed or stained wood. 


Dating back to the early American colonies, colonial-style decor features clean lines and flat trim to represent this “modest” era. 

14. Formal molding

There’s still a touch of formality in this style of trim, with crown molding headers adding an elegant look without over-designing. 

Monochromatic cream sitting room with modern accents.

15. Practical touches

Other colonial-inspired trim ideas include exaggerated window sills and practical, double-hung windows. 

Greek revival

Inspired by the grandiose Greek temples, Greek revival trim often used clean white paint and is made with wide, flat boards. 

16. Fine details

Fluted window trim is also common, with decorative corner blocks being an option to take your trim to the next level.  

Traditional fluted window trim painted ivory

17. Elaborate touches

Bold moldings and even embedded columns can be added if you’re feeling really fancy!

Greek style fluted trim around a window in a study

Victorian window trim

Finally, Victorian window casings are a wonder in elaborate moldings, intricate floral patterns, and layered profiles for more depth and interest. Say what you will about antique design, the Victorians knew how to decorate!

18. A celebration of color

Color lovers rejoice! Victorian-style trim is one of the few aesthetics to regularly use color, and I’m here for it. 

Color drenched pink muave dining room with abstract art and fresh flowers.

19. Playing with textiles

Purchase luxe shades or curtains as a welcome addition to any Victorian-inspired windows.

Victorian style door trim with floral curtains

Wrapping up my interior window trim ideas…

Well friends, that wraps up today’s design obsession – interior window trim!

While it may not be the biggest change you can make in a space, it definitely still holds design power, making a room feel cohesive and styled. 

Plus, I just think it’s fun, ok?

Do I have you pumped on decorative trim yet? Let me know your favorite trim aesthetic in the comments below.

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